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With financial independence, youngsters look for opportunities to compound their wealth by investing in the share market. But what stops them is the lack of knowledge. To overcome this challenge, there are various resources to learn, and the best one is books. So, if you are a beginner then here are some stock market books that help you in gaining an in-depth understanding. 

There are many trading and analysis experts worldwide who have presented their knowledge as best-selling books that you can leverage for learning.

Apart from paperbacks, books are available in audio format to help you grasp the topics better. Here we’ll list some top-rated stock market books for beginners based on their exhaustive content and user reviews.

Stock Market Books for Beginners

Books, Stock Market Books, Investment learning Books, and whatnot. It can just go on and on and on. What is left, most of the time is a confused beginner-level trader.

There are so many Stock Market Books written that it comes super difficult for people, especially beginners who are looking to get their basics right amidst all the chaos.

In this review, we have listed down a mix of the top 13 stock market books that gives you an overview of different trading segments.

Be wary of the fact that, when you learn stock market you know the right strategy for investing or trading and follow the right investment rules to earn profit.

By reading, you may be able to build your basics and fundamentals correctly and over time, you will start getting the hang of things. Also, if you are looking forward to taking stock market courses then these books help you in understanding complex concepts in a simple way.

Stock Market Investment Books

Most beginners opt for investment over trading in the stock market. The major reason is they are aware of the top-performing companies, and mutual funds and find it easier and safe to grow their wealth.

But what they don’t know is the hidden gems that can give them much more return in the future. To find one such company from thousands of listed companies on the stock exchange one needs to do in-depth research.

This research requires skills that you can learn from some of the best investment books of the stock market.

1. Everything You Wanted to Know About Stock Market Investing


  • This stock market book explains all the basics of stock market investing and issues in a simple language
  • Gives an idea of how stock market works, the thought processes of investors and traders
  • How to avoid stock market scams and how to respond in times of market turmoil
  • Detailed understanding of investing tools, data, and concepts.

2. How to Make Money in Stocks


  • This 2009 classic talks about the trademark CAN SLIM method of investing, which aims at maximizing profits in 7 steps.
  • Apart from the stock market, the book touches upon mutual funds and ETF investments.
  • Overall, it guides you about the stock market, its complexities, and how to make your life easy while investing

3. One Up on Wall Street 


  • The book guides you for the mutual fund and other forms of stock market investment that give you the benefit of high returns in the future. 
  • It covers the concept that helps you in choosing the right company.
  • Also, it discusses the pros and cons of the investment and the tips to overcome losses.

Value Investing Books

Many of us want to buy expensive things at discounted prices. Right? And this is only possible during a limited time of the year like during festive seasons or new product launches.

This is all about the day-to-day products, but do you know that you can buy stocks of the company at a discounted price too. Yes! you read it correctly.

No! there is no such announcement of a sale ofcourse, but there are companies that have not gained much fame or growth at the present level but have the potential to grow in the near future.

What if you are able to find such companies at the earliest? There is no doubt that it gives you the golden opportunity to multiply your investment in the coming years ahead. This form of investing in the stock market is called value investing.

The famous stock market investor Warren Buffett follows the same principle of investment and if you want to grow your wealth like him, then here are some of the books that help you in achieving your investment goals.

4. The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffet and George Soros


  • This classic book talks about the mental habits of the greats such as Warren Buffet, and George Soros.
  • What aspects of a stock do they look for before putting their money into it?
  • Do they read any research reports? How do they go about analyzing a Stock or a Company?

5. The Intelligent Investor


  • The stock market book focuses on Value Investing and financial safety
  • It discusses long-term investment strategies.
  • Helps you to understand how to avoid making big mistakes
  • You are provided with real-life examples of how these concepts were applied in different situations.

Fundamental Analysis Books

Now when it comes to stock market investment it is not a cup of tea. You have to gain a proper understanding of the business and company you are going to invest in.

Here fundamental analysis of stocks takes an entry. It is simply the technique of analyzing different aspects of business like profit, revenue, sales, and debt in order to gain an understanding of how much potential the company has to grow in the near future.

This eventually helps you decide on your investment and help you in gaining high returns. This is not simple as it seems to be but not complex either. All that is required is a proper understanding for which you can refer to some of the books mentioned below.

6. Fundamental Analysis for Dummies 


  • A lucid and practical guide to assessing a business’s financial performance using historical and present data.
  • Provides tips, tricks, and trade secrets for using fundamental analysis for your portfolio management. 
  • Provides answers to queries like how to get essential data, what numbers mean, and how to determine creditworthiness.
  • It helps you identify real bargains and leverage online tools to analyze the industry.

7. Getting Started in Fundamental Analysis 


  • Provides real-market examples to explain the fundamental analysis of stocks in a simpler way.
  • Covers concepts of audited statements, understanding financial information, balance sheet, etc.
  • Explains the importance and meaning of various fundamental ratios.
  • Defines the way to combine fundamental and technical analysis of stocks to build a powerful strategy.

8. How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market


  • Guides you on how to select fundamentally strong companies and stocks.
  • When to buy or sell stocks and how to avoid any potential loss in your portfolio?
  • How to construct your overall portfolio for long-term returns and short-term quick profits?
  • Ways to evaluate a company, its management, and its growth in the market.

Technical Analysis Books

Next comes another important aspect of the stock market, technical analysis of a stock. Now, this is important for those who want to make quick profits from short-term trades.

Short-term trading does not demand much understanding of the company or business, in fact, what’s more, important is to choose a stock with good volatility and liquidity.

This makes it important for a trader to know the right time to take an entry and exit. This requires an understanding of charts and the right usage of indicators. For this knowledge and learning, you can refer to the books mentioned below.

9. Technical Analysis Explained


  • Provides an understanding of the moves of individual stocks and the entire market from past behavior.
  • Helps you to understand technical indicators in detail, along with an introduction to Pring’s Special K indicator.
  • Along with this, the book describes price patterns, candlestick charts, relative strength, momentum, sentiment indicators, and global stock markets in great depth, etc. 
  • In short, it is a complete guide to how to do technical analysis of stocks.

10. How to Make Money Trading with Candlestick Charts


  • How to use Candlestick charts to start making money quickly
  • Explains Candlestick signals, how to identify them and apply them in length
  • How to combine these sticks with technical analysis and make explosive profits
  • Market-tested trading ideas, do’s and don’ts of regular trading

Intraday Trading Books

Intraday trading is short-term trade where the trader has to take and square off the position in one trading day. You need to understand the technical aspects of the market from the books mentioned above.

But if you are looking for a specific understanding of Intraday Trading, then this is the book that helps you in gaining a better knowledge.

11. A Beginner’s Guide To Day Trading Online


  • The book covers all important aspects of trading strategy, risk management, technical analyses, and other essential financial concepts.
  • Contain quizzes, a checklist that helps a reader in implementing learning practically.
  • Explains difficult concepts of day trading in a simpler way and helps you to know how to be a trader in stock market.

12. Start Day Trading Now


  • Provides the technique to manage risk
  • It is the complete guide on intraday trading for beginners.
  • Solves the major issue of the capital requirement for day trade.
  • Explains different day trading strategies and ways to manage risk.

Swing Trading Books

Now, apart from intraday trading, there is another kind of short-term trade, swing trading. Here the trader usually holds a position for more than one day to a few weeks or a month.

Since the holding period differs from the intraday trade, so the trader has to consider a little different swing trading setup and strategies.

Here to guide you for the same, we have enlisted some of the top swing trading books.

13. Swing Trading: An Ultimate Guide to Investing and Trading Stocks


  • Explains to you the secret of swing trades and an understanding of how it works.
  • Gives a clear and in-depth explanation of swing trading strategies.
  • Help a beginner trader to understand the market moves in context to short-term trades and guides right from the scratch.


14. How to Swing Trade


  • The best book on swing trading for beginners that helps them to define their journey.
  • Removes any kind of obstacle or confusion about how to get started.
  • Provides a clear understanding of different strategies that helps a trader to learn and use them to generate profit.

Options Trading Books

Option Trading is a complex topic to understand, especially for beginners. Most of the time the profits in options trading attract traders towards it but due to a lack of knowledge and understanding, many end up making losses.

If you are interested in doing option trade in the share market, then here are some of the books that you can refer to.

15. Option Volatility and Pricing


  • Gives an understanding of options right from scratch that helps a beginner trader to know the complex concepts.
  • Explains the theory of Dynamic Hedging and Volatility.
  • Helps a beginner in understanding the mindset of professional options traders.
  • Provides detail on different options strategies.

16. Options as a Strategic Investment


  • The strategic book on options offers complete details of different strategies used for Long Term Anticipation Securities (LEAPS).
  • Provides an understanding of neutral trading and the way it works for traders to earn money.
  • Guide a trader to invest in Preferrred Equity Redemption Cumulative Stocks (PERCS).
  • Helps a trader in understanding hedge strategies and is mostly useful for those who are looking for advanced learning of options trade.

17. Trading Option Greeks


  • Offer fresh insights on explaining option trading and valuation.
  • Explains greeks (delta, gamma, vega, theta) and their role in the valuation of an option.
  • Gives an explanation of simple strategies that help a trader to earn profit from volatility, time decay, etc.
  • Provides new charts and explains complex concepts and option trading strategies with examples.

Trading Psychology Books

Psychology plays a vital role in defining our success and failure in life. Similarly, what mindset and emotions we hold while making a trade decision impacts our profit and loss.

It is usually said that a trader must keep their emotions aside while trading, but how to do it at the practical level. What is the best way to take practical and calculative decisions during the trade?

All these concepts and understanding are clearly explained in trading psychology books, two of the best are enlisted below.

18. Trading in the Zone


  • Explains the importance of consistency in stock market trades.
  • Also, gives a clear understanding of how our mental habits are responsible for taking any kind of trade decisions.
  • Generate awareness among traders about the true realities of risk, and the probabilities of market moves

19. Trading Psychology 2.0


  • The book with a practical understanding of trading with the best piece of advice that help a trader in making the right decision.
  • Provides an engaging way with the help of illustrations, case studies, etc that helps a trader in understanding the working of the market.
  • Helps beginners to learn the best way how to avoid losses in the share market.

Stock Market Books by Indian Authors

Although all stock market around the world works with the same principles there are a few things that differentiate the national stock market from the global exchange.

If you are looking forward to gaining an understanding of all the concepts discussed above with context to the Indian market in a much simpler language then here are some of the books by Indian Authors.

20. Dream Big: Let Your Financial Plan Make Your Dream Come True


  • This book is completely apt for beginner-level investors since it does not just talk about the stock market but other financial products such as Mutual funds for instance.
  • The way it is written takes away a lot of confusion or queries from the minds of potential investors who have been kept hanging.
  • The author has used the language in the simplest ways so that the reader does not get confused anywhere.
  • Suitable for all kinds of traders, especially the ones at beginner and intermediate levels.

21. Stock to Riches


  • What is the reason that investments do well but not all investors?
  • Psychology of an experienced investor
  • Why there is a stock market bubble? Why does it burst?
  • What is the right strategy for safe investments? The book provides time-tested guidelines to the readers.

22. Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts: A Story of the Indian Stock Market


  • The stock market is a complex business, and this book explains all the concepts with the help of storytelling
  • The book talks about the story of the Indian Stock Market and a simple light way, starting from 1988
  • Brings out some of the realities of trading which are never understood through concepts or real-time trading
  • Suitable for beginners that are looking to start from the very basics.

23. How to Make Money Trading the Ichimoku System: Guide to Candlestick 


  • Here is a book for relatively experienced traders who are looking to analyze stock market trends.
  • The author talks about the Ichimoku indicator at length, another Japanese contribution to stock market trading like Candlestick charts.
  • The book mentions topics such as analyzing Support & Resistance levels, finding trends and patterns, market momentum, and understanding stock market signals.
  • Go for this book, if you are experienced enough to understand charts and indicators in your technical trades.

Stock Market Audio Books

Trading books can be found both in kindle and paperback formats for the convenience of reading.

Moreover, there are resources available as audiobooks that may help you grasp the stock market comprehensively. Here are our best picks:


So these are some of the stock market books that have been used and recommended based on our experience and user feedback. If you are looking to get started with trading or maybe looking to trade in a specific segment (such as Intraday), you may choose to use the book(s) correspondingly.

Again, remember, making money on the stock market is not magic. It’s not a harry potter movie!

You will have to work hard, and get the understanding on a regular basis, and by time, you will surely become much better in picking trades for yourself. But make sure, you are patient enough and don’t rush into your trades without understanding the market dynamics.

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