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Do you wish to begin investing in stock but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry we are here to assist you with these spectacular free audio books on stock market.

Audiobooks are a boon for anyone who loves to read but lacks time. Imagine, an entire book read out for you in an incredibly simple-to-understand language. Audiobooks are a great way to relax your eyes from the continuous strain of digital screens.

Save time while listening to these stock market books and multitask. Make sure you have a comfortable pair of earphones or an adequate multimedia player and you’re good to go.

Best Stock Market Audiobooks for Beginners

Stock market investment can be the most productive way to earn long-term gains if done well.

The stock market is a highway that leads to empowering opportunities for yielding high profits. The share market has the potential to become your source of passive as well as active income.

You need to know that investment is a long-term process and for your money to work for you, you have to withstand the test of time. Regular investments on the other hand may assist you in multiplying your money several times.

To thrive in the market you should stay updated with new techniques and brush your skills with strategies. But before stepping into the world of trading, you need to bear in mind that achieving financial success is a steady step-by-step process.

Now, gaining a deep understanding of any concept books play a vital role, but if you are not a good reader then you can rely on some of the free audio books on stock market available online. 

You just have to gain access to a channel like Audible to listen to the summary and best explanations of the following books for free. 

1. The Little Book that Still Beats the Market

The Little Book that Still Beats the Market is a guiding light for investors. It has been divided into two halves.

The first half illuminates us with how to make money in the market whereas the second half throws some light on how Joel’s firm managed to gain 30% annual returns for 20 years.

It contains in-depth knowledge about value and momentum investing. Joel has provided us with real-life examples of each strategy in an easy-to-understand language.

It is the best in the market as its strategy has been proven to work year after year.

2. The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing


The first-ever Index tracking fund creator shares the critical reasons why you should prefer investing in long-term stocks. He has passionately explained his strategies and outlook to the listeners.

This audiobook about long-term investing and the stock market teaches us how to minimize risk while maximizing gains. In this audiobook, John talks about maintaining and balancing a portfolio.

He has backed up his techniques and investment strategies for stock market shortly and sweetly.

3. The Alpha Masters


One of the best stock market books by Indian authors is now available in audio where you can get a detailed look at the techniques of how established hedge fund managers manage their investments. The audiobook unravels the strategies with which these funds operate.

The managers have shared their valuable stories and real-life experiences so that the listeners can relate to them.

It is a treat to watch the downfall and growth of these alpha managers as it teaches us a lot.

4. Dark Pools


A dark pool is meant by a private security market where shares are traded anonymously. It is operated by a broker-dealer.

This intriguing audiobook will take the interest of its listeners to pique by revealing the dark side of the shadowy market. It talks about the AI algorithm and how robots manage 80% of the trade.

The book unveils how the New York Stock Exchange battled to control such dark pools. It reveals how individuals have made and lost a fortune within these pools.

The discussion on AI algorithms and such trading is shocking and Scott attempts to educate all of us on the rise of the AI world.

So this audiobook is the perfect pick for you if you wish to know the market from scratch.

5. The Clash of The Cultures


We all want to make millions in the stock market. But have you given thought to the pitfalls of the market? This book educates and warns us about the clash of cultures in the market.

Bogle warns us that intraday trading is done based on false assumptions and will not be profitable in the long run. He has cited research to prove his point that many traders lose their money while day trading.

He offers advice for both cultures and after thorough analysis tells us which one to follow. Overall this is one of the most useful and best intraday trading books that offer compelling and well-researched content.

6. The Intelligent Investor


One of the best value investing books covers common mistakes made by investors. It contains information on how to find undervalued stocks and the rules for investing. The author has influenced many successful investors, thus this book is counted as the most famous and successful book for investment.

It is a stock market Bible as it contains details and valuable insight on how to develop long-term strategies. It is one of the top picks for individuals seeking to earn profits via long-term investing.

7. The New Buffettology


One of the best and free audio books on stock market that provides insight for listeners who want to know how Warren Buffett earns. It provides an in-depth look at the strategies and techniques used by Warren Buffett.

The author describes on what grounds Buffett looks for companies to invest in. He has outlined various methods for lowering risks and described the importance of hedging bets.

This audiobook has been written to guide the listeners on how to use the techniques, strategies, and financial information to pick value investing stocks.

Overall, this comprehensive book is best for anyone who wishes to follow in Warren’s footsteps.

8. The Big Short


What was the 2007 Global Financial Crisis? This thrilling crash book brings to you the behind-the-scenes story of this crisis.

The author takes us on the journey of high finance and explains how the biggest short ever was made. He tells us the story of four men who made millions when they saw the market collapsing.

This audio book on stock market explains the working of the housing market very well. We can also gain insights into the finance market via this book.

9. The Boglehead’s Guide To Investing


It is one of the best audio books on stock market is great as it highlights the methodology of trading via the techniques used by John C. Bogle. It is the best in the market as it covers everything from stocks to complex concerts like portfolio rebalancing.

The author has used real-life examples and illustrations in an easy-to-understand manner for his listeners. It is a great book for investors with any experience level. It also offers advice to build a good investment portfolio.

Overall, the book comprises numerous rules and principles with which you can beat the market easily to become a pro in trading. 


We hope that the list of free audio books on stock market will provide you with access to unique stories, experiences, and struggles that’ll help you achieve your individual goals.

Now you are all set to begin investing to make high gains. You can beat the market game with accurate principles and precise knowledge.

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