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Tradebulls is yet another full-service stockbroker based out of Mumbai. In this detailed review, we will have a look at Tradebulls Customer Care with the quantity and quality of services it offers to its clients.

The stockbroker is primarily known for its wide range of trading products including Equity, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Funds and more. Furthermore, the broker has a reasonable offline presence through its sub-brokers and franchise offices (check Tradebulls Franchise review).

As far as the size of Tradebulls is concerned, when we last checked Tradebulls has an active client base of 75,553. This number places the stockbroker among the top 20 stockbrokers in India.

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Moving ahead, if we talk about Tradebulls Customer Care, you can get in touch with this full-service stockbroker through the following communication channels:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Offline Branches

The general expectations of the clients of a full-service stockbroker around customer support are high. They look for a quick turnaround, a wide range of communication channels, support executives with market understanding etc.

As you can see above, in the case of Tradebulls, the number of communication channels are pretty low with minimal usage of online mechanisms of support such as web assistance, chatbots, WhatsApp etc.

Providing such communication channels by mainstream stockbrokers has now become more of a mandate rather than an exclusive selling point.

Furthermore, even if we talk about the quality of customer support, the broker lags in turnaround time it takes, professionalism shown by its relationship managers and so on.

To give you a quick example, if you check the Google play store for the mobile app of Tradebulls, there are around 100+ reviews & feedback provided by the clients of Tradebulls and not even a single one of those comments have received any response or resolution by the broker.

The general understanding from some of the clients we have received is that Tradebulls sales team keeps getting back to you till you don’t open the account with the broker.

Once you do open the account with the broker, the Tradebulls customer care team does not show any level of professionalism. That is a big turnoff, especially from such a prominent stockbroker.

Tradebulls Customer Care Details

Nonetheless, in case you are looking to get in touch with the Tradebulls Customer Care team, here are the contact details for your reference:


Furthermore, if you do not get any satisfactory response (or no response at all) from the broker, then you can contact the compliance officer of Tradebulls directly. Here is how you can get in touch:


In case you are looking to get started with stock market trading or investments in general, let us assist you in taking your next steps forward:

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Tradebulls has an offline presence through its sub-brokers and franchisees across the following cities and towns of India:


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