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Samco Customer Care has various communication channels for its clients to get support from. But what is the quality of this customer support? What is the turnaround time of the queries being raised? Let’s find out in this quick review.

Samco is one of the recently established discount stockbrokers in India with its office based out of Mumbai. The stockbroker saw its first light of existence in the year 2015. In the last 3 years of its presence, Samco has been made its name with offerings such as low brokerage and high exposure.

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When it comes to the active client base, Samco has 41,433 clients as per the latest numbers. Although, Samco is among the top discount stockbrokers in India, however, overall it is placed among the smaller brokers as far as client size is concerned.

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Samco Contact Details

Samco Customer Care includes communication channels as mentioned below:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Web-support

Since Samco is a discount broker, there is no offline assistance provided by the broker through any of its franchise or office.  If you have any doubts related to SAMCO AMC Charges, and SAMCO Fund Transfer can contact their customer service and have your all doubts cleared.

At the same time, when it comes to quality, the broker is still struggling to keep up with the industry competitiveness. In this digital day and age, Samco customer care has limited means in which the clients can reach out. Furthermore, the calling method requires a long waiting time as well – which comes as a bigger frustration especially for clients who are stuck in a trade.

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In case you are looking to get in touch with the broker, here are the different contact details you can use:


At the same time, if you are not satisfied with the response provided to you by the Samco Customer Care team, you can reach out to the compliance officer of the broker:

Samco Support Timings

The team at Samco Customer Care is available between 9 am and 11 pm if you are looking for assistance for call and trade facility or anything related to technical support.

At the same time, if your query is around your Samco demat account, KYC or anything related to sales, the Samco Customer care team is open from 9 am to 7 pm.

Remember, these timings are for weekdays and the broker does not provide support on non-trading days.

Finally, if you are not happy with the support provided by the broker, you can choose to raise a complaint. In order to file a complaint against the broker, use this Stockbroker Complaints portal. Find more information on Samco complaints here.

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