How to Apply for HFFC IPO?

As a vigilant and keen investor, if you are looking to invest in the IPO, then here comes the HFFC IPO. Today, “How to apply for HFFC IPO” will be discussed in this article.

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You can use the pertinent IPO as an intelligent investor. You might get curious to understand the IPO investment of a specific company before you start investing in it.

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Apply For HFFC IPO

If you’re a stock market beginner and you want to invest at the lowest risk in the share market and then want to become a shareholder in the company, you should invest in the company’s IPO.

As we are talking about the IPO of the company, the question that might come to your mind is “how to apply for the HFFC IPO?” If it is like that, then there is no need to worry about it as the information regarding the applying process is mentioned in the following segments.

Now without wasting any single minute, let’s start grasping the information regarding the applying process of an IPO.

For applying the HFFC IPO, it is essential to open a demat account with any authorized NSDL or CDSL stockbroker.

Once you get connected to any discount brokers in India or the full-service stockbrokers, you can quickly and rapidly trade in IPO without facing any problem.

At this point of time, if you are thinking of applying for the HFFC IPO, then you can purchase it through two methods, i.e.:

  • The UPI process
  • ASBA process

The following segments include the information regarding the procedures mentioned above, along with some extra details.

How to Apply IPO through UPI? 

Now, the process of using UPI for applying the HFFC IPO will be discussed. You might be having a vague feeling regarding how to apply IPO through UPI, Right? If yes, then check the below information on applying for IPO through the UPI procedure.

By selecting the UPI method, the various stockbrokers allow the investors to apply for the IPO through their trading platforms.

Here are the steps that are to be considered if you want to invest in the HFFC IPO. 

  • Firstly, install the UPI app and link your bank with the app.
  • After finishing the verification process, you will get a UPI Id.
  •  After getting the application, complete the important information, and afterward, the banking officials will block the requested amount after getting the details.

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The process of UPI for purchasing the IPO is steadfast, persistent, and effortless.

Through ASBA

After learning about the UPI procedure to apply the IPO, now comes the time to understand the second concept, i.e., ASBA.

Basically, ASBA refers to the Application Supported by Blocked Account, and according to the eligibility measure, you can easily apply for the HFFC IPO with ASBA.

Not you might be thinking about the eligibility measures that have been mentioned above. Don’t worry; the same are discussed below to refer and to invest in the HFFC IPO successfully:

  • It is important the investor is an Indian Native or a resident.
  • Getting a demat account is quite necessary to invest in the IPO.
  • Applying to the HFFC IPO, it is compulsory to have a PAN card.
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Now, it is also important to note that ASBA offers two other processes for applying the IPO and those processes are online and offline.

The below segments include these two processes too.

How to Apply for HFFC IPO Online

If you trade online, then you can refer to the online procedure to applying for the HFFC IPO.

To execute the HFFC IPO online, refer to the following steps:

  •  Sign in to the platform of your registered bank.
  • Check the demat and ASBA services options on the portal and select that.
  • After entering the screen, look for the IPO application.
  • Various information like the demat account number, PAN card number, bid detail are to be mentioned.
  • Complete the verification, and the bank will block the amount automatically.
  • Until and unless the information is not delivered, the amount will not get subtracted o vice versa.

If you are not available on the online platforms, you can go for the offline procedure for applying the HFFC IPO. for that, refer to the following steps:

  • From the official website of NSE, the ASBA e-forms can be downloaded.
  • Select the company, and the new screen with the data and forms will get opened.
  • Enter the data in the form after downloading it successfully.
  • Submit the completed form to the local branch of the bank along with the PAN card copy.
  • The balance will get block within -3 hours by the bank.

How to Apply for HFFC IPO Zerodha

Zerodha’s back office platform “Console” will help you in applying for the HFFC IPO online. With Zerodha’s Console, you can head forward by using the UPI method for the payment.

Now, if you want to buy the HFFC IPO with Zerodha, you will be needed to become its customer first, and then you should have the UPI payment setup in your device.

If you got the necessary information on the Console, then now we will head forward to learn the procedure of using the Zerodha Console.

How to Apply for HFFC IPO Online Zerodha

The SEBI’s mandatory changes require the UPI 2.0 for all the IPOs so that the investors can smoothly invest in the IPOs through the broker’s website.

Taking the modifications into the consideration, Zerodha reacted quickly and efficiently with the ability to attract the payment system to the online IPO demands.

Therefore, Zerodha had made the concept easier and smooth for the customers for applying the IPOs through the Console (back-office platform) along with the UPI Id.

Now, let’s understand the Zerodha Console and UPI process in accordance with applying the HFFC IPO:

  • Install the UPI 2.0 app and sign up.
  • Sign up in the Console and go to the ‘Portfolio’ menu and then select ‘IPO’ from that.
  • Select the HFFC IPO list and check the details of the IPO, such as open date, closing date, lot size, DRHP.
  • Fill in the UPI Id that is connected to the bank.
  • Execute the bid(s) in the numerous lot size.
  • When you have to change the cut-off price, click on the same in the check box.
  • Change the cost in the ‘Price’ option.
  • Check and submit the agreement.
  • In few hours, you will get a UPI request for the authority.
  • Accept it, and this will head forward to block the sum from your bank within two days before the listing date.
  • The money would then be deducted from the banking account and the shares are credited to the demat account instantly.

How to Apply for HFFC IPO HDFC Securities

Online investments in the IPOs with the HDFC Securities are uncomplicated, advisable, and quicker.

You can go for the single click in the HFFC IPO, according to the convenience. So, here comes the easier ways to apply for the HFFC IPO through the HDFC Securities.

  • Login into the HDFC Netbanking Account and check the ‘Request’ option and the left side menu and then click on the ‘IPO Application.’
  • Select the HFFC IPO from the list and fill in all the important information that has been asked.
  • Submit the order after completing the details.

How to Apply for HFFC IPO Upstox

If you have a demat account with the Upstox and want to apply for the HFFC IPO, consider the following step to place the order.

  • You should have a demat account with Upstox, and Upstox opens the free demat account for its clients.
  • It is important that you have sole rights to the IPO request.
  • If you are opting for the online bid, refer to the IPO on your bank’s website.
  • And, to bid the shares, you should definitely be a customer of a bank.
  • It is time to login into your net banking account, look for the link to implement the IPO shares.
  • Now, complete the form by filling in the 16 digit Depository Participant Id of the Upstox and other important information that has been requested, and then submit the form to buy the shares. 
  • After submitting the form, when the shares will be distributed, the shares will instantly get credited into the demat account.


As a vigilant investor, you should select a proper IPO. However, a Demat account with registered CDSL and NSDL stockbroker should be available before an IPO is introduced.

To execute the HFFC IPO, you will need to configure the UPI app using the UPI process, then pick the HFFC IPO list or invest in it.

HFFC IPO can only be executed with the support of the various stockbrokers’ official website if you have a demat account with them.

The HFFC IPO can be executed through Zerodha, HDFC, and Upstox, and the information is described in detail in the above segments.

Indeed, the UPI method is entirely approachable and attainable.

Understand the methods and invest in the IPO!

Happy Trading!

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