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After going through the Power Grid IPO review, you must be looking for its price as well, Right? So, don’t worry. Here is everything that you need to know about Power Grid IPO Price to plan your investment as per your budget.

As you all know, the IPO Price is an official value determined by the financial services company (investment banks) during the IPO process. It consists of two main prices; Issue price and Listing price.

Before we discuss Power Grid IPO Price details, let’s know a little about the company bringing this IPO. 

Power Grid IPO Limited is India’s largest Electric Power Transmission firm headquartered in Gurugram. It was established in 1989.

Besides, this company transmits 50% of the total electricity produced in India. To know more about the company, click here.

Now Power Grid InvIT IPO is planning to raise around 8,000 Cr through Initial Public Offerings (IPO) with the objective to monetize new and under construction capital projects. 

If you are planning to invest in Power Grid IPO, you must know the minimum and maximum investment with the price details below. 

Power Grid IPO Issue Price

The issue price of an IPO is the expected price set at which any company (funds raiser) sells its shares to the investors for the first time in the share market, whereas the listing price is the price at which stock opens and gets itself listed on the NSE/BSE.

Let’s first started with the Power Grid IPO Price!

The Power Grid IPO will open its IPO of [●] Equity shares worth ₹8000 Cr

It comprises a Fresh Issue of [●] Equity shares worth [●] Cr and an Offer for sale of up to [●] Equity shares worth ₹[●] Cr.

If the investors invest in this IPO, it could bring a lot of opportunities for them. 

By the way, you also would want to know the Power Grid IPO Date as well. There is so much one would need to know about an upcoming IPO before applying for it, right?

Power Grid IPO Price Band 

After the Issue price of Power Grid IPO, let us know at which price range the shares will be allotted to the investors when they bid for them. 

Power Grid IPO will open an IPO with a Price Band of ₹[●]-₹[●] per share. 

Here the upper band is called floor cap and the lower band is called cap price. The difference between these two should not be more than 20%.

Besides, the minimum number of shares available in one lot is [●]. Similarly, the maximum lot size is [●] in which you can apply for [●] shares. 

If you wish to apply for Power Grid IPO, make sure you learn about everything that needs to be known about this IPO.

That means the minimum amount at which you can trade a lot of [●] shares is [●], and to bid for a maximum number of shares, you will need to invest up to ₹[●]. 

Here is a table below showing Power Grid IPO Price:

Power Grid IPO Listing Price

A listing price is a price at which shares are listed on the stock exchange. It is determined by the investment banks on the basis of demand and supply of shares. 

However, the Power Grid IPO Listing price has not been disclosed by the company.

It will come on [●]. We will update it here later. 

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Power Grid IPO In Grey Market 

In this section, we will get to know about Power Grid IPO GMP.

GMP or Grey Market Premium is an amount that investors are ready to pay over the issue price for buying or selling the IPO shares in the Grey Market. These shares are not officially available for trading on the stock exchange. 

Power Grid IPO is seen trading at GMP of ₹[●].

Should You Invest In Power Grid IPO?

Yes, Power Grid IPO is worth subscribing for. But !! Before that let’s analyze the company’s IPO objectives and financial performance first. 

As, it is the first InvIT IPO brought by a public sector company, so the situation may a little dicey.

Besides, if you put a light on the company objectives. It is planning to utilize the funds for constructing their new power projects not for paying off any debts, which is a good factor.

Current Reports tells that 5 projects worth ₹8,000 will be sold through this IPO. The pension funds and sovereign fund investors are likely to take part in this IPO.

Power Grid IPO has no competitor in the power sector. Also, as the government is keeping an eye on increasing renewable energy, there are chances that transmission volume may grow up by 9 to 10% over the next 5 years. 

Besides, if we look at the fundamentals of this company, it is overall good.

The company’s assets and revenue have risen by 5% and 49%, from FY18 to FY20. Also, the company profits have also been increased by 45% despite the Covid-19 disruption. 

We have compiled these aspects and provided you with our insight but never invest in the IPO without doing an in-depth financial analysis.

We believe that your query regarding the Power Grid IPO Price has been resolved. 

Happy Investing!

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