Zomato IPO Price

Food cravings have a new address in India now which is Zomato. With the Zomato IPO buzz all around, it is also very important to be updated about the Zomato IPO Price to prepare yourself for the subscription. 

One of the largest food delivery chains in India, Zomato is bringing an IPO of ₹9375 crores. It is a significantly big IPO and therefore is also creating the hype around it. 

Zomato has significantly marked its presence in 23 different countries and therefore is a marked name in the industry. The largest player in its industry, Zomato plans to serve the following objectives with its IPO. 

  • An attempt to meet the general corporate purposes. 
  • It aims to effectively fund organic and also inorganic growth initiatives. 

If you are as excited as everyone else, then you should mark the Zomato IPO date which is July 14, 2021- July 16, 2021. This is the time when you should keep a dedicated eye on the IPO. 

Now, if you are eager enough to be investing in this IPO, let us quickly look at the price of the IPO so that it becomes easier for you to make a decision. 

Zomato IPO Issue Price 

The issue price of an IPO becomes important. While there are some fresh issues that are ready to meet the public eye for the first time, there is also an offer for sale associated with the Zomato IPO. 

Given below are all the details of the Zomato IPO issue price. 

So, the fresh issue is definitely looking like an attractive bet here. Let us now move and look at the Zomato IPO price band. 

Zomato IPO Price Band 

Whenever an IPO enters the market, the company sets a price band so that the bidding process is carried out effectively and within that price range. 

The price band of Zomato is ₹72-₹76. The minimum bid is for 195 shares, i.e, 1 lot and All the important information is given in the table below. 

Zomato IPO Listing Price

The Zomato IPO listing price is awaited as the IPO will get listed on July 27, 2021. Further details are awaited. As soon as the listing price is announced, we will update it here!

So, stay tuned!

Zomato IPO GMP

IPO Grey Market Premium or GMP is an important aspect of the IPO as it to an extent tells an investor about the popularity and the actual value of an IPO. GMP is the price at which an investor is willing to pay extra for the IPO allotment. 

So, the premium amount that is given before the shares get officially listed in the market is known as the grey market premium or GMP. 

Let us quickly have a look at the GMP of Zomato. 

The GMP of the IPO has decreased in recent days showing that it is not oversubscribed as it was earlier. So, it definitely is an important aspect. 

How to Apply for Zomato IPO?

After gaining an understanding of the date and price of the IPO, if you are willing to apply for it, then all you need is to follow a few basic steps, but before filing an application, make sure you have a Demat account with the stockbroker. 

To open a Demat account now for Free just fill in the basic details.

Once you are done with the account opening process follow the steps mentioned below to apply for the IPO via ASBA:

  • Open the trading platform
  • Click on the ‘IPO application’.
  • Select the Zomato IPO. 
  • Enter the bid price and lot size. 
  • Select the mode of payment (net banking or UPI). 
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button. 

The amount corresponding to your bid gets blocked in your bank account. 

If the shares get allotted to you, then the amount gets deducted, else it will be unblocked on July 24, 2021

Should you Invest in Zomato IPO? 

In the end, the major question that tickles the sense is, should you invest in the Zomato IPO? 

The Zomato IPO price is ₹9375 crores, which is a good one. The company suffered some losses in the initial days of the pandemic last year but was quick to recover, so much so, that it has grown up to 3 times more in the past few years. 

They are planning to raise the funds for general corporate purposes and also utilizing for their organic and inorganic growth.

 Zomato as a brand also has always ensured that the best technology and new ideas are utilized in their operations and worked towards growth. 

The GMP looks a little on the setback side as the subscription has lost its charm. But considering the financial growth of the company, the core is still looking strong.  

In the end, the decision is totally dependent on you, so research, study and then apply for Zomato IPO. Happy investing!

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