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  • Prominent Brand Name
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Globe capital franchise or sub-broker business gives you an opportunity if you are someone who is looking to make it big in the stockbroking business. A wide range of services offered by the broker attracts new business partners and clients towards the company.

And this exactly what we are going to talk about in this review. But first, let’s start with the basics:

Globe Capital Franchise Details

Globe capital was established in the year 1991 and started its franchising/distribution a year later i.e. in 1992. Its network is spread over more than 1400 offices in 500+ locations in India and overseas through subsidiaries in London and Dubai as well.

Globe Capital Franchise

The broker has a substantial share of clearing volume in NSE in equity segment and currency derivatives segment. Globe capital offers diverse services to its partners so that they can serve their clients in almost every segment.

Here is the list of services:Globe Capital Franchise

Globe Capital Franchise Benefits

If you choose to go ahead with the Globe Capital Franchise, then the broker will provide you with the following benefits as a partner. All these advantages help you in running your business with the broker across different phases:

  • Brand name: Globe capital is a brand name and running successfully in the market with an objective to grow the money of the customers.
  • High technology: The broker offers high technology to their clients and business partners so that they can do their business without any hurdle.
  • Up-to-date software: The company offers updated and online softwares for the convenience of their business partners. They can use these softwares to get all business related information easily.
  • Business support: Support provided by the company to the business partners like arranging seminars and business events in their city for the clients.
  • Training and education: Various training programs are organized by the broker for their business associates and clients so that they can start their business without any problem.
  • Research and advisory: The broker has proven track record of research and advisory service. It has access to the real-time market and news, which helps business partners and clients to grow.
  • Personalized service: Dedicated service managers to helps business associates for their sales and business related queries.
  • Marketing support: All required support for the marketing of the business associate is provided by the company.

Globe Capital Franchise Support

Following support and benefits are provided by the company to the business partners.

  • The detailed operating manual is provided to the partners for their convenience so that they can operate trading software easily.
  • Training to the franchise is provided by the broker at their head office.
  • Marketing and field assistance is provided.
  • For any query or confusion assistance is provided, also business partner can get expert guidance for their trading related decisions.
  • Events and seminars: Globe capital organizes various events and seminars for the business partners and clients. The purpose of such events and seminars is to give knowledge and information about the services offered by them, the benefit of getting associated with them and update them about the financial market opportunities.
  • Globe capital provides expert guidance to the clients and business associates for trading and analysis.

Globe Capital Franchise: Business models

Globe capital offers three types of business model:

  • Business Associate
  • In-house Business Associate
  • Master Business Associate

All these business models have their own set of eligibility requirements, revenue sharing commissions, initial costing and deposit.

Globe Capital Business Associate:

This is the first type of business model offered by the Globe Capital. In this model, a business partner takes care of client acquisition and servicing the clients on behalf of the company. A business associate focus on all products and services offered by the company.

Here, a business partner need not set up his/her own office. He/she can do their business from anywhere because the main motive of a partner working in the model is just client acquisition and providing the service where they require.

Globe Capital In-house business Associate:

This is the second business model offered by the Globe Capital. This model is a very common type of model offered by most of the broking houses.

In this model, you can work by sitting under the broker branch infrastructure. You are not required to invest any money initially to start up the business.

You can sit in the broker office and acquire clients and provide the service. We can say, this just like an entrepreneur starting his/her own business using main brokers infrastructure.

Globe Capital Master Business Associate:

This is the third and the last business model offered by the Globe Capital. This model requires infrastructure and initial investment Because this model is just like starting your own business at a large scale independently.

You will have to start the business of self outlet and you can make your own business partner under Globe capital umbrella.

In this model, a partner is required to set-up his own office and other required infrastructure to start the business.

Globe Capital Franchise

Globe Capital Franchise Revenue sharing

The Revenue sharing ratio of Globe capital is based on the efforts put by the business partners. Those who put more efforts, get more percentage of revenue ratio and Vice-versa.

Business Associate:

The revenue sharing ratio of the business associate is 10%-30%. As their role is limited, the ratio is justified.

In-house Business Associate:

The revenue sharing ratio of In-house business associate is 20%-40% of revenue generated by the clients acquired by the in-house business associate.

Master Business Associate:

Since the master business associate works as much as the Globe capital. The revenue sharing ratio of the master business associate is far better than the above to two business models, the ratio is 30%-70%. It can be increased to 80% also depending on the initial deposit and the revenue generated by the clients.

Globe Capital Franchise

Globe Capital Franchise Security deposit

Initial investment to become a business partner of Globe capital is required in the range of Rs.50,000- Rs. 2,00,000 to start the business. This security money is refundable and taken for any expected money requirement not met by the business partner.

For all the three models, the range of investment is the same. It depends on the company that how much they will charge from different business partners.

Globe Capital Franchise Profile

If you are interested in setting up a Global Capital Franchise, then it makes sense for you to understand the profile expectation from the broker’s point of view:

  • An individual entrepreneur who can invest fully without thinking much about the associated risk.
  • An individual who has a track record in the similar field of business is a plus point.
  • An individual who has entrepreneurial values like curiosity, a team player, and stubbornness.

Globe Capital Franchise Registration

In order to initiate the registration formalities, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Fill-up the registration form available on the website. You can do so by filling the form displayed on the screen below as well:
Sub Broker Business
  • You will get a call from the sales executive of the firm.
  • An appointment will be fixed for further discussion regarding the choice for the business model, revenue sharing ratio, initial deposit, offers etc.
  • After getting agreed on the terms and conditions of the firm, you will be required to submit all necessary documents for verification.
  • After verification, agreement confirmation will be given.
  • Your account will be activated.

The entire process will take almost 4-6 working days.

Globe capital Franchise Summary

From the above discussion, it is clear that the Global capital fits those who want to start their own business in broking field. It offers multi-business models, attractive revenue sharing, affordable initial investment etc.

Since the company is not a new entrant and well known among the financial market players, one can easily start a business with Globe Capital without any confusion.

In order to get you started, just fill in some basic details below and we will arrange a callback for you:

Sub Broker Business

Globe Capital Franchise Presence

The broker has its presence across different parts of India in the below mentioned locations:

Globe Capital Franchise


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Globe Capital Franchise
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