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Do you want to join a reputed broking house like Sharekhan? Then the Sharekhan partner program is all that you require.

Being a Sharekhan Partner offers certain impeccable benefits along with lucrative commissions. Also, it is one of the easiest ways to join a prominent brand in the finance industry.

However, before moving towards “Sharekhan Partner” we must also understand what Sharekhan is offering and why we should join this broking firm?

So, let’s dive in!

Sharekhan Franchise or partnership program is not so old in the market; however, it has earned a huge appreciation from its customers.

Due to its flawless services, tools, and cutting-edge technology platforms, more than 3000 business partners or sub-brokers are a part of this Sharekhan partner program.

Not just that, to attract more sub-brokers and to be an eminent partner for them, they have been developing several other features in their partnership program.

Established in 2000, Sharekhan is one of India’s notable full-service stockbrokers, serving more than 2 million traders and investors.

So, before opting for the Sharekhan Partner program, you must have an in-depth understanding of the Sharekhan franchise details and know-how this partnership program will be beneficial for you.

For the last 20 years, Sharekhan has been offering multiple investments as well as trading classes to its traders and investors. Some of these classes are arranged as below-

  1. Derivative Trading  which includes Futures Trading and Options Trading
  2. Equity
  3. Currency Trading
  4. Fixed Deposits
  5. Commodity Trading
  6. PMS (Portfolio Management Services)
  7. Mutual Funds, etc. 

The stocks, shares, or debentures listed in these segments are listed in India’s Top Exchanges, including NSE (National Stock Exchange of India) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

Now, we believe that you have gathered enough information related to Sharekhan; it’s time to deeply understand the Sharekhan partner.

Sharekhan Business Partner

If you wish to join the Sharekhan business partner program, it is vital to understand what it offers and its benefits.

With the Sharekhan business program, you can take your business to the next level and earn excellent commission in the industry.

However, I would like to stop here and ask you an important question- Why do you want to be a Sub-Broker or partner? 

Well, if you are uncertain, then read a few of the merits of being a sub-broker or partner of a strong brand-

  1. Easily be a part of one of the topmost leading broking firms in the Indian Financial service sector that have more than 3000 sub-brokers operating under its name.
  2. Easily transfer your role and skills from an employee to an employer. Choosing a sub-broker program helps you to work freely and work without any competitor or boss. 
  3. Open a dedicated workspace in a decent location and serve new and existing traders and investors’ requirements. 

If you feel that you want to take advantage of the features mentioned above, you are in the right place! 

Do you know that before opting for the Sharekhan partner program, certain Sharekhan franchise requirements are mandatory to be fulfilled by the sub-broker or partner?

So, let’s gather some information related to the requirements. Some of the necessary eligibility requirements are listed as below

  1. People interested in opting for the Sharekhan partner program must be registered with India’s Security exchange board named SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)
  2. You must be a citizen or native of India, and your age must be over twenty-one years. 
  3. Thirdly, to be a Sharekhan partner, you must be well educated, or in simpler words, you must have successfully passed the 12th standard from a recognized school. 
  4. Sub-Broker or Partner must have a clear and valid PAN card. (Permanent Account Number)
  5. You must have a previous six-month bank statement, or else you can also submit a copy of the Passbook.
  6. A few colored passport size photographs
  7. A valid Address Proof, mainly an Aadhaar card, will be highly required while applying for a Sharekhan partner.
  8. Having a strong financial background to deposit a Security amount along with bearing infrastructure cost.

While applying for the Sharekhan partner program, there may be other requirements that depend on the Sharekhan franchise list you opt for.

Now, if you feel that you can fulfill all the above requirements and have the valid documents required to be a Sharekhan partner, you must know three different broker programs. 

Sharekhan Partner Program

For a long time, Sharekhan has been doing excellent ways to associate partners with them, and one such great way is to offer multiple programs to their sub-brokers or partners.

Their business projects or models offer a customized answer for their clients to get to a wide scope of products and services to suit individual necessities with a couple of clicks.

As said earlier, there are three distinctive Sharekhan Partner Program that a Sharekhan partner can opt for, and these are given as below

  • Sharekhan Power Broker
  • Independent Financial Advisor
  • Remisier 
  1. Sharekhan Power Broker

One of the most famous and most selected Sharekhan partner programs is Power Broker, also known as Share stop.

The primary duty of a Power Broker is to acquire new customers and help them in self online trading through Sharekhan trading platforms and assist them in making profits. 

This model is fundamentally for the new or experienced sub-brokers, monetary advisors, entrepreneurs, or merchants of financial products who are enthusiastic about conveying Sharekhan’s financial services and products to its clients.

You need to simply handle the demat account holders to buy or sell shares in the Indian share market.

If you wish to cater to a large scale of traders and investors in making huge profits from trading and investment deals and, in return, get an attractive commission, then this program is perfect for you. 

A few of the benefits related to the Sharekhan Power Broker program are given underneath-

  • Tailor-made services to handle High Networth Individuals or HNI clients.
  • Committed Relationship Manager to look after your problems and solve queries related to trading deals in the Equity segment, handling danger or risk, and other operations tasks. 
  • If you opt to be a Sharekhan Partner under the Power Broker program, then you can get a higher commission. 
  • Through this program, a Sharekhan Partner can cater to a wide range of traders and investors dealing in a broad range of products such as equity, IPO, mutual funds, education, currency, commodity, etc. 
  • You can keep your entire business process at the fingertips with the help of advanced sub-broker platforms. 
  • If you opt for this Sharekhan Franchise, you get an extensive digital or online marketing model to acquire maximum customers.

    2. Independent Financial Advisor

Many people get confused between IFA and an Independent Financial Advisor. Well, surprisingly, they both are similar.

It is one of the establishment programs only for individuals ready to be a Mutual Funds merchant or distributor. 

Thus, while choosing a program from the Sharekhan franchise list, you must consider that IFA or Independent Financial Advisor program is uniquely for Mutual Fund wholesalers or distributors. 

If you have experience in Mutual Funds (MFs) or have worked as a distributor of financial products, then you can easily be a Sharekhan Partner by opting for this program.

However, if you do not have any experience as a distributor or even in the Mutual Funds, don’t worry! 

Along with experienced sub-brokers, Sharekhan associates with the new individuals who want to step-in financial products like Mutual funds and enhance their portfolio.  

This program has countless favorable values to offer, and a portion of these points of interest are recorded beneath- 

  • Just under one single roof, your customers, whether traders or investors, can meet all their financial or stock market related requirements.
  • You can profit a bounty of support since you will get leverage of working with a strong name. 
  • Thirdly, selecting this Sharekhan partner program will help you in procuring High Networth Individuals or HNI customers in a superior and productive manner. 
  • Additionally, sharekhan empowers you to accomplish the equivalent by arranging a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM). 
  • Sharekhan offers advanced tools and reliable calculators to serve new and current clients. 

      3. Remisier 

The third and last Sharekhan partner program is the Remisier. 

It is one of the most straightforward and least demanding projects to acquire rewarding pay or commission from a leading stockbroker like Sharekhan. 

In this program, the individual or partner’s essential duty is to obtain new clients or leads and share them with the broker- Sharekhan. 

If you have an expansive client base who holds a stable income, this program is profoundly suitable for you. 

There are numerous advantages identified with Remisier, and some of them are given underneath- 

  • Proceeding with Remisier is a very basic and simple process. All you require is to allude qualified leads to the Sharekhan. 
  • The subsequent significant advantage of deciding on this Sharekhan partner program is that it offers a worthwhile income sharing model for the clients or sub-brokers. 
  • The office or a workspace’s expense is not needed in this program as no office space is required. You can even work from home or work part-time.
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager or RM will be assigned to assist you in acquiring prospective clients.

So, these were the three ways to associate as a Sharekhan partner.

Before opting for any program from the above, you must be aware of the eligibility criteria and Sharekhan Sub Broker commission. So, let us quickly discuss their commission.

Sharekhan Partner Commission

Now, once you choose the desired program, a certain Sharekhan Partner commission will be given to you on a regular basis. 

This amount depends on the deliverables or the quality of work you perform as a Sharekhan Partner.

However, a specific range has been shared by this broker for each of the franchise programs that a Sharekhan partner opts for. 

Generally, the commission is higher in Power Broker and ranges to 70%, depending on your services. 

The commission to the Sharekhan Partner given in Independent Financial Advisor ranges between 30% to 40%.

To understand Sharekhan partner commission, please refer to the table underneath-


From the above table, we can see that the least commission is given to the Sharekhan partner who opts for Remisier and highest to the Power Broker.

But, do you know there is a specific Sharekhan Franchise cost that is mandatory to be deposited before applying for a partnership plan? 

So, let’s talk about the cost required to open a Sharekhan franchise.

Sharekhan Partner Cost

Undoubtedly, if you wish to avail of the services of Sharekhan, you will be required to pay a certain amount known to be Sharekhan Partner cost.

Furthermore, the cost to be a Sharekhan Partner comprises the security deposit and infrastructure cost needed to set up office space and expert staff. 


The Infrastructure amount includes the money or cost needed to set up an office, recruit applicants, and other essential requirements, such as internet lines, spacious areas, working Desktops or PCs, working telephone lines, and so forth. 

This whole Sharekhan Partner cost is unique concerning the individual to individual who relies upon specific parameters, including some of the beneath

  • Geological territory 
  • Age 
  • Experience 
  • Strong financial support or backup
  • Type of Sharekhan partner model that a sub-broker opts for 
  • Income sharing model 
  • Customer base 
  • Trading and investment segments and numerous different factors. 

By and large, the Sharekhan Partner cost is flexible since it depends upon the sub-broker financial capacity. 

On average, the security amount for all the three association models is Rs. 70,000, and the foundation or infrastructure cost ranges between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs


Although the security amount is required, it is totally refundable. 

If your agreement terms or arrangement lapses or ends with the Sharekhan, you get the whole Sharekhan Partner cost back in your bank, apart from the infrastructure cost.

Now, you might have got an accurate idea of the Sharekhan Partner cost, you may think about how to get Franchise of Sharekhan program.

Indeed, you can proceed with this process on the off chance that you have enthusiasm, experience, and a sound financial base.

Before we register as a Sharekhan Partner, we must have a deeper understanding of the benefits that this partnership model offers. 

Sharekhan Partner Benefits

Several individuals imagine that is associating with Sharekhan is the correct decision? Is Partnership with Sharekhan safe? So the appropriate response is YES. 

What’s more, we have a few Sharekhan Franchise benefits to legitimize this. Some of these benefits are given as beneath

  • Sharekhan follows a reasonable and straightforward business strategy and emphatically follows the same. 
  • Sharekhan offers a worthwhile commission package to its sub-brokers or partners with a recurring and robust income stream. 
  • Sharekhan comprehends the significance of marking and branding, which is why it means to give excellent promoting and business development measures according to the need of the establishment. 
  • Sharekhan is well outfitted with cutting edge, innovative,  powerful, and broad applications for its clients and customers. 
  • Through their business platforms, one can have complete ongoing access to clients’ information. He can add, modify, or eliminate a trader or investor quickly. 
  • Sharekhan offers its clients the most recent data related to the Indian financial service sector. 
  • To enhance its customers’ or sub-brokers knowledge, Sharekhan partners are given training sessions.
  • Sharekhan Partners or Franchises are very much helped by the help group. Each establishment has its specific Relationship Manager (RM) to deal with its questions and satisfy the necessities. 

Not only this, there are numerous advantages of the Sharekhan franchisee as well, for example, support of a strong brand, advanced tools, and technology (Sharekhan Mobile Trading AppSharekhan Mini, Sharekhan Trade Tiger, etc.) progressed research, business arranging, risk managing tools, and considerably more to enable the Franchise to develop at a fast movement.

Apart from this, if you want to know more about the benefits and the services or want to learn more about Sharekhan Products, you can walk to the nearest Sharekhan branches

How to become Sharekhan Partner

Now, many people’s main question or thought is the way to take the Sharekhan Franchise or How to become a Sharekhan partner. 

To answer that question, we have shared a clear method to achieve the same. 

Sub Broker Business


  1. Just fill the underneath Sharekhan partner form with the correct name desired to a sub-broker and a valid phone number. 
  2. The business delegate from the Central or Main Head office of Sharekhan will shortly get back to you on your given phone number. 
  3. He will ask for some essential details from you, for example, the present status, desired association model, educational qualification, experience or not, and other important data. 
  4. At that point, a nearby Sharekhan delegate will visit your location to gather the archives for that specific model and request that you enter details in the registration form. 
  5. Further, the documents verification or confirmation cycle will start, and after the successful check, you will successfully become a Sharekhan Partner.

Prior to applying for a Sharekhan Partnership, it is essential to consider the mandatory points or requirements asked by them. Without successfully attaining them, you cannot be a Sharekhan Partner.

Furthermore, one must have an adequate sum to make the underlying security deposit and set up an office space. (whenever required)

Once you complete this registration process with Sharekhan as a Partner, you can continue with the Sharekhan Sub Broker login process. 

To successfully login on Sharekhan Partner platforms, just a Client ID and a secret password are required.

Closing Thoughts

Although the sharekhan business partner program was launched a few years ago, however in this short duration, it has received an excellent outcome.

For the last 20 years, sharekhan has offered impeccable services, tools, and platforms to its customers. 

We are sure that everyone wants to be a broking house partner with strong roots in the market.

Due to their flawless services, more than 3200 people are linked to them as a Sharekhan Partner in India’s 541 cities. 

Being the Sharekhan Partner requires one to fulfill the eligibility criteria presented by this full-service stockbroker.

Each Sharekhan partner program, namely Remisier, Power Broker, and Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), has different eligibility requirements, which are mentioned above. 

Undoubtedly, to use their financial services and take your business to the next horizon, it is essential to submit a specific cost, including Security Deposit and infrastructure amount. 

The infrastructure cost depends on a Sharekhan partner or sub-broker. He can spend as much as money he desires to open a workspace and hire employees. 

Each program requires one to fulfill the duty in a right and professional way. 

On completing the given role, Sharekhan partner is offered an attractive commission, which can rise up to 70%, depending on specific parameters.

Since there are numerous benefits related to being a Sharekhan partner like recurring income, support of a strong brand, hands-on latest and advanced technology, uplift in the living standard, and a lot more. 

Thus, it is quite advisable to register with them and be a victorious Entrepreneur quickly. 

In case you are looking to get started in Stock Market, just fill in a few basic details below:

Sub Broker Business


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