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Within the Partnership Model of IIFL, Franchise is one of the most opted models, and to begin with the same, it is significant to have an idea of the IIFL Franchise cost.

IIFL has different types of partnership models. Know about each of the IIFL Partnership models and pick the one that helps you in earning maximum earnings.

Being a full-service stockbroker incorporated in 1995, IIFL Securities, or India Infoline allows people to set up a Franchise in any part of India and start working independently to earn huge profits.

The IIFL Partnership Model categories are:

  • IIFL Franchisee
  • Marketing Associate (AAA – Advisor Anytime Anywhere)
  • Employee to Entrepreneur (IIFL FAN)
  • Remissier / Direct Sales Agent (DSA)

Most of the people interested in being the IIFL Partner opt for IIFL Franchisee because of its impeccable services and a broad range of products.

It is basically for the people or Entrepreneurs who want to work independently in their office and handle inquiries of IIFL customers.

In the IIFL Franchisee Partnership, the person will be required to set-up his own workspace and hire candidates who will give correct advice to the IIFL customers. 

Before registering with IIFL as a Franchisee, it is vital to have a strong financial backup since the infrastructure and hiring process will be a costly investment.

Along with the office setup cost, there is a certain sum of the amount that will be required to pay as an initial deposit to the IIFL. All of this needs to be considered while you are looking to calculate the IIFL Franchise Cost for yourself.

To be eligible to get an IIFL Franchise, the following criteria must be fulfilled by a person:

  1. He should have a strong track of records.
  2. The person must have a substantial client base in the financial network.
  3. He must be familiar with the financial products and the stock market concepts, parties, and other major information related to the same.
  4. To be eligible for IIFL Franchisee, one must have a minimum of two or three years of experience in the Financial sector as a Mutual Fund Distributor, Sub-Broker, Employee, or Agent of a Broker, Financial Planner, Insurance Advisor, or any other.
  5. The person or the Entrepreneur must have a strong financial background or have a sufficient amount to open an office, hire employees, and also deposit an initial amount to the IIFL.

Some other essential eligibility criteria and documents necessarily required to open an IIFL Franchise are as follows-

  1. Citizen of India
  2. Must be above 18 years old
  3. Have a decent education from a recognized school or college
  4. Have a valid Address Proof
  5. Possess a few passport sizes

What is the Cost to get an IIFL Franchise?

There is a certain amount that a person needs to invest to open an IIFL Franchise. This amount includes the initial deposit payment to the IIFL and office costs that make up the total IIFL Franchise cost.

Although, the fixed amount cannot be determined as it varies from franchisee to franchisee, depending on its location, revenue, space, and other parameters.

However, we tend to offer you the average IIFL Franchise cost that you would need nonetheless so that you are not caught sleeping in the middle of the business jungle!

The other cost required to get IIFL Franchise is the infrastructure and hiring process cost, which is estimated to be around Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 2 lakh or above.

The initial amount to be deposited to the IIFL team is Rs. 25,000/- (approximately).  The IIFL Franchise cost is fully refundable in nature and is paid back to the client as soon as the contract is terminated or expires.

The cost depends on the type of office (rented or owned), location, office condition, and other variables.

The amount seems to be reasonable as there are a plethora of benefits that a person can avail of after setting an IIFL Franchise. 

These benefits are as follows:

  • Participate in numerous practical training sessions, discussions, and workshops related to the Indian Stock Market to get the latest information.
  • Opening an IIFL Revenue will help a person to get a constant flow of revenue each month. Thus, helping you in financial terms as well.
  • A person will learn to grab new customers, determine which is the potential customer, and also how to handle client queries. 
  • Working with IIFL as a Franchisee will unleash unmatched business development initiatives offered by one of the top stockbrokers in India.
  • IIFL is well-known in the market for its advanced technology. Thus, joining the same company as its part will also help you in getting access to the latest technology and robust platforms.
  • One such platform is IIFL AAA (Advisory Anytime Anywhere), a portal tab to grab, handle, and monitor an IIFL customer account with one click.
  • IIFL offers its Franchise partners personal assistance, too, through their Relationship Managers (RMs). Each franchisee has its own RM to sort all the issues that the franchisee faces from time to time.
  • Another benefit of opening an IIFL Franchise is that it caters to offer its services in a complete section of segments. Not just in equity, they have expertise in commodity, currency, initial public offering (IPO), mutual funds, fixed deposits, derivatives, and many more!
  • Last but not the least, IIFL supports its Franchisee Business Partners in Branding, which could be through Digitally or Offline process.

Closing Thoughts

Undoubtedly, IIFL or India Infoline is one of the leading players in the Indian Stock market and offers its impeccable services to more than 4 million customers across the globe.

From the article mentioned above, we can easily summarize that IIFL Franchise is the right choice for the people who have a sufficient amount to set up an office and make an initial refundable deposit. 

There are a plethora of benefits related to the IIFL or India Infoline, and these benefits can also be availed by a person planning to open an IIFL Franchisee. 

Some of the benefits include access to cutting-edge technology platforms, stable revenue flow, and also, on top of all, working with such a big “Brand” is never a bad deal!

If you are also the one who wants to join as a Franchisee Partner and fulfills the above conditions, then you can apply by simply providing your details here and we will get you started:

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