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Many people or Entrepreneurs are keen to join Angel Broking as their business partner, which is why they tend to search for various platforms to get complete information on the same. However, today under this single platform, you can get all Angel Broking Franchise review at your fingers.

So, let’s not wait more and quickly start this process but before grabbing its information it is important to learn a little about Angel Broking broker firm. 

Angel Broking is one of the leading full-service stockbrokers and undoubtedly, known for its impeccable tools, cutting-edge technology platforms, advanced partnership platforms, and an attractive commission. 

Being an impeccable service provider, many potential business firms are looking ahead to join hand with the broker.

Looking at its current number, there are around 11000 sub brokers or partners are registered with this stockbroker who are actively operating in 110 cities and towns of the country.

If you are one among them, then here is the Angel Broking Franchise review that helps you in knowing the detail of business models.

For all who want to become an Angel Broking Franchise partner, it is essential to learn about the clients or segments you can deal with and acquire new customers who wish to open a demat account with this broker. 

To handle and assist the clients at the fingertips, the Angel Broking Sub Broker app helps you in achieving the same by monitoring active and inactive clients’ history, income summary, business growth, etc., on your Android or iOS mobile application.

Surprisingly, Angel Broking allows you to cater to the needs of different traders and investors keen to buy or sell stocks, shares, debentures, bonds, etc. in the below segments

In addition to the above segments, Angel Broking Sub Broker can assist the customers with PMS or Portfolio Management Services with ease.

Thus, you get multiple varieties of segments and clients to choose from and help them in stocks online trading listed by NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX.

We don’t think that you still have doubts about “Is Angel Broking Safe or not”? 

If you still have doubts or if you wish to know whether Angel Broking Franchise is commercially successful or not, you can proceed with the complete details given underneath in different sections. 

Let’s proceed with the distinctive Angel Broking Franchise List in which all the partnership models offered by this broker are highlighted! 

Angel Broking Franchise Details

To proceed with the Angel Broking Sub Broker process, you will be required to choose one model from their Partnership or Business List. 

The Angel Broking sub broker list consists of three different models created specifically to meet the requirements and needs of various individuals. These Angel Broking Franchise models are given as below-

  1. Authorised Person
  2. Remisier
  3. Master Franchise

Let’s talk about these models one by one in detail.

Authorised Person 

Authorised Person is one of the simplest ways to get a franchise of Angel Broking in which the joining process is easy, and the obtained profit is maximum.

But, what is the meaning of Authorised Person by you?

Well, Authorised Person was previously known as a sub broker who acts as a liaison between an investor or trader and stockbroker such as Angel Broking. 

He assists the customer in choosing the right and profitable stock or share by comparing and analyzing them in-depth. 

But the main question arises who can be an Authorised Person?

Well, suppose you are good at researching valuable stocks and choosing the right one that can give a considerable profit to the Angel Broking customers. In that case, this Angel Broking Sub Broker plan is appropriate for you.

In uncomplicated words, an Authorised Person helps the existing and new customers in online trading after performing fundamental and technical analysis of a stock and a company.

To add more to this Angel Broking Franchise review, the initial security deposit and investment are shallow in this category, and the Angel Broking Sub Broker commission in this category is impressively high.

But, except the Angel Broking Franchise cost, what other benefits does this Angel Broking sub broker offers? 

Let’s have a glimpse at some of the advantages of being an Authorised Person-

  1. Low initial investment and higher commission. 
  2. Understanding and undertaking this partnership model is quick and simple. 
  3. Personalized Training support to each person.
  4. In a few minutes and through a paperless method, an Authorised Person can open a demat account of their newly joined customers.
  5. Furthermore, Authorised Persons can open a free of cost demat account of the customers.

Now, talking about the Angel Broking Sub Broker Charges for each category as you will be required to pay the amount in advance. 

If you plan on becoming an Authorised Person with Angel Broking, then you will be needed to make an initial investment of around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 lakh, which depends on certain parameters.

These parameters or factors include the following-

  1. Your geographical area
  2. Client base
  3. Experience and age
  4. Understanding and experience of the business and Indian stock market concepts
  5. Fluency in local and regional language.
  6. Communication skills, along with prowess to make crucial decisions.
  7. Financial background, etc.

Lets, understand it more quickly through a table given underneath-


Here, it is also crucial to be aware that these charges include the infrastructure cost

This cost is required to set up an office including spacious desks, internet, electricity facility, power back-up, etc. This cost includes hiring new candidates and giving them regular salaries.

So, if you fulfill the above-stated financial requirements and can bear the Angel Broking sub broker cost, then you can proceed with the next step. 

The next step is to complete the Angel Broking sub broker login process after registering with them.

But, what about Angel Broker sub broker commission for the Authorised Person? 

Don’t worry; we haven’t missed that! The commission given for an AP or Authorised Person is as below-

  • Angel Broking gives its Authorised Person a commission of a range between  60% -75%. 
  • If the deliverables are excellent, then this commission can arise too. 
  • Besides, the commission is given on a regular basis. 

The commission can be understood in a better way through the below table-


To summarise it in an exact way- For instance, Gagan brings a work of Rs. 1 lakh a month, then Angel Broking will give him Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 75,000 for that month.

So, that was all the Angel Broking franchise details containing specifically Authorised Person’s information.


Remisier is a traditional form of being a sub broker or partner with Angel Broking or with any other form. 

So, let’s quickly grab Angel Broking Franchise details on this category.

Being a Remisier requires you to connect with the potential customers who wish to open a demat account with Angel Broking and will effectively trade in different investment and trading segments. 

Although the initial deposit or the infrastructure is comparatively low as one can even work from home, you can negotiate on this security deposit with them.

This can be easily fulfilled if you have a list of good and potential customers.

Now, we have got all the Remisier related Angel Broking franchise details, let us see how choosing this model can be useful for you. 

Simply follow the advantages of the Remisier as listed below

  1. Choosing this franchise model is a good idea as the investment is low, and the given commission is average.
  2. A Remisier gets around 30% of the commission or can even get higher depending on his performance. 
  3. If you opt for Remisier, then within a short duration, you will be onboarded with Angel Broking.

Apart from these, there are several other Angel Broking franchise benefits that can be availed of by opting for them as your next business partner.

As a matter of fact, if you opt for any partnership model, you will be required to pay a certain amount, and the same applies in this case as well. The Angel Broking Franchise fee for the Remisier is given as below-

If you plan to be an Angel Broking Remisier, you will be needed to pay an advance security fee and bear infrastructure cost that varies from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000

As discussed in the above section, the infrastructure cost is determined on various parameters such as age, experience, skills, technical information, client acquisition, and a lot more! 

Surprisingly, you can avoid the infrastructure cost since you can acquire new customers from your home. This totally depends on you.

So, the table to summarise the above details can be shown as below-


Here, it is also essential to know that the security deposit is entirely reimbursed in nature. Hence, when your agreement with Angel Broking is discontinued or expired, the amount is deposited in your bank account.

Have we missed something? 

Oh, yes! We have missed the income part, which is the most important here. 

So, let’s see how much commission we can avail of if we choose the Remisier program.

Remisier is given a pretty attractive commission that ranges between 40% – 30% of the total amount that he brings business to the Angel Broking.


If Gagan opts for this partnership model and brings a business of Rs. 1 lakh per month, he will be given a recurring commission of around Rs. 40,000, which is pretty excellent.

Now, let’s discuss the Angel Broking Franchise details of the last model.

Master Franchise

The third and final partnership or business model existing in the Angel Broking franchise details is Master Franchise.

Master Franchise is a more powerful franchise model that gives you access to hold a particular area, boundary, town, or city of India. 

In this franchise model, the individual handles many people willing to open a demat account with Angel Broking or are eager to sort out their queries or doubts. 

Indeed, if you wish to opt for the Master Franchise program, you will be required to have a handsome sum amount and a successful business plan or model.

This is the most attractive and most chosen franchise model of Angel Broking, and if you also wish to expand your business and cater to the needs of hundreds and thousands of people then, Master Franchise is perfect for you!

As a Master Franchise, you will be offered some of the below benefits- 

  1. Full control and complete independence to handle a specific territory, boundary, or area. 
  2. Recurring income with higher commission.
  3. Work without any boss or higher authority.
  4. Within a few times or duration, you can reach the top of the Indian Financial service sector and will have prominent fame.
  5. Being a Master Franchise allows you to handle different kinds of traders and investors buying or selling stocks, shares, or other commodities in multiple classes.

Now,  talking about the Angel Broking sub broker deposit amount for this category.

Like other programs, you will be required to make an initial deposit and make arrangements for the office space. 

If you show interest in becoming Master Franchise and wish to acquire complete Angel Broking franchise detail, you must be fully aware of the charges ranging between Rs.100,000 to Rs. 300,000.

Hence, to get this partnership model, you must be aware that an average amount of Rs. 1,00,000 will be necessary to be paid. 

The table displaying underneath gives a clear picture of the initial fees necessary for the Master Franchise-


The initial investment is higher in the Master Franchise since the commission is also pretty attractive and higher than any other investment plan.

The commission given to a Master Franchise ranges in a line between 75% to 80%. Great, right?

So, suppose if Gagan completes the Angel Broker Sub Broker login process for this plan, the commission he will get to get a business of Rs. 1 lakh clearly will be above Rs. 75,000 or above.

To understand the statement given above with ease, follow the table as shown below-


So, once you have chosen the desired or most preferable franchise plan and have in-depth Angel Broking details, you must proceed with the next step.

Once you have the charges related answers to the essential questions or doubts, you can proceed with Angel Broking Sub Broker registration.

To register with Angel Broking as a partner or if you wish to refer the same to your friend, simply fill the below registration form, and a business executive from their team will shortly get back to you. 

Sub Broker Business

Once you have completed the registration process and have got the login credentials, you can quickly step into the business world and unleash vast potential. 

Closing Thoughts

This is the Angel Broking Franchise review that helps you in learning about the essential aspects like eligibility, benefits, fees, roles and commission of the particular model.

You can opt for any of the model depending upon your requirement and the profit you want to make out of it.

Although the initial deposit in specific partnership models is higher, it is reimbursed once the partnership model is terminated or has completed its duration. 

If you have a strong background and can deposit and initial security along with bearing an infrastructure cost to set-up an office, then you can opt for this plan. 

The commission in this partnership model is more than 75%, which is pretty astonishing, and also, you can build your name across a boundary or a particular geographical area by assisting a large number of customers linked with Angel Broking.

However, if your budget is low and you wish to only work passively with this broking house, you can choose the Remisier plan as you will be only required to acquire new customers who desire to do online trading with Angel Broking.

No doubt, an Authorised Person or AP has its advantages too. After the Master Franchise, the commission is higher in this category as you will be required to assist new and existing customers in finding the right and profitable stock, shares, or even mutual funds. 

For this program, you will be required to have an in-depth understanding of technical analysis, advanced chart patterns, fundamental analysis, and much more! 

No matter which program you choose, we recommend you to have complete detail on the same. 

We strongly believe that anyone with enthusiasm, hard work, and determination can reach beyond your imagination! 

Hoping that you have throughout received Angel Broking Franchise details in a single article!  

If you are also the one who wants to join as a Franchisee Partner and fulfills the above conditions, then you can apply by simply providing your details here and we will get you started:

Sub Broker Business


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