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Kotak Securities Customer Care is one of the top-quality aspects of this stockbroker. Kotak Securities does well on multiple fronts when it comes to customer service including quality, turnaround time and communication channels.

In this quick review, we will have a look at the different areas related to Kotak Securities Customer Care along with the specific details for your reference. But first, let’s know about this broker a bit.

Kotak Securities is one of the prominent bank-based stockbrokers in India with its establishment back in the year 1994. The stockbroker provides a wide range of trading and investment products to its clients (except Commodity trading) along with offering a 3 in 1 Demat Account.

Kotak Securities Customer Service

As far as the client base is concerned, Kotak Securities has an active base of 4,62,801 clients.

This puts them in the sixth spot if we talk about the overall stockbroking space in India. Furthermore, the broker has been consistent in maintaining its position in the industry over a period of time.

Talking about Kotak Securities Customer Care, these are the communication channels provided to its clients:

  • A toll-free number with support in 10 different languages
  • Web assistance
  • Email support
  • Phone
  • Offline branches (more than 260 across different parts of India)
  • Webchat

As listed above, Kotak Securities customer care consists of a wide range of methods in which a client can get in touch with the broker. Talking about the quality, Kotak Securities Customer Care has its set of concerns, such as:

  • Inconsistency in Customer Executive Training
  • Generic communication with limited personalization

However, on a positive note, Kotak Securities has been able to successfully set an escalation framework for its clients in case they do not get resolution within a stipulated period.

This is how it works:

  • The customer can reach out to the support team of the stockbroker with his/her query or concern.
  • If in case the customer does not get a satisfactory response or no response at all, then he/she can reach out to the Kotak Securities Customer Care HOD.
  • If there is still no satisfactory solution, the customer can reach out to the compliance officer of the broker.
  • Finally, the broker has opened up a direct communication channel with the CEO of Kotak Securities for the client to directly interact with (assuming he/she has gone through the first 3 levels of escalation).

The broker suggests that the client must ideally provide his/her Client ID to get a quicker response.

In case you are looking to reach out to Kotak Securities Customer Care, here are the details:

Kotak Securities Customer Care Email:

Let’s start with the email channel. If your query or doubt is not that urgent and requires a written response, then it makes sense to email Kotak Securities Customer care and get a confirmation.

For you to get in touch with them over an email, here are the details:

Kotak Securities Customer Care Helpline:

At the same time, you can always call the customer support team of Kotak Securities. The broker has open lines for toll-free as well as direct phone numbers as well.

Kotak Securities also provides responses to your queries over Whatsapp as well. Here are the information pieces:

Kotak Securities Customer Care Escalation:

At times, there is a possibility that you might not get a resolution that matches your expectations.

In such cases, it is suggested that you escalate your concern with the corresponding authority in the chain.

As far as escalation to upper levels is concerned, here are the contact details for your reference (advice to use only in case you do not get a satisfactory response from the Level One):

Kotak Securities NRI Customer Care:

Kotak Securities provides NRI Demat Account services as well.

If you are an NRI client, you can always use the toll-free number (1800 209 9191 / 1860 266 9191) to reach out to the broker (like mentioned above).

The broker also provides support to its international clients in countries such as Bahrain (ajay.panjnani@kotak.com or nricustomerservice@kotak.com) etc.

Kotak Securities Customer Care Timings:

Kotak Securities Customer Care is open from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 2 pm on Saturday. The broker does not provide any customer assistance on Sundays.

Although the stockbroker claims to provide response communication within 24 hours, however, the customer care team may take up to 3 days in case of specific issues raised by the clients.

Web-chat support is available only on weekdays between 9 am and 6 pm and is provided to assist only on basic issues related to the client’s demat account, services offered by the broker etc.

Furthermore, if you have already been in touch with the Kotak Securities Customer Care and did not receive a reasonable response (or no response at all), in that case – you may choose to contact the grievances officer of the bank-based stockbroker.

Here are the details:


In order to file a complaint against the broker, use this Stockbroker Complaints portal. Find more information on Kotak Securities complaints here.

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