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Shriram Insight Franchise


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  • Wide Range of Investment Products
  • Multi-partnership business model
  • Attractive revenue sharing ratio


  • High-security deposit for the sub-broker model

Shriram Insight Franchise claims to easily attract clients and business partners through its positive brand image and goodwill in the market. The broker has been able to generate more revenue by making a strong client base.
Let’s discuss the details of this full-service stockbroker, Shriram Insight to know about the business models, revenue sharing models, offers and many more about the company.

Shriram Insight Franchise: Introduction

Shriram Insight started its business in the year 1995 under Shriram group which was established back in the year 1974. The broker first entered into the chit fund business and then spread in different types of financial businesses by providing diverse products and services to the customers.

As of now, the Shriram group has over 2800 branches all over the country and nearly 7000 employees working for the organization. The broker has a strong customer base of approx 9.3 million people all over the country.

Also, the company has over 1,40,000 agents and Assets under management (AUM) is of ₹93,000 Crores. Remember, these numbers are about the group and not specifically about the stockbroker that has an active client base of around 30,064.

The stockbroking business started with the membership of NSE in the cash segment in 1996 and in derivatives segment in 2003.

In the initial years, the business model of the broker was largely focused on the owned branches, gradually entered into the franchise mode all over the India target customers. The two models – owned and franchise outlets made rapid expansion of the company possible that the business is leveraging upon now.

Here are some quick stats for your reference about Shriram Insight Franchise:


Shriram Insight allows its business partners/clients to trade in the following segments:

Shriram Insight Franchise:  Business Partnership Models

Shriram Insight offers three types of business model to the clients

  1. Sub-broker/ Authorized person
  2. Franchise/Partner model
  3. Business Associate

Sub-broker/Authorized person:

A sub-broker or Authorized person model helps those clients who want to start their own business. Shriram Insight provides everything from training to help in client acquisition to the customers who want to become an authorized person of the broker.

If you have capital and you want to start your own business, even without experience in this field, the team of the company will help you.

You will be required to deposit some security money and make some expenses for the infrastructure as well. Under this model, you will get all kinds of help and support by the Shriram Insight to establish and grow your business.

Franchise/Partner model:

A Franchise or partner model supports those who have entrepreneurial skills and want to grow in the business world with the brand name of Shriram insight.

By associating with the Shriram Insight brand you will be able to bring a wide range of investment products to your customers. You will be able to offer all products under one roof.

As per the broker claims, under this model, a partner will be supported by the broker in the true sense of a partner. Right from training, research support, customer support and other required support.

Business Associate:

This model is specially designed for the financial advisors who want to start a partnership business with Shriram Insight.

This is an agency model in which financial advisors are trained and provided help through the team of Shriram Insight. They can use the portal of the broker to trade by themselves and for their customers.

Relationship managers (RMs) help in generating and closing any leads. Except for this internal team of the broker also helps them in any marketing related problem.

Shriram Insight Franchise: Revenue sharing model

All three types of business models have their respective revenue sharing models.

The Business Associate model works on commission or brokerage based, while Franchise and sub-broker model works on a fixed revenue sharing model. It means if you want to work with Shriram Insight as a Business Associate then you will earn commission or brokerage.

And if you work as a partner or sub-broker you will earn a fixed percentage of revenue generated by you and your clients.

In all three types of business model offered by Shriram Insight, you can make a good amount of money by working with them.

Here is a table to explain the percentage/commission offered to the partner on the basis of revenue generated by them:


Shriram Insight Franchise: Security deposit

If you want to start a business with Shriram Insight then you will have to deposit some security amount to the main broker. For all models, there are different ranges of security amount.

The security amount for Sub-broker/Authorized person is in the range of ₹2,00,000 – ₹3,00,000.

Again, the security deposit amount for the second model Franchise/partner model is in the range of ₹50,000 –  ₹1,00,000.

While the security deposit amount for the last model of a Business Associate is in the range of ₹15,000 – ₹30,000.

Here are the details:


Shriram Insight Franchise: Pros and Cons

Here are some benefits and related concerns associated with each type of business model offered by this stockbroker:

Sub-broker/Authorized Person


  • Attractive revenue sharing ratio.
  • No need to be from broking background, only availability of capital is sufficient.


  • High-security deposit amount.

Franchise/Partner model


  • One-stop-shop for your clients.
  • Low initial investment.


  • Existing client base required.
  • Expenditure on infrastructure.

Business Associate:


  • Primarily for the Financial Advisors.
  • No expenditure on infrastructure.
  • Minimal security deposit


  • No revenue sharing, but commission based.

Shriram Insight Franchise: Offerings

Shriram Insight provides you with the following benefits, once you get associated with the broker.

  • Brand and marketing support: As a business partner of the broker, you will get complete brand name and marketing support.
  • Product support: Complete training for the products will be provided to the partners through classroom training, online and offline training.
  • Infrastructure support: Shriram Insight provides infrastructure support to their business partners like you can walk any of the branches of the broker to conduct a meeting.
  • Shriram Insight is a member of NSE, BSE, NSE F&O, BSE F&O, NCDEX, MCDX, NSDL, CDSL, PMS, Mutual fund, e-trading etc.

Marketing and sales support:

  • One relationship manager will be assigned to you to help through chat, SMS, calls etc. on the regular basis.
  • CRM support.
  • For giving information brochure/mailers/SMS will be sent to all clients on a regular basis.
  • Business development (BD) support.

Research support:

  • Daily/Quarterly/yearly reports are provided to all clients on the regular basis.
  • Special reports to all clients are provided on any specific news, events, economic and political budget that can impact the share market.

Shriram Insight Franchise: How to Register?

To become a business partner of Shriram Insight, one will have to follow the following steps;

  • First of all, you will have to decide which partnership business model you want to go with, whether it is an Authorized person, franchise or sub-broker.
  • Then fill up a registration form with all details required. You may also choose to fill the below-displayed form:
Sub Broker Business
  • You will get a call from the team of the broker to understand your requirements and then they will fix a meeting for face to face chat.
  • After clearing all doubts, the relationship manager will start the documentation and agreement process.
  • Once the documents are verified by the broker you will get a registration number.

All process will take almost 1-2 weeks to complete.

Shriram Insight Franchise: Advantages

Following are the advantages of starting a partnership business with Shriram insight:

  • Shriram Insight is a part of the Shriram group, so well known among the people related to the stockbroking market. Ultimately, it will help to acquire new customers to make a strong client base of the company.
  • The technology and infrastructure of the company is a big plus for client acquisition. If you start a partnership with Shriram insight, you will be benefitted by its latest technology and advanced infrastructure.
  • You will get multi-option to start a partnership business with the broker like sub-broker, Remisier, Introducer, Authorized person.
  • The broker offers an attractive revenue sharing ratio to the business partners.

Shriram Insight Franchise: Summary

Shriram Insight is a well-known name in the broking market. It offers multi-partnership business models with a wide range of products to clients. They provide marketing & sales and research support to their clients on the regular basis.

It helps their client to establish and run their business smoothly in this competitive age. So, one can go with the Shriram Insight to start a broking business without too much hurdles.

In case you are looking to set-up a sub-broking business or become a partner of a stockbroker, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:

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