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Ventura Securities Franchise


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  • Positive Market Reputation
  • Wide Range of Trading Products
  • Good Revenue Sharing
  • High Performance Trading Platforms


  • High Initial Cost
  • Less Marketing Activities

Ventura Securities Franchise business comes with a couple of models at both fixed brokerage as well as percentage-based brokerage charges. The broker has a decent presence across different parts of India and multiple partners work directly or indirectly with this investment house.

Ventura Securities is a Full-Service stockbroker with its registered office in Mumbai. Apart from that, the broker has its registered office based out of Thane, Maharashtra. It started its operations in the year 1994 and as of 2018, they have an active client base of around 80,000 from different parts of India.

Ventura Securities Franchise Review

As far as its offline presence is concerned, Ventura Securities has offices in around 525 locations in different cities and towns. These offices are present in the form of sub-broker and franchise offices of the stockbroker. At the same time, if you are a client of Ventura Securities – then you can invest in multiple trading segments including Equity, Commodity, Currency, IPO and more.

Furthermore, Ventura Securities is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE), Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodity Derivative Exchange (NCDEX).

Ventura Securities Partnership Models

There are a couple of partnership models that Ventura Securities offers to its potential business partners, as listed below:

  • Business Partner or Franchise
  • Professional Referral

There are different ways to define these business models.

Where a Business Partner is an exclusive membership with the full-service stockbroker, at the same time, a Professional referral is someone who is a professional in a specific field such as Accountancy, Insurance, Financial Planning etc and has a casual inclination towards a secondary source of income.

Within this model, the professional referral refers to its existing client base towards share market investments and thus, assists the stockbroker in client acquisition.

The Franchise model focusses on large scale client servicing while the professional referral model, as the name suggests, is more towards channelizing existing client base of the professionals to share market investments and trading.

Understandably, the focus and revenue sharing is on the higher side in the franchise model as compared to the professional referral relationship.

However, the nature of the products offered does not differ in either of the models. You may choose to offer any of the financial classes including Equity, Commodity, Currency, IPOs, Mutual funds, Insurance, Bonds, Corporate Fixed Deposits etc.

Ventura Securities Franchise Fees

The franchise fee varies from one region to another, however, if we need to mention a particular range – the fees can be anywhere between ₹2 Lakh to ₹5 Lakh. This is a refundable deposit and will be paid back to you once you choose to move out of the business partnership.

Apart from these charges, there are few other charges involved while you set up your office as a franchise for the full-service stockbroker. It is suggested to have a detailed discussion with the executive of the broker in your face to face meeting with the person.

Ventura Securities Franchise Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing with Ventura Securities Franchise varies based on your business size (#clientele, overall turnover, total brokerage generated). However, on a general basis, the revenue sharing percentage varies between 50% to 80% with larger share generally staying with the franchise partner.

At the same time, the revenue sharing percentages are always open to negotiation (its an unwritten rule).

Thus, while you are discussing all other formalities related to your business partnership with the broker, make sure you negotiate well at the table on the revenue sharing percentage aspect.

Ventura Securities Franchise Criteria

For you to open a Ventura Securities Franchise, you will be required to fulfil certain conditions including:

  • The applicant should be of the age 21 and above.
  • You must be a minimum 10+2 educated (10th pass in a few cases is allowed too). The graduate in finance and marketing are given definite preference if there is a choice to be made.
  • Hands-On Experience of 3 years or more in the financial business domain is a necessity.
  • Local market understanding and connections can work as a plus since such affinities can help in large and quick client acquisitions.
  • Membership and registration with regulatory bodies is a must.

There may be a few other requirements that may be introduced by the broker when you get to meet a representative face to face. However, the above-mentioned requirements cover the major chunk of necessities you may need to take care of.

How to Open a Franchise?

In case you are looking to open a Franchise around your location, you will need to fill in the below form to get started:

Sub Broker Business

Once you fill in the form, a call back will be arranged for you. In this callback, you will be explained the initial set-up process along with the requisite documentation. A follow-up face to face discussion will be set for you as per the date and time preferred by you.

In this meeting, you will need to hand-over the required documentation along with a signature on each of the copy you share. You will be provided with information on all the initial and regular expenses you need to bear as part of the Ventura Securities group. The documentation includes, but not limited to:

  • Date of birth certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Adhaar Card
  • Bank Statement
  • Address Proof
  • Educational certificates
  • Rental agreement if you are applying as a sub-broker
  • Two recent passports sized photographs.

Furthermore, few follow-up meets will be arranged where your franchise office will be inspected.

The broker will assist you with the initial formalities. However, you will need to hire a few employees as well in order to run your day to day client handling. The employees may include a front desk receptionist, a couple of callers, operational executives etc.

Ventura Securities Franchise Benefits

Some of the top benefits of opening a Ventura Securities franchise are:

  • Ability to offer multiple investment products to your clients
  • An old brokerage house in full-service stockbroking space that imbibes the trust factor among the potential client base.
  • Reasonable revenue sharing with a decent percentage share falling in the kitty of the partner.
  • High-quality trading platforms including Ventura Pointer, Ventura Wealth etc.
  • Since Ventura Securities is a full-service stockbroker, thus, it provides regular tips, research and recommendations. You will be provided will all that research on a regular basis so that you can further share the same with your clients.

Ventura Securities Franchise Concerns:

There are a couple of issues that you must be aware of before you finalize Ventura as your stockbroking partner broker:

  • The initial costs involved are definitely on the higher side as compared to some other full-service stockbrokers.
  • Ventura Securities is not known a lot in spending high budgets in their marketing campaigns.

Ventura Securities Franchise Conclusion

In the end, we would like to mention that Ventura Securities is one of the leading full-service stockbrokers in India. To add to that, it has been around in the share trading space for a while now. The initial costing with the broker, however, is on the higher side and that is one of the turn-offs for a potential business partner.

Thus, if you are pretty serious about moving into the stockbroking business, Ventura Securities is definitely one of the reasonable options you may like to explore before pinning down on the one stockbroker that you actually choose.

Make yourself aware of all the charges and taxes involved during the initial discussions itself to go along with information on all the assistance that the broker may promise to provide once you are on board as a franchise with Ventura.

Ventura Securities Franchise Locations

The full-service stockbroker currently has a presence in the following cities, as listed below:


Thus, if you are seriously looking to get started with Ventura Securities, we would suggest you to just fill in the form below and a callback will be arranged right away.

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