How To Get Franchise Of Sharekhan?

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Anyone who is interested in the Sharekhan’s Partnership programs, the very first thought that might appear in their mind will be – How to get a Franchise of Sharekhan?

How much will be Sharekhan Franchise cost? And I am eligible for Sharekhan’s Franchise? What will be the benefits of opening a Franchise of Sharekhan?

The correct answer to these above questions is what our article is going to cover today. We will be sharing all the necessary information related to the Sharekhan Franchise.

Due to the impeccable features and attractive services, recently, many people have joined Sharekhan as a Partner or Sub-Broker

To attract more partners and broaden its business scope, Sharekhan has been making a plethora of amendments to enhance its current products and services.

Launched in 2000, Sharekhan is one of the most prominent full-service stockbrokers in India, having more than 3000 branches across Indian cities and towns. 

For a long time, Sharekhan has offered qualitative services to its customers in various trading and investment segments stocks such as in EquityCommodityCurrencyDerivatives (Futures Trading and Options Trading), Mutual Funds, etc. listed on India’s top exchanges- NSE and BSE.

Sharekhan Franchise

With the Sharekhan Franchise, you can take your business and wealth to the next level. The popular Sharekhan Franchise offers the business-minded people to search for the potential client and offer him the financial services provided by Sharekhan.

With the backing of a leading financial service company, one can earn excellent income in this industry. 

By opting Sharekhan Partnership model, one can

  • Join India’s Top Broking firm having more than 2 million customers in 525 cities and towns of India.
  • Quickly transform from an employee or a person to a Sharekhan’s Employer or Entrepreneur and be their own boss.
  • Set up his own office at a prime location having good visibility.

Hence, by choosing the Franchise program of Sharekhan, one can be an essential part of a 20 years old brokerage firm and can evolve into a successful entrepreneur. 

There are many Products in which Sharekhan partner can deal with. Some of these products include the following

  1. Equity
  2. Derivatives
  3. Mutual Funds
  4. PMS – Portfolio Management Services
  5. Currency
  6. Education
  7. IPO – Initial Public Offering

Therefore, we can state that Sharekhan offers a one-stop solution to its customers, and their partner can handle such customers with a wide range of segments.

Why Partner With Sharekhan?

Many times people think that Is partnering with Sharekhan is the right choice? Is Partnership with Sharekhan safe? So the answer is YES. 

And we have some points to justify this. These points of benefits are as below-

  1. Sharekhan follows a fair and transparent business method and strongly follows the same.
  2. Sharekhan offers a lucrative commission package to its partners or franchises with a regular and robust revenue flow.
  3. Sharekhan understands the importance of branding and marketing, which is why it aims to provide customized marketing and business development efforts as per the need of the Franchise.
  4. Technology Sharekhan is well equipped with advanced, robust, and extensive applications for its customers and business partners. Through their platform, one can have real-time access to customers’ databases and can add, modify, or remove a person with ease.
  5. Sharekhan provides its customers with the latest information related to the stock market, and to achieve the same; it has launched its training sessions. 
  6. Sharekhan Partners or Franchises are well assisted by the support team. Each Franchise has its particular Relationship Manager (RM) to handle its queries and fulfill the needs. 

Not just this, there are many benefits of the Sharekhan franchisee, too, such as quick processing, advanced research, business planning, and much more to help the Franchise grow at a rapid pace.

Sharekhan Franchise Business

There are multiple ways through which one can register with Sharekhan to open or expand his business. 

Their business programs or models offer a tailor-made solution to its customers to access a wide range of products and offerings to suit individual requirements with a few clicks.

There are three Partnership or List of Sharekhan Franchise. These models are as below-

  1. Sharekhan Power Broker
  2. Independent Financial Advisor
  3. Remisier 
  • Sharekhan Power Broker

Sharekhan Power Broker, also known as Sharestops, is the most opted Sharekhan Franchise. This model is basically for the new or experienced sub-brokers, financial advisors, business owners, or distributors of financial advisors who are keen on delivering Sharekhan’s financial services to its customers.

Through the Power Broker, one can acquire and offer services to the self-trading online traders and investors registered with Sharekhan.

  • Independent Financial Advisor

IFA or Independent Financial Advisor is another option to get linked with Sharekhan. The freshers or experienced candidates in the Financial service domain can join them and serve clients exclusively for Mutual funds. 

The partner becomes Sharekhan’s Mutual Funds Distributor and, with the help of advanced and robust tools, serves a wide range of new or existing customers of Sharekhan.

  • Remisier

If you have a strong and stable client base and you can refer the same to the Sharekhan, then this model is accurate for you! 

You simply require to share potential customers with Sharekhan, and for delivering the same, you will receive an excellent commission.  

One of the benefits of choosing this Franchise is that you won’t be required to set up a workspace and hire staff. 

How to take Sharekhan Franchise

Now the main question that arises is how to take the Sharekhan Franchise or How to get a Franchise of Sharekhan. To answer the same, we have shared a straightforward way to accomplish the same.

  • Simply fill the below form with your name and working mobile number.
  • The business representative from the central headquarter of Sharekhan will give you a callback on your given number.
  • He will be asking some crucial details from you, such as the current state, desired partnership model, educational qualification, experience or not, and other relevant information.
  • A local representative will then visit your address to collect the documents essential for that particular model and ask you to enter details in a form.
  • Further, the documents verification process will begin, and after the successful verification, you will be a part of Sharekhan as a Franchise.

Before applying for the Franchise of Sharekhan, it is vital to fulfilling their eligibility conditions. In addition to this, one must have a sufficient amount to make the initial payment and set up an office space. (if required)

Closing Thoughts

Opening a franchise with Sharekhan is a simple and straightforward process. However, before registering with Sharekhan, make sure that you went through the complete understanding of the Sharekhan, its products, services, and benefits. 

It is also important to be eligible for the Franchise model before getting it. Once you have selected one franchise model from Sharekhan Power Broker, Independent Financial Advisor, and Remisier, remember to view its eligibility criteria, investment or fees, benefits, Terms, and conditions, etc.

However, if you have gone through all the details and believe yourself to be eligible for the Sharekhan franchise, then you are simply required to fill the form given above. The Sharekhan Agent or Business Executive will guide you for the rest of the process.

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