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  • Offers two business models
  • Affordable security deposit
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  • New entrant in the broking space

Zebu Etrade service was established in the year 2008 as a full-service stockbroker. The broker acts as a one-stop solution for the customers for their investment needs. Over the path of its journey, the firm has established its foothold in the industry. As far as Zebu Sub broker business is concerned, it is relatively an attractive opportunity for potential partners.

Zebu Sub broker Basics

The broker believes that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services. This theory of the company helps to make the customer base strong and expand its business continuously.

In the near future, the aim of the company is to expand the line of products and services to serve the large client base. The broker is a registered member of NSE, BSE, MCX, MSEI, SEBI and CDSL. Also, the broker offers the following products to their clients for trading and investing purposes.

Zebu believes in the partnership for the expansion of the business. So, they give full attention to the business partners. The broker has a proven track record of authorized person all over the country. The partnership business of the broker is increasing with the increased interest of people in the financial market.

In this article, we will try to cover all important aspects of Zebu sub broker like types of business model, revenue sharing ratio, security deposit/initial investment, offers, support to the sub broker etc.

Zebu sub-broker Advantages

There are so many advantages of getting associated with the Zeba broker. Some of them are:

  • The financial market players trust the company as the company is doing good among them in terms of brokerage, research and customer service.
  • Zebu offers multiple products to the clients which suit their preference. They can get almost all products and services with the broker and so they need no to move any other broker.
  • The trading platform offered by the company is safe and secure. Your clients can safely use the trading platform.
  • The broker has a team of researchers and analysts who publish reports on recent market trends and most favourable trading products. It helps the client in getting the most profitable trading and investing product.
  • The broker runs their business with partners on the base of you-win-we-win approach. It means the profit earned by your clients for your company is not only your profit. But, with your profit broker will also earn a profit.
  • Zebu offers two business model for you. You can choose any model according to your convenience and choice.

Zebu sub-broker: Eligibility/Criteria

However, there are some prerequisite criteria to start a branch office. Here is the list of eligibility criteria.

  • You should be SEBI certified AP.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in selling financial products as a broker/sub-broker/insurance advisor/Remisier/financial planner or as an employee of the main broker/sub-broker.
  • A track record in the financial market.
  • Must hold a valid certificate of NISM in capital market/Currency and equity Derivatives segment.
  • Financially self-sufficient to meet the daily requirement of the business.
  • The incentives of the remisier will be mapped to the revenue brought by them on a monthly basis.

Zebu sub-broker Types

Zebu offers two types of business model i.e.

  • Zebu branch office partnership or sub-broker
  • Zebu Associate/Remisier

Zebu branch office partnership or sub-broker:

This is the first model offered by Zebu E-trade. Under this model, you must have the capacity to set-up an office and afford a minimum of 250 square feet office space on rent in a prime location to start your business. You must also arrange required infrastructure like desktop, broadband, required furniture etc.

By arranging all the required things, you can start a branch office under the brand name of Zebu. Your revenue sharing ratio will depend on the revenue generated by your clients. A fixed percentage of revenue generated will be your share.


  • You will get the full right to access all tools, technology, research report etc used by the broker for the trading and investing purposes.
  • An opportunity to run your own business under the brand name of Zebu.
  • Right to manage your clients and brokerage.
  • Attractive revenue sharing ratio.

Zebu Associate/Remisier:

Zebu associate is the second model offered by the Zebu. Under this model, You are required to acquire clients for the broker only and the rest of the work will be completed by the company. You need not to set-up any office or any infrastructure. Your acquired client will work under the roof of the main broker that is Zebu.

The revenue generated by your acquired clients will decide your incentive/revenue on a monthly basis.


  • You can earn on the basis of acquired clients by you. More client means more earnings.
  • No need for initial investment.

Zebu sub broker Revenue share:

Zebu sub broker:

The revenue sharing ratio of Zebu sub broker model is in the range of 40%-70%.  Zebu will keep the remaining 30%-60% of the revenue. This range is in line with the other brokers in the industry. It may be high also depending on the company decision.

There are some pre-decided criteria upon which this ratio may increase or decrease like the projected revenue, security deposit, and the bargaining power.

Zebu Associate/Remisier:

If you associate with Zebu as a remisier, your incentive will be decided on the basis of gross revenue generated by your clients in a month. Normally, the range of revenue for this model is 15%-30%. A remisier will get the highest of 30% of revenue generated by their acquired clients.

And Zebu will keep 70%-85% of the revenue generated.

Zebu sub-broker Initial investment

Zebu sub broker:

The security deposit required for the sub broker model starts from ₹50,000 onwards. It means to start a partnership business under sub broker model you are just required to deposit this money if you are running short of finance.

But, if your deposit increases above the minimum requirement, your range of revenue sharing ratio will also increase.

Zebu Associate/Remisier:

To start the business under the remisier model, you are required to deposit ₹10,000 only as security money. Since the risk associated under this model is very low, the security deposit is also accordingly. Also, there is no requirement of initial investment so the security deposit required is justified.

The security deposit under this model is in line with the competitors in the industry.

Zebu sub broker Registration

Following are the steps to become a sub broker:

  • Fill the lead form available on the website with the required details.
Sub Broker Business
  • Get a call from the call centre executive to verify your interest in the partnership business.
  • You will get another call to fix an appointment with the sales team of the company.
  • In the meeting, You can ask questions related to the partnership model you are interested like the revenue sharing model, security deposit, offers, support to the sub broker etc.
  • You will be asked to submit all required documents for the verification purpose with the security deposit cheque.
  • After verification, an account ID will be provided to start your business.
  • Now, you are ready to start your business and earn a good profit.

It will take 7-10 business days to complete the whole process.

Zebu sub broker Summary

Zebu E-trade is one of the new entrants in the broking space. It offers two business models to the customers so that they can take any model according to their convenience and availability of fund. However, the security deposit required in both models is not too high. The revenue sharing ratio is also at par with the other brokers in the industry.

The research reports and customer service are of high quality. Overall, we can say that Zebu is one of the average quality stock broking company which can be an option to start a partnership business.

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