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Sharekhan Sub broker commission Program is known to be the most significant sub-broker establishment business in the nation. They have more than 3500 sub-brokers across the country and are developing at a rapid rate. 

A sub-broker is any person who isn’t a trading individual of a stock exchange; however, who follows up for an exchanging part as a specialist or in any case for speculators in managing protections through such trades.

Sharekhan assigns sub-agent to help customers in making profits from venture openings in the stock market.

Stock representatives store a refundable sum with Sharekhan and enter into a contract with an association; consequently, they are paid a commission for each exchange they complete.

According to NSE, all the sub-brokers must be registered with SEBI; without a registration certificate, they won’t be allowed to deal in securities. 

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A Sharekhan sub-specialist provides its clients with all the items/benefits of Sharekhan stocks – these are equity, derivatives, currency, commodities, mutual funds, IPO, speculation, PMS, and so on. 

How much can a sub-broker earn? 

A specialist is an individual who purchases and sells goods and resources for other people, of which he demands an expense or charge, which is designated as brokerage.

In India, speculators can purchase and sell shares or similar venture items through Sharekhan. 

Sharekhan designates sub-dealers, who are paid a commission for every exchange their customers make. This commission is the primary source of earnings. 

Sub-representative earning relies upon two things are as follows

  1.  The sum in percentage shared by the intermediary.
  2. The number of customers the person he/she can excite.

Let’s look at different elements affects the broker earning are as follows

Picking the correct representative: Since income will rely upon commissions, it’s fundamental to select the right dealer. Sharekhan offers liberal commissions. 

Support and foundation: Another factor influencing sub-intermediary income is the sort of framework and facilities that a dealer gives.

It’s challenging to get customers without advertising, innovation, and other help.

Sharekhan provides excellent infrastructure and support to its clients. There’s likewise a broad training for sub-brokers so they can sharpen their aptitudes.

Costs: How much a sub-intermediary earns also relies upon the costs involved. There are two kinds of costs: capital expenses and working costs.

There are some fixed, one time costs like the deposit parked with the representative and enrollment charges.  Then there are charges paid on setting workplaces, PCs, telephone lines, etc.

Working costs contain lease for the workplaces, salary to staff, phone charges, etc. With Sharekhan, you can begin your business from anyplace with zero office costs.

Sharekhan Sub Broker Revenue Sharing Model

Sharekhan has a flexible commission model so as to compensate its sub-agent dependent on their performance.

Additionally, for every sort of business model, it has another scope of commission as per the functions performed and the risk borne. 

The compensation models have been referred to as unique because the commission for each dealer shifts relying on different components like the income produced, the security deposit made, the speculations made, and different other pertinent boundaries.

Let’s examine the income sharing proportions for every business model

Sharekhan Authorized Person Commission: In this model, the sub-broker performs the most crucial functions and faces the highest risks.

The income sharing proportion is also the highest in the commission model. The income sharing proportion may even surpass up to 70%. 

In this model, the sub-broker performs the most crucial functions and faces the highest risks, and the income sharing proportion is also the highest in the commission model.

Sharekhan IFA Commission: Under this model, the income sharing proportion is between 30 – 40% for Sharekhan and 60-70% for a sub-broker. The ratio relies on the items sold and the margin that such items hold.

This model can be supposed to be one of its kind offered by Sharekhan, and thus the income proportion is by all accounts satisfactory and justified.



Sharekhan offers a variety of business models to suit the different requirements of people. It provides a very decent revenue sharing ratio, which is dynamic and hence may increase as the revenue increases. 

Therefore, it is very easy to become the sub-broker of Sharekhan. I hope this article has helped you in clearing your doubts regarding the Sharekhan sub-broker commission. 

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