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When opening an account with Alice Blue, traders generally remain concerned about the brokerage. Right? But have you ever wondered about the Alice Blue app?

The trading app plays a vital role in offering you the trade experience and therefore it is important to check few essential features before getting started.

To give you an overview of the app and trading platform, here we are with the complete information on the different trading software offered by the broker and their features.

Alice Blue Trading App

Alice Blue offers the trading platforms by ANT, i.e., Analyze and Trade. ANT is a leading-edge technology for investors and traders. For the management, ANT is a weapon for the traders to trade with the technology.

ANT offers bespoke strategies along with the faster execution of orders with zero time lag. Along with this, the ANT offers advanced charts on all the trading platforms with historical data. The trader gets the alerts and much more with the ANT of Alice Blue. The ANT includes the following apps for the traders and investors:

  • ANT Mobi (Mobile trading platform)
  • ANT Desk (Desktop trading platform)
  • ANT Web (Web trading platform)
  • ANT Meta (Trading tool)

Furthermore, to understand the ANT in a more explicit way, let’s consider the features of the same.

Extraordinarily Fast: ANT allows the rabid light backend and speed to the user for the trading without any disruptions.

Supreme Charts: The platforms of ANT allow the trading with the advanced trading charts along with different indicators and the historical data of the stock.

Customized Strategies: With the ANT Meta, the trader can easily customize the trade with some strategies that work faster.

Smooth Monitoring: Various features like MarketWatch, multiple charts, order book, and many more allows easy monitoring on a single screen.

Live Marketwatch: ANT allows you to create various MarketWatch, and the traders also receive the live market depts in the platform.

After looking at the various features of the ANT, it is time to check the trading platforms of Alice Blue.

For that, it is necessary to dive into the following segments one after another.

Let’s dive in to know more about these trading apps provided by Alice Blue.

ANT Mobi


ANT Mobi is an advanced mobile trading app that supports both iOS and Android. Moreover, the app is easily approachable in the remote territory and can be used with low-speed internet as well.

With the astounding feature of modern analytical tools and interactive quote charts, the app automatically consumes lesser data along with the fresh user interface.

From the mobile trading app, the trader can also trade directly from the chart. The traders can trade easily by analyzing the stocks in various segments and in different exchanges including the NSE, BSE, and MCX.

It helps in checking the real-time market data, also analyzing the markets, as well as instruments with the easy to follow tools.

Now, let’s dive in more to understand the features of the app that are as follows:

  • Impressive Experience: The app allows the trader to select the theme of its choice and provide a unique and new feel to the app.
  • Quick and Easy: The app offers a light backend and super speed in trading activities without any distractions.
  • Best in the Industry: The app of Alice Blue comes in the top 3 trading apps that offer the data at the fingertips.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the app offers various other features to the traders. To know them in detail, check the following information.

  • The app offers the leading edge charting tools to the traders that increase the standards of the industry.
  • The app also provides live streaming data.
  • Live market depts plus multiple market watch.
  • The app provides more than 100 indicators in the advanced charts.
  • With the ANT Mobi app, a trader can execute orders with different order types including market, limit, cover, and stop loss.
  • With the price alerts, the trader can exit the positions at the right time.
  • Other than this, the traders can set unlimited price alerts for the updates.

Alice Blue Beta

The ANT Mobi is improved with the Beta version. To check the program, a trader can easily enroll. With this, the traders can check the following features in ANT Mobi.

  • Market depth of 20 for both NSE and MCX.
  • The traders can get the new UI look of the app.
  • With the Alice Blue Mobi, the trader gets stability and speed improvements.
  • Moreover, the traders can delete and add the scrips in bulk.
  • The trader gets the information on the particular scrip.
  • More than 100 indicators in the ANT Mobi app.
  • For immediate updates, place an unlimited number of price alerts.
  • Fast and more effortless fund transfer through net banking and UPI.

To download the app click here.

ANT Desk


Other than ANT Mobi, there is another platform for the traders to trade and that is the desktop platform.

The app is totally customizable and features affluent. The app is faster, flexible, reliable, and secure and in addition, allows the traders to trade in the various segments.

The preferred trading system can be produced by the traders in the ANT Desk of Alice Blue. ANT Desk provides a highly comprehensive trading environment with different charting packages, risk management tools, market indicators, and a real-time news feed.

To understand the ANT Desk deeply, consider the following features offered by the app.

  • User-friendly interface for the experts and newbies.
  • Advanced charting tools to traders.
  • The broker allows the aftermarket order book to the trader.
  • Moreover, the broker provides the live streaming quotes, predefined order quantity.
  • The trader can trade in NSE, BSE, and MCX.
  • The ANT Desk offers the research and daily reports, semi algos, backtesting, and strategies to the traders.
  • Apart from this, the app allows expert advisors to the traders.

With all these features, it becomes a powerhouse for the traders who are looking to trade efficiently and enhance their profits in the market.



Another platform on the list of Alice Blue ANT is a web trading app. ANT Web allows the trader to trade efficiently in the shares, commodities, indices, and it can be used in Windows, Linux, and Mac without any additional software.

The ANT Web provides smooth and perceptive tools for trading, like dealing through the charts in the trading platform.

The ANT Web is a browser-based trading platform that is advanced and simple to understand, and at the same time, the app is created to help traders for trading successfully and swiftly.

The app easily carries an accurate balance between edification, authenticity, and a user-friendly interface.

Moreover, let’s dive in more to understand the features of the platform to comprehend the ANT Web accurately. For that, it is essential to shed light on the following characteristics.

  • A trader can quickly analyze and trade through the charts.
  • The app provides the margin calculator as well as allows the one-click trade for the fast-moving market.
  • Moreover, the trader receives the package of the advanced charts that further provide the numerous technical indicators to trade efficiently.
  • The app showcases transparent pricing and provides the opportunity to create multiple watch lists for the traders.
  • The easiest benefit of the ANT Web is that a trader can easily trade through the web browser.
  • ANT Web provides compatibility to every operating system and also dependable data security.

ANT Meta Alice Blue

Now it is the turn to discuss the most eminent and extensively used trading platform of Alice Blue, i.e., ANT Meta.

ANT Meta enables the traders to examine the share market. Along with this, ANT Meta allows the traders with an enormous range of tools that further support the traders to analyze the price of the stocks and also helps in managing the trades.

Furthermore, the ANT Meta authorizes the traders for developing automated trading techniques that can be used in algo trading.

The app, i.e., ANT Web, offers different geometrical shapes and line studies that can be enforced on the indicator or price chart of the stock. These include the trend lines, Fibonacci, and support or resistance lines along with the Gann’s and Andrew’s tools.

To get the idea of ANT Meta web, let’s discuss more it by examining the features. To know the same, let’s shed some light on the following information.

  • It offers the 50 technical indicators along with charting tools and also provides access to over more than 120 markets.
  • A trader can trade according to historical data, charts, and so on.
  • The trader can manage the graphical objects, technical charts, and line studies.
  • ANT Meta shows the list of active charts as well as the location of the same.

BOT Alice Blue 

Alice Blue has launched the product to help in managing the all-in-one portfolio. Moreover, Alice Blue BOT helps in making transactions easier for traders and investors.

In short, for the traders or investors, BOT acts as the next generation back office. The new update or the version allows the traders to access the platform fastly. 

With the platform, the traders can connect directly to the stockbroker and to arrange or clarify the trading transaction.

But why does Alice Blue BOT is created? The platform is generated to supervise the relationship of the ecosystem with the suppliers, employees, and customers by enhancing the performance of the organization.

Alice Blue App Download

After getting the gist of the Alice Blue app, the next question that appears in the mind of the traders or investors is the downloading procedure or from where the app can be installed or download.

So for that, the answer is clear. The ANT Mobi can be installed from the Google Play Store in the case of Android phones, whereas if taken the iOS into consideration, in that scenario, a user can install the app from the App Store.

Install the EXE file of the app and allow it to run on the desktop. Likewise, the ANT Desk too will be installed on the system, be it Windows, Linux, or Mac.

For using the ANT Web, the trader can directly visit the website of the broker and can log in from there.

The downloading procedure of the platforms is easier, and after downloading the Alice Blue app, the trader can quickly login into the app and can execute the orders.

Login to Alice Blue

After downloading the Alice Blue app, the next step that arises here is to login into the app. For that, after opening a demat account with the broker, the trader will receive the credentials on the email like client id and password, and afterward, they can enter the Alice Blue app by using the credentials.

To understand the login procedure, let’s consider the following steps. Here the ANT Web (web app) is taken into consideration:

  • Log in to the app with the information offered on the email at the time of opening an account.
  • Use the credentials to enter into the platform.
  • Afterward, the trader can easily explore the platform with the various features available.

After entering the app, the execution of the orders became easier. So login to the app and start trading with the best trading platforms in India.

How to Trade in Alice Blue?

The next primary concern of the trader is how to trade in the Alice Blue app. For that, the process is simpler and can be done efficiently after logging into the app.

Once the trader enters the Alice Blue app, he can easily buy and sell the shares of the particular scrip and also can earn more profits with the intraday trading by putting in the order in the specific scrips.

Now, if you want to know how the Alice Blue app works, then let’s grab the information on how the trader can buy and sell the orders.

To know more about it, let’s dive into the following segments.

How to Buy Shares in Alice Blue?

To start trading in the app, and to buy the shares of the desired scrip, let’s shed light on how to purchase shares in the Alice Blue app.

Note: Here, the ANT Web is taken into consideration in the following assumption.

  • The very first step to start trading is to login into the preferred platform of the Alice Blue app.
  • Search the scrip in which you want to trade-in.
  • The trader can check the charts, information of the scrip, and option chain of the same stock one has selected.

  • Now after selecting the scrip, choose the Buy option, and a new pop-up will appear on the screen.
  • This window allows you to select the preferred order type from the various options like limit, market, and stop loss.
  • Moreover, the trader can either select CNC (Cash and Carry) for delivery trading, MIS (Margin Intraday Square Off) for intraday trading.
  • Fill in the number of shares that is to be bought along with the trigger price, and then click on ‘Buy’ to execute the order.
  • Apart from this, the trader can select the Day or IOC (Immediate or Cancel) type along with the advanced order types like Regular, Bracket, Cover, or AMO order type
  • To successfully place the buying order, consider the steps mentioned above and start trading today with the Alice Blue app.

How to Sell Shares in Alice Blue?

After purchasing the shares, it is time to sell the shares after gaining profits. For that, let’s dive in to understand how to sell shares in the Alice Blue app. Consider the following steps to sell out the shares of Nureca or your bought shares.

If you feel that the stock has given you the desired profit, then you can quickly exit the order simply by either clicking the stock and selecting the ‘Sell’ option, or else you can go with the following procedures.

Just go to the order book and select the stock and then click on the Sell option.
Now here, you can enter the Quantity you want to sell if you want to sell them at the market price and simply click on the sell button, and your order will be executed.

How to Apply for IPO in Alice Blue App?

Initial Public Offering can be the best option for beginners to get good returns from the companies after listing in the share market. Will, it is not a perfect deal if you can easily apply for IPOs using the Alice Blue app?

For applying to the IPO, you can log in to the app and start bidding on the IPO. Log in using the login credentials.

Therefore, let’s start applying for the IPO by considering the following steps.

  • Login to the ANT Mobi or the app of your preference.

  • After that, select the ‘IPO’ option under the ‘Investment’ option. It will take the user directly to the Alice IPO platform that further allows to apply in the desired or preferred IPO.

Why wait for more then? Open the demat account with the stockbroker and earn the best opportunity to get the IPO with a unique and reliable stockbroker.


Opening a demat account to experience Alice Blue trading all that is required is the smooth and advanced trading app. The broker is excel in offering you multiple platforms and at the same time gives you the benefit to trade at a minimal cost.

In short, the broker allows the traders to trade through mobile phones, desktops, or directly through the website.

So explore, learn and compare to grab the best trading experience with the broker.

Open a demat account for FREE online and experience trade using the advanced trading platform.

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