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Wait! Want to know which broker comes under the category of lowest brokerage charges in India? If yes, then here is the one, Alice Blue. Why the only brokerage, let’s dive in to grab complete information on Alice Blue charges. 


Alice Blue Charges List 

As soon as you step in trading with Alice Blue in the stock market the list of fees and costs are imposed by the brokers and exchange.

In all, what profit you can actually generate from the trade depends on the charges levied upon you.

Thus, it becomes even more important to consider different charges at a different levels of trade and the fees imposed by the broker for offering additional services.

Starting with the beginning of trade, as soon as you choose a stockbroker, the first fee you should be aware of is demat account charges. 

Next comes the brokerage, i.e. the commission paid by the trader to execute the trade in a particular segment. 

Other than this, there are some transaction charges and DP charges. 

What else do you think the broker charges for?

So some of the additional fees and charges depend upon the services it provides. 

Although not all broker charges extra fees for every service they provide, let’s check the nature of services and fees levied by Alice Blue for providing services like: 

  • Algo Trading
  • Call & Trade Services
  • Auto-Square Off Trade

Check out the complete list of charges in the table below:

Alice Blue Demat Account Charges 

The very first step to start trading with any stockbroker is to open a demat account. But how to do that? For opening an account with Alice Blue, there are some demat account charges that are to be paid by the applicant. Those charges are:

  • Account opening charges
  • Account Maintenance Charges (AMC)

Alice Blue Account Opening Charges 

The broker opens the 2-in-1 account of the customer consisting of the trading and demat account.

To offer you the benefit of the account, the broker does not impose any opening fees.

Yes! you read it correctly.

Alice Blue opens an account for FREE!


Alice Blue AMC Charges 

Now apart from the account opening fees, there are the account maintenance fees as well. 

However, the broker is known for charging the least charges but is this statement goes with the AMC too.

Let’s check the details in the table below:


However, these charges are generally charged on the monthly basis and you need to pay ₹33.30 per month to maintain your demat account.

Alice Blue Brokerage 

The major fee that is important to note as an investor and trader is the brokerage charges.

Earlier the broker offers multiple plans and then introduces the Freedom-20 plan.

Under this, the brokerage in each segment was flat ₹20.

Recently, the broker upgraded its brokerage plan and comes up with a better discount for its customers where the broker now charges the flat brokerage of ₹15 per trade across segments and does not charge any fees for delivery trading.

Alice Blue Brokerage Plans

As discussed the broker offers the latest brokerage plan, Alice Blue FREEDOM-15 under which it imposed the flat brokerage of ₹15 per trade.


To understand the brokerage plan, let’s consider an example:

Ravi did intraday trading with a total turnover of ₹90,000. So here, he would have to pay the brokerage of ₹15 or 0.01%, whichever is lower. 

Calculating 0.01% of 90000, the brokerage would be ₹9, which is less than ₹15. 

Thus, Ravi paid the fees of ₹9 to execute the trade. 

In another scenario, Sushant is also an intraday trader who did a trade of ₹5 lakh on a particular day.

Again evaluating the brokerage on the basis of 0.01%, the total charge on the basis of turnover is ₹50 

But since the broker charged the flat fees of ₹15 hence he ended up paying ₹15 to execute the trade. 

Thus, with Alice Blue, the trader and investor are able to save a lot in brokerage thus multiplying their profit.

Apart from this, there are some other charges too that you must look into.

So, let’s dive into the brokerage fees charged in every segment individually to avoid any confusion.

Alice Blue Intraday Charges

For the day trading with the broker, i.e., Alice Blue, the trader is required to pay the charges of ₹15 on per order or 0.01%, whichever is lower.


Alice Blue Bracket Order Charges 

Under the intraday charges, the traders who want to execute the advanced order type, bracket order. They can easily execute it by paying the fees of ₹4 per order. 

Now since bracket order includes three price points, the stop loss, target price, and entry price, thus the order will be triggered only if the set limit price is reached.

Next to this the second-order is either triggered with the stop loss price or target price.

So here is the single order is executed then the bracket order will be relevant on the partially executed order.

Alice Blue Delivery Charges

Next comes the delivery brokerage charges under the FREEDOM-15 plan. 

So, the investors looking forward to the long-term trade with Alice Blue can reap the advantage of making more profit.

Wondering how?

By paying zero brokerage to trade in the delivery segment.

However, there are some taxes that one must check in the table below:


Alice Blue Futures Brokerage 

Now, next comes the derivatives segment that consists of futures and options. So, let’s shed light on the future charges. 


Similar to the intraday, the trader trading futures contract in equity, commodity, and currency, has to pay the flat brokerage of 0.01% of the turnover or ₹15 per trade whichever is lower. 

Alice Blue Option Charges 

Options are traded in lots, and most of the broker charges fees per lot.

But when it comes to Alice Blue, how does the broker charges fees to trade-in options.

Let’s check it in the table below:


From the above table, it is clear that the broker imposed the flat fees of ₹15 per trade-in option. So, whether you buy 10 lots or 100 lots you need to pay the brokerage fees of only ₹15.

Alice Blue Commodity Brokerage

Since Alice Blue is registered with MCX thus one can execute commodity trading by opening a demat account with the broker. 

Here one can trade in the futures and options segment at the flat fees of ₹15 per trade according to the Freedom-15 plan.

Check the complete details of commodity brokerage fees and taxes below:


Alice Blue Currency Brokerage

Similar to the commodity, one can trade futures and options in the currency too with Alice Blue demat account.

Here are the complete details of the charges of the currency segment:


Alice Blue Transaction Charges 

Before moving to the transaction charges, let’s first understand what actually is the transaction fee. 

Basically, the transaction or turnover fee is charged by the stock exchanges on both sides of the trading, i.e.buying, and selling of the stock.

The NSE charges 0.00325% of the total turnover as a transaction fee on both delivery and intraday. At the same time, the BSE charges a transaction fee of 0.003% of the total turnover on delivery and intraday trading segment.

In the case of the derivatives segments, the BSE does not charge as transaction charges from the traders or investors, whereas the NSE charges 0.0019% in futures and 0.05% in options of the total turnover trade.

Hence, here is the time to dive into the following table to understand the transaction charges of Alice Blue.


Alice Blue DP Charges

Now the new fee type is the DP charges of Alice Blue. Basically, the DP charges are imposed on the sell transactions of the stocks that are available in the demat account. 

These charges became the earning source of the depositories and depository participants. The primary point to pin down is that the DP charges are mandated as per scrip and not per trade.


Let’s understand the DP charges of Alice Blue with the help of an example.

Ravi bought the 10 shares of Damodar Industries, 10 shares of  GMR Infra.

After few days, he sold 5 shares of Damodar Industries and 2 shares of GMR Infra.

Since the transaction of two scrips was done from the demat account, hence he had to pay the DP charges twice i.e. ₹30.

Further, if he sold 10 shares of Damodar Industries in fractions, i.e. 2 shares in the morning, 3 in the noon, and 5 before the market closed, here he had to pay the DP only once, i.e. ₹15. 

Wondering why?

This is because DP charges are charged per scrip debited from the demat account per day. 

However if he sold the Damodar industries shares in fractions but in three different days, then he needs to pay the DP thrice as the transaction is done on three different days.

Alice Blue Algo Trading Charges 

It is important to note that the broker does not provide its own algo trading platform. But, it allows the algo trading with Chart Bridge. 

The chart bridge enables the algos with various platforms including Excel, MT4, Python, Trading View, and Amibroker.  

With Alice Algo, a trader can easily automate the trades through the API or the Pre-defined strategies. The charges are defined in the table below:


Alice Blue Auto Square Off Charges 

The share market starts at 9:15 am and closes at 3:30 pm. And every broker auto square off the intraday trades of the traders who forgets to exit their positions on time.


Likewise, Alice Blue also allows the traders to square off the position till 3:15 pm, and after the time surpasses, the broker automatically squares off the trade.

Alice Blue Call and Trade Charges 

The broker offers the call and trade facility to the traders and investors. Moreover, the facility allows the traders to call the representative and execute the stocks with the help of the relationship manager. 


Here it is important to note that these charges are charged additionally.

So, if you are placing an intraday trading order of ₹1,00,000 using the call and trade service then here the brokerage of ₹10 plus ₹20 call and trade charges would be imposed on the trader. 


It is important to understand the Alice Blue charges before opening a demat account. In the charges, go for the account opening, AMC, brokerage, auto square off, call and trade, and DP charges.

Therefore the information mentioned above carries all the essential charges that are levied on the trader or investor after connecting to Alice Blue.

Hence it is the right time to understand, compare and open a demat account with the broker.

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