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After opening a demat account with HDFC Securities, the next step of the trader are to start trading through the platforms offered by the stockbroker. But what if the app stops working? Wondering why HDFC Securities mobile app not working?

This could be due to any reason like slow or poor internet connectivity, server issue, or software problem. 

Which one of them is common in the case of HDFC Securities, let’s check the details in the article.

Therefore, let’s delve inside!

HDFC Securities App Not Working Today

The users face the problems that are created by the different situations like memory management, the software lifespan will be over, or the testing of the app is poor before introducing to the users.

Therefore, apart from the factors mentioned above, there are few more remaining factors that affect the app for not working. These are as follows:

  • Bug and glitches in the app
  • Temporary errors in the system
  • The cache and data is corrupted
  • The app, the software is outdated
  • The update of the app is poor
  • The phone storage is not enough

The size of the app is 17MB which can be the other reason for the HDFC Securities mobile app not working as the Android app can support the app of at least 13MB.

Hence, it is essential to check the information of the app before start trading with same. Moreover, to check the feedback and complaints of the users of HDFC Securities, let’s dive into the following segment.

HDFC Securities App Problem

According to the users, the UI of the app is outdated, and the app works very slowly. Apart from the parameters mentioned above, there is time to check the reviews of the users of HDC Securities. For that, let’s check the following complaints or problems faced by the users of the app.

  • The app takes a lot of time to navigate the other screens from the landing screen.
  • The main problem that the users of the app face are the log-in issue.
  • The trend of the stock does not load efficiently and quickly.
  • The charts available in the app are not visible.
  • The app sometimes does not shows the present position of the trader.
  • The navigation became difficult as the Navigate button is hidden in the app, and the users cannot find it easily.
  • The app proceeds slowly with the mobile data.
  • The transaction automatically completes without generating the order number.
  • The app sometimes does not triggers the price in the sell orders.
  • The app offers lesser updates and information after the benchmark with Economic Times and Moneycontrol.


Being a renowned bank-based stockbroker, HDFC Securities somewhere lacks in providing efficient features and trading options to the users.

Therefore, it is essential to check the factors and solutions accordingly. Afterward, still, if the app does not support the app, then it is an excellent time to connect to A Digital Blogger and the opportunity to get the queries and problems resolved regarding the HDFC Securities mobile app not working.

Hence, let’s check, resolve, and trade efficiently.

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