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Have you opened a demat account with 5paisa? Are you aware of its trading platforms that make trading easier? If not, then today, this piece of information will cover the 5paisa trading platform.

So, let’s begin!

But, before moving towards the trading platforms, let’s have a quick sneak peek at the background of the firm.

Being the best discount broker in India, 5paisa was an arm of IIFL Securities before becoming an independent firm.

After opening the demat account with 5paisa, you can use the different trading platforms to trade quickly and efficiently across different segments including equity, currency, commodity, and derivatives

Now, let’s have a look at the review of the various trading platforms of 5paisa.

5paisa Trading Platform Review

The 5paisa trading platform review will consist of the various platforms of 5paisa that help in efficient trading.

The 5paisa mobile trading platform i.e., the trading app is a preeminent and highly rated mobile app for trading with at least 5 million users.

You can open the account and manage the investments across different segments and mutual funds using the app.

The 5paisa web trading platform is known for being a lightning-fast platform with easy trade execution, plus it offers advanced charts and a custom watchlist for the decisions regarding the investments.

The 5paisa algo trading platform offers cutting-edge technology and infrastructure and gives customers access to the pre-loaded algos. It allows to develop the customized strategies, conceptualize them, code them and then test them.

Being actively present online doesn’t mean that trading can become possible with a mobile app. If this became worrisome for the investors, they can easily opt for the desktop platform of 5paisa to have an experience on the wider screen.

And the 5paisa desktop trading platform provides advanced charting with quick and honest trade execution. With this, you can easily track your portfolio and with real-time data, monitoring the market became efficient.

In all, 5paisa offers the best trading platforms in India with efficient and reliable experiences.

Let’s dive into more details of each trading platform. 

5Paisa Mobile Trading Platform

With 5paisa mobile trading platform i.e., trading mobile app, an investor or trader can trade from any place.

Being a customer of 5paisa, it became easy to invest in various segments by using the trading app on Android or iOS mobile phones that is free of cost for the customers.

The app offers all the necessary features that are needed by the investor or trader. You can trade in BSE or NSE stock with the 5paisa trading app.

Being the industry’s fastest-growing app, it provides premium features to its customers like:

  • It is an all-in-one application for trading or investing in stocks, mutual funds, commodities, currency, insurance, research, and advisory.
  • The advisory feature allows the trader to select the plan that is based on the goals.
  • It is an insightful and straightforward user interface that is appropriate for both, i.e., traders and investors.
  • The live quotes are provided by the 5paisa app on the stocks and share market.
  • The trading is possible with a single click, and the app provides persistent trade execution.
  • Powerful tools like advanced charts, multi-asset watchlist are provided by the firm’s app for detailed analysis.
  • The commodity section can be traded with MCX through the 5paisa app.
  • Through the existing equity account, you can trade on the intraday positions in the currency segment.
  • The investors or traders can avail themselves of the immediate paperless loan.
  • You should decide and invest in small businesses in order to build a low-cost, long-term and diversified portfolio.
  • At the forum of 5paisa, you can connect to like-minded investors and can obtain market insights.
  • Across the segments like F&O and Currency, an investor can easily track their profit and loss.

5paisa Web Trading Platform

The 5paisa desktop trading platform is fully loaded with superior features that ensure a better trading experience.

The features of 5paisa trade station are as follows:

  • You can use the browser of your choice, that can be Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • The smooth vision of the portfolio, positions, and the holding among the equity and mutual fund.
  • For the comprehensive trading experience, the trader can get consistent navigation with a user-friendly interface.
  • The trader or investor can quickly examine the stocks with the specific scrip information that consists of charts, market depth, and option chain.

A trader or an investor can have a better experience as:

  • With 5paisa Trade Station, a trader can change the intraday positions into the delivery and vice versa.
  • The targeted positions will be taken by the leverage bracket order or cover order.
  • For placing the large order, the order slicing is activated with a single click.
  • You can refer to the advanced charts for analyzing the stocks.

The web trading platform of 5paisa offers the best features that are compatible, intuitive, and with the consolidated view.

5paisa Algo Trading Platform

With the 5paisa algo trading platform, you can enable automated trading decisions with the advanced algo tools.

Here are some of the features of the algo trading platform:

  • It has a cutting-edge technology platform and state-of-art infrastructure.
  • The strategies get coded by the experts of 5paisa, or else you can have an API document to code it by yourself.
  • There are various popular pre-loaded algos, and selects the one that matches your strategy.
  • You can make the strategies of your choice, then backtest the performance and organize it with the help of 5paisa.

The pre-loaded algos to meet the trading strategy include the following:

  • Amibroker Strategy
  • Jobbing Strategy
  • Pivot Strategy
  • Buy/Sell Call Execution Strategy
  • Bulk BuyingSelling Strategy
  • Pair/Spread Trading Strategy

The Algo trading platform offers the complete solution to trade and works seamlessly.

5paisa Desktop Trading Platform

5paisa’s desktop trading platform is for active traders, and it is a trading terminal.

The Trade Station EXE is a trading terminal that offers various features like:

  • It is a functional terminal enabling trading at the lightning speed.
  • Based on personal preferences, the changes are possible with the customizable watchlists.
  • With the ticks to track stock trends, you can get the advanced charting tools.
  • It is a desktop-based trading app that is highly protected and allows a simple and quick fund transfer.

Other than these, there are few more features, including:

  • You can quickly determine the feature of bracket order and cover order.
  • For the improved rice discovery, you can check the order slicing feature in Trade Station EXE.
  • To have a view of stocks in detail, you can check the advanced charts.

The Trade Station EXE is a secured, user-friendly platform of 5paisa with fast execution, advanced charts.

Now you know how to trade in 5paisa, let’s get into 5paisa trading platform download.

5paisa Trading Platform Download

The downloading procedure of the platforms is very easy in 5paisa. Want to know about the 5paisa trading platform download? If yes, then this segment will discuss sorting your query.

You can download the 5paisa mobile trading platform from the Google Play Store (for Android) or AppStore (for iOS).

Whereas, to download the web, algo, and desktop trading platforms, it can be done by visiting the official website of 5paisa.

The trading platforms can be downloaded and help to trade efficiently and smartly.

5paisa Trading Platform Demo

Are you interested in knowing all the platform’s functionalities? How does it work, the trading types, and so on? If you agree, read the segment to have a piece of detailed information as the 5paisa trading platform demo will cover all the necessary details.

After downloading the trading app, or the software of 5paisa, you can enter the platform by the credentials that were provided to you at the time of opening the 5paisa demat account.

But, if you want to change the password, it can be possible. But you will need to create a strong password by including the alphabets, special characters, numbers.

You can trade in intraday or delivery and can invest in the segments like derivatives, equity, commodity, currencies, etc.

If you want to trade in derivatives, it is necessary to activate the segment from the app or software.


The trading became more manageable with the trading platforms of 5paisa as it allows the trading to be executed online.

With different platforms that are easily accessible in mobile, web and desktop gives traders multiple options to trade seamlessly across segments. 

To get started, just consider the 5paisa brokerage charges and open a demat account to start investing. 

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