Motilal Oswal Call And Trade

After opening an account with Motilal Oswal, do you find it difficult sometimes to trade because of lack of time? If so, then here we came today with an informative piece of Motilal Oswal Call and Trade, that will guide you on how you can use this feature of the broker to make the trading procedure or execution easier.

Motilal Oswal Call and Trade is an additional feature to the normal online Motilal Oswal Apps.

The customers can easily avail of this feature in which they had to call the toll-free number from any place in the country to execute the trade by directing the executive of the call center. 

This procedure will be carried forward after completing the online identification process.

The Motilal Oswal call and trade facility allows the traders or investors to connect with them and choose the best trading movements and trade efficiently.

With Motilal Oswal Call and Earn, the trader or investor can get:

  • All types of trading solutions.
  • Skilled advisors.
  • Trade in the stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, and NCDEX.
  • Products offered with appropriate advice and research.

To know more about Motilal Oswal call and trade services, let’s dive into the following segments and extract more information on the same.

Motilal Oswal Call And Trade Number

Beginning with Motilal Oswal call to trade number, then it can be noted that the broker offers two toll-free numbers to move with ease.

To activate the Motilal Oswal call and trade services, the traders or investors can contact the following mentioned numbers:

  • 022 62126661
  • 022 40548451

Now, if you are looking for the procedure to start with Call and Trade, then here are the simple steps that are to be followed.

  • Call on either of the numbers mentioned above.
  • Now, you will be connected to the call and trade desk.
  • Afterward, identity verification will be done from the call and trade desk.
  • Once it is done, you can place the order on call (guide them in case of any preferences).
  • The order will be executed by the desk and will be updated on the online account of the trader or investor.

Motilal Oswal Call And Trade Charges

Does the broker charge additional fees for call and trade services? 

Well, there are many stock brokers who charge some fees to provide this service, but Motilal Oswal waived off such fees and provided you the facility to trade across segments without any additional cost

However, you need to pay the Motilal Oswal brokerage as per the Standard Plan or the Value Pack you opt for while opening an account. 

Generally, the call and trade charge stands at INR 25 per order (not trade). You are advised to confirm when you make the call to the broker or sub-broker.


The broker offers the opportunity or helps the customers to trade efficiently with the Motilal Oswal call and trade facility.

After opening a Motilal Oswal Demat account, if the trader or investor finds it difficult to manage time to execute the trades, at that point, it is advisable to choose Motilal Oswal call and trade services.

After understanding and grasping all necessary information regarding Motilal Oswal call and trade it would be more beneficial if you research, understand, and then trade.

If you need any assistance from our end in terms of understanding how to go about it, well just fill in a couple of details below and we will call to assist you further:

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