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Anand Rathi is a full-service broker, registered as both NSDL and CDSL depository members. It offers a standard and convenient trading interface to the users. But like any other broker, it imposes a certain cost for products and services. So, if you are willing to open an account, then have a look at the Anand Rathi charges in detail. 

Anand Rathi Charges Details

Being a full service stockbroker, Anand Rathi provides you multiple services to its clients and so there are different kinds of charges, like:

Anand Rathi Demat Account Charges

Demat Account includes the opening charges and AMC fees. But when it comes to Anand Rathi, the broker does not impose any demat account opening charges.

Other than this, the AMC charges are ₹450 per year from the second year onwards, which means you don’t have to pay any fees while opening Anand Rathi demat account


To provide relaxation to its clients, the broker comes up with plans that give you the opportunity to reap the benefit of a lifetime free demat account. Here, on depositing a refundable amount of ₹3000 the AMC charges are waived completely.

However, there are certain T&C like, if you close the account before 1 year, then ₹500 will be deducted from the total amount. 

Other than this you can pay ₹999 (non-refundable) and enjoy a Lifetime Free Account.

Anand Rathi Brokerage 

Next comes the important charges, the brokerage charges that are imposed on every trade. Here, it depends on the trading segments. Let’s have a look at the details of the brokerage charged by Anand Rathi.


Let’s understand these charges by considering an example of the delivery trade. 

Suppose you buy 100 shares of ABC ltd. for ₹50,000 at a price of ₹500 per share. Now you will have to pay ₹100 which is 0.20% of ₹50,000 to the broker as the brokerage charge. 

Now after some time, you decide to sell 50 shares of ABC ltd. at a price of ₹550 each. The brokerage charge payable on this order would be 0.20% of ₹27,500, that is ₹55.

Anand Rathi Call and Trade Charges

Most stockbrokers provide their customers with an option to place trading orders by making a phone call to the broker. This is known as Call and Trade facility.

Normally, stockbrokers charge additional fees with existing brokerage charges for placing trade orders through calls.

However, Anand Rathi Call and Trade charges are Nil. Therefore, a trader/investor can simply call and place the trading order. Only the brokerage charges, depending on the trading segments (as discussed above) are charged by the stockbroker. 

Suppose if a trader calls their broker and places an order for selling the shares from their demat account, they will only have to pay the charges for equity delivery, which is 0.20% of the turnover value. 

Anand Rathi DP Charges 

CDSL & NSDL are two depositories in India that charge certain transaction charges on the demat account.

You must be wondering, what are DP charges in Anand Rathi?

For selling shares from Anand Rathi demat account, you have to pay the flat fees of ₹15 + 18% GST per scrip, per day.

Final Thoughts

Anand Rathi, Mumbai based stockbroker offers an elegant interface for trading with a plethora of other services such as investment advisory, trading assistance, and much more, that are considered valuable.

In return for these quality broker services, Anand Rathi’s charges are reasonable and absolutely worthy. 

If you’re new to the stock market or are unable to invest time in research and analysis, then Anand Rathi is one of the best choices for you to trade in the stock market. 

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