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If you are looking for a reasonable and feature-rich brokerage plan with top facilities, then Ultra Trader Pack 5paisa is an excellent choice for you! 

With an announcement of its lowest brokerage plan offering extensive research tools, 5paisa has made its name among the top discount brokers in India. With a flat fee of ₹10 per order and zero DP charges, this brokerage plan is widely gaining popularity among 5paisa Demat account holders. 

Stay tuned to know more about the Ultra Trader Pack of 5Paisa! 

5paisa Ultra Trader Pack Review 

Undoubtedly, the Ultra Trader Pack of 5paisa has established a new mark in the stock market by offering free-of-cost first 100 trades every month.

Check out the below table to know more about Ultra Trader pack charges: 

GST @18% will be applicable.

Once 100 trades are completed in a month, every trade will cost ₹10/order. Thus, by offering a 5paisa free demat account facility, one gets to grab this affordable brokerage charge too. Want to try? 

Simply fill the below form and join 5paisa now: 

5Paisa Lead


In addition to these attractive 5paisa benefits under this plan, one can take advantage of the following features too:

  • No charges levied on fund transfer.
  • Higher Intraday Exposure (in Equity)
  • Free equity delivery trading.
  • No cost is deducted for making trades on call. 
  • Avail Intraday exposure of nearly 4x in options segment
  • DP charges in 5paisa are not imposed on the trades.
  • Portfolio Analytic tools help to make judgments.
  • Extensive market research- evaluation and outlook. 

In addition to this, two outstanding products are offered under Ultra Trader Pack of 5paisa, and they are listed as below:


Hence, along with robust 5paisa trading platforms, one can grab several other features, services, and tools that can make trading and investment smoother.

5paisa Ultra Trader Pack Coupon Code

There is no specific coupon code for the ultra pack in 5Paisa, however, if you wish to avail of a FREE Demat and trading account with 1st year AMC code also waived off, then here is the code: “52693293”.

You are advised to use this code when you open your account through 5Paisa to get the above-mentioned benefits.

Wrapping Up

When opening a Demat account is free and additionally, the brokerage is also lowest, then nothing can match such trading services. 

Fortunately, such impeccable services are offered by 5paisa- one of the growing discount stockbrokers in India, which is dedicatedly serving more than 4 lakh, active customers. 

If you also wish to grab the lowest brokerage charge, no charges on major taxes, free call and trade, free advisory and recommendations, and much more, then quickly open a Demat account with the broker:

5Paisa Lead

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