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Intraday trading is risky, but at the same time, choosing the broker offering the minimal charges can help you in maintaining your profit or loss margin. In this article, we are discussing the HDFC Securities Intraday Brokerage.

HDFC Securities Intraday Brokerage Charges

HDFC Securities is the bank-based stockbroker known for offering the best services for years. It is not only known for its services but also for the different brokerage plans that provide relaxation to its customers.

So, if you are an active trader, it is good to consider the charges detail to grab the minimum brokerage charges benefits.

HDFC Securities Brokerage Plans

As said, HDFC Securities provides different brokerage plans to the clients according to their preferences and trading style.

Those brokerage plans are:

  • HDFC Securities Standard brokerage plan
  • HDFC Securities Value Plan

To more about them in detail, refer to the following segments.

HDFC Securities Intraday Standard Brokerage Plan

As soon as you open the Demat account with the firm, the default brokerage plan is activated that allows you to trade in the intraday segment at 0.05% per trade

However, the minimum fee for a trade is ₹25 per trade. The complete information of the intraday trading charges in HDFC Securities is given in the table below:


Let’s assume an example where Jalaj is an intraday trader who opens an account with HDFC Securities and trades with a total turnover value of ₹10,000. 

So, let’s calculate the brokerage:

0.05% of 10000= ₹5

But here, the minimum brokerage on the buy or sell-side is ₹25. So, he ends up paying ₹25 for executing the intraday trade. 

In another case, if Jalaj had a total turnover of ₹2,00,000 at that time, he also had to pay 0.05% of it, which would be ₹100. 

Apart from the brokerage mentioned above, the investor who trades in penny stocks has to pay the brokerage according to the data mentioned above, i.e., ₹0.05 per unit. 

Let’s take an example.

Renuka is an investor who picks penny stocks. So here, she purchased 1,000 shares of XYZ company at ₹10 for a stock. 

Here the total brokerage would be equal to 0.05*1000= ₹50

Apart from the equity segment, you can do intraday trading in the commodity segment as well. However, the charges differ a bit. So check the HDFC commodity trading charges to trade in derivatives to reap more profit.

HDFC Securities Intraday Value Plan

HDFC Securities charges are comparatively more than other stockbrokers, but to meet up the customer demand in the highly competitive market, the broker comes up with the brokerage plan as well termed as Value Plan, under which it provides relaxation to its customers from paying the high brokerage fees. 

You can activate your plan by submitting the upfront fees between ₹1500-₹1,00,000, the details of which are given in the table below:


Here one thing the trader should note is that however you can get the relaxation in the volume trade but the minimum brokerage for small trade volume is fixed at ₹25, similar to the standard brokerage plan. 

Reap the information of brokerage fees and start executing intraday trading at the least cost. 

To know the above table, let’s consider the example.

Considering another case, where Jalaj executed the trade of ₹2,00,000, then the brokerage for intraday as per the VPD 30 plan would be ₹60. 

Thus, you would be able to save and hence increase your profit margin by choosing the right value plan for trade. 

HDFC Securities Intraday Brokerage Calculator 

The trading cost is not limited to the brokerage; in fact, you have to pay certain taxes as well, the details of which are given in the table below:


This often makes it difficult for beginners to evaluate the exact trading cost. To help you with this, here is the brokerage calculator that allows you to know the total brokerage as well as the P/L percentage.

Just enter the details, and you will get to know the charges that are to be paid by the trader or investor.


HDFC Securities offer the Value Plan to minimize the brokerage fees but the minimum brokerage charged by the trader is ₹25. 

Apart from the charges mentioned above, the brokerage also charges some additional charges as tax in the standard brokerage plan. Those taxes are listed in the below table.

So, if you are a small trader, then it is good to compare its charges with other stockbrokers in the market to make a rightful decision.

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