Angel One Transaction Charges 

Angel One platform helps its users in carrying out trading & investing activities seamlessly. It is a well-known fact that it doesn’t charge any brokerage fees under a certain limit. But, what about Angel One transaction charges? 

Yes, it does levy some transaction charges that are submitted to different stock exchanges in India. How much? We will answer this question here in this post. So, keep reading!

What are Transaction Charges in Angel One?

With the help of Angel One brokerage calculator, you can easily calculate brokerage as well as transaction charges. 

Though there is no brokerage charge before a certain limit, you are liable to pay transaction charges on different types of trading activities. Here are the details for it in various categories:

Transaction Charges  Securities Transaction Tax (STT)
Equity  Stock Investments Intraday  Futures  Options Stock Investments Intraday  Futures  Options
NSE: 0.00325%
NSE: 0.00325%
BSE: As per the stock group(Buy/Sell)
NSE: 0.00325%
NSE: 0.00325%BSE: As per the stock group(Buy/Sell)
NSE: 0.00190%


NSE: 0.05%
BSE: 0.0005%   (Buy/Sell)




NSE: 0.0125%

BSE: 0.0125%


NSE: 0.0625%

BSE: 0.0625%


Currency  Futures: NSE: 0.0009% On Futures Turnover Value

              BSE: 0.00022% On Futures Turnover Value

Options: NSE: 0.035% On Options Premium Value

BSE: 0.001% On Options Premium Value

Futures  Options
Commodity  Futures: Options Futures  Options
Non Agri:

0.00210% on Turnover for A Category (Near and Next Month T0)0.0013% on Turnover for A Category (FAR Month T0)

0.00175% on Turnover for B Category
0.05% on Premium Value 0.01% Only on Non-Agri





0.006% on Turnover for A Category
0.002% on Turnover for B Category
0.0001% on Turnover for C Category
Special Charges:

0.0005% On Turnover For CASTORSEED0.0005% On Turnover For KAPAS0.00005% On Turnover For PEPPER0.001% On Turnover For RBDPMOLEIN

Angel One Brokerage Calculator

Trading activities involve levying different charges due to which the overall profit or loss gets impacted. Fortunately, it is easy to estimate various charges apart from brokerage with the use of Angel One brokerage calculator. 

Not only can you calculate Angel One transaction charges but you can also get an idea of various other regulatory charges such as STT charges in Angel Broking (now Angel One) across different trading segments.

For this, you just need to use basic trade information such as buy/sell prices, exchange house, and quality. It will help you manage your trading activities effectively to maximise your returns. 


We hope you have got the right idea about Angel One transaction charges. So, the next time, if you notice any reduction in the overall amount in your account, it’s due to transaction as well as other charges levied on you. 

You can easily calculate these charges using the Angel One brokerage calculator. So, enjoy trading to the fullest!

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