Zerodha Withdrawal Charges


Have you earned a good profit on trade using Zerodha Kite, and now wondering if there are any withdrawal charges? If yes, then what are Zerodha withdrawal charges?

Let’s have a quick look at the charges if any?

Zerodha Fund Withdrawal Charges

Zerodha payment gateway for the transfer of funds to and from the trading account to a bank account. Other than this, there is another option of UPI transfer as well.

Zerodha does not charge any fees for fund transfers from trading to a bank account through either of its means.

However, for adding funds Zerodha charges ₹9 plus 18% GST per transfer.

You can place the withdrawal request using any Zerodha Console or Kite. However, you cannot withdraw the transferred fund on the same day. Here to get the fund in your bank account within 24 hours it is important to check the cut-off time.

Placing the fund withdrawal request before time transfer the amount within  24 hours. Request after the cut-off time will take 48 hours to process the transfer to a bank account.


You can withdraw up to ₹5 crores in a single day using the Kite platform and there are no such Zerodha withdrawal charges on it. In case you didn’t receive the fund in your bank account even after 48 hours then Raise the ticket or reach out the Zerodha customer care at 080 4718 1888 to resolve your query.

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