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Anand Rathi Financial Services Ltd, being a stockbroking house offers brokerage services but how is Anand Rathi a full-service stockbroker?

To understand it better, let us start with the introduction of Anand Rathi. It is a full-service broker which offers various services like:

  • Anand Rathi Wealth management
  • Investment banking 
  • Corporate finance & advisory
  • Brokerage & distribution
  • Mutual funds
  • Insurance
  • Corporate deposits
  • Bonds & loans to the institutions etc.

It has its offices not only in India but in Dubai too. It has more than 350 branches and more than 1200 franchises across India with more than 2500 professionals.

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Now it’s the time to understand various fundamentals of Anand Rathi Financial Services Ltd, which are mentioned below with a brief description:


  1. long term value addition to its clients
  2. maintaining higher standards of excellence
  3. professionalism and ethics are the core focus


  1. become an investment advisory’s leader 
  2. providing innovative financial solutions to customers
  3. become clients and employees first choice as a stockbroker

It follows the client-centric philosophy, which promises the fulfillment of its clients’ choices and decisions.

To manage the needs of various traders, it provides different brokerage plans. To help the clients in making the right decision regarding finance, it has an advanced charting tool.  

Not only limited to the services mentioned above, but it provides NRI services. Anand Rathi Financial Services Ltd is registered with:

Thus, the stockbroker offers you multiple trading segments including equity, derivatives, currency trading, commodity trading, IPOs, mutual funds, etc in which you can trade and can earn good returns. 

Not only limited to this but Anand Rathi Financial Services Ltd has various trading platforms, including:

  • Trade Lite
  • Trade Xpress
  • Trade X’pro
  • Trade X’pro+ (including Nest Starter Pack, Nest Premium, Nest Plus, Vantage trade, Sim trade, Web chart, Mundu TV, Heckly)
  • Trade Flexi
  • Trade on Move
  • Anand Rathi Trade Mobi

Anand Rathi Financial Services Ltd is an advantage for intraday, delivery, options, currency, commodities, research, and tips. The best benefit of opening an account with Anand Rathi is it offers the margin facility to trade in different segments. 

Among all, Anand Rathi Financial Services Ltd’s intraday margin is up to 10x which brings a good opportunity for traders to trade freely. 

  • Equity delivery is up to 4 times correct.
  • Equity intraday is up to 10 times
  • Equity future is up to 2 times
  • Equity options are up to 2 times for shorting, and it is accurate.
  • Currency future is up to 2 times now.
  • Currency options are up to 2 times for shorting.
  • Commodity future is up to 2 times, which is fine.

Its reliable services are displayed through its client number that increases year after year.

Here is a table to showcase the rising number of customers year by year:


Why Anand Rathi Financial Services Ltd?

Choosing Anand Rathi for trading brings ample opportunities to trade in stocks listed in both NSE and BSE. Along with this, it offers additional investment services like mutual funds, IPOs, etc. 

The trading platforms offered by the broker are user-friendly which makes it easy for traders to trade efficiently. 

Apart from this, wealth management and other financial services make it one of the reliable stockbrokers.

If in case you’d like to understand more about this stockbroker, let us assist you further in this. Simply provide basic details in the form below and we will get you started:

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