HDFC Securities Call and Trade

Having a trading account with HDFC Securities, but not having time to execute orders yourself or not having enough knowledge of the trading app? If yes, then you can reap the benefit of HDFC Call and Trade. 

Here is the complete information on how to use the service of call and trade in HDFC securities and the charges levied by the broker. 

HDFC Securities Call and Trade Number

For trading efficiently and to release a load of trading in the share market during the hectic hours of the day, a trader or an investor can reach out to HDFC Securities to grab the opportunity of call and trade facility. 

The facility can be used by the traders between 8:30 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday

To make it simpler, the broker provides the centralized dealing desk number the details of which are provided in the table below. 

To place the call and trade order, follow the steps below:

  • Call the RM on the number provided above. 
  • The TPIN is then generated in 3 easy IVR steps. 
  • Validate your identity by following the TPIN authentication process. 
  • Place and confirm your order. 
  • The order gets executed and confirmed via email or message in no time. 

HDFC Call and Trade Charges

Every trade charges some fees and so do the call and trade. By opening a Demat account with the broker you would be able to execute the trade by reaping the benefit of trading even without using the trading platform

As discussed with this facility you can directly call your relationship manager who then executes the trade on your behalf. 

But here comes the question, do HDFC Securities charges some additional fees to provide this seamless trading service?

Even after a full-service stockbroker service, HDFC Securities does not charge any fees for call and trade. Thus you can experience the trading benefit without any additional cost. 

However, you need to pay the HDFC Securities brokerage charges as per the plan you choose to trade across different segments.


HDFC Securities allows the trader or investors to execute the orders with the call and trade service without imposing any additional cost. 

All that is required is to pick the stock and the product type (delivery or intraday) in which you want to execute the trade. 

So, if having an HDFC Demat account then trade actively even in your busy hours. 

Invest more and create wealth. 

To get into the investment in the share market, open your Demat account for FREE. Just fill in the basic details in the form below:

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