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Nirmal Bang is a full-service stockbroker established back in the year 1986. Generally speaking, as an Industry standard, customers expect better customer service from full-service stockbrokers as compared to the discount brokers. Thus, implying the general expectations from Nirmal Bang Customer Care are high as well.

This stockbroker has an active client base of 97,867. This is definitely a decent number of clients the broker has been able to attain. Furthermore, this puts the broker at the 17th spot in the overall stockbroking space of around 280 stockbrokers in India.

When it comes to Nirmal Bang Customer Care, the stockbroker has a separate support web-portal from its website. The broker provides the following communication channels to its clients for service:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Offline Branches
  • Web Support Portal
  • Whatsapp
  • Web Chat (available on support portal)

Like mentioned above, the expectations are high from the stockbroker and in return, the broker definitely provides a wide range of methods by which the client can get in touch in case of a query or concern.

As far as the quality is concerned, the broker does a pretty good job here as well. Be it the professionalism of the executives, the understanding of the stock market, knowledge of products and services offered by the broker etc, Nirmal Bang Customer Care definitely looks dependable.

The only grey area is the turnaround time where the broker can still put in some efforts to improve. This becomes even more important for clients who are stuck in a specific trade and monetary loss is at stake.

If you are looking to get in touch with Nirmal Bang Custome Care, here are the contact details you can use:


Within the Support portal, you can raise concerns against specific areas such as:

Once submitted, you will be assigned a request number along with the mention of the turnaround time.

If in case, you do not get any satisfactory (or no) response from the stockbroker, then you can escalate your concern to the compliance officer of Nirmal Bang. Here are the contact details for you to get in touch (it is suggested that you reach out to the compliance officer only if there is no satisfactory response from Nirmal Bang Customer Care):


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Lastly, Nirmal Bang has a presence in the following locations through its sub-brokers and franchise offices:


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