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Aditya Birla Money Customer Care is a mediocre performing service section of the stockbroker. Read on to explore the broker’s different client communication channels and service quality in this detailed review.  

Established in 2000 as Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investments, the firm became a part of Aditya Birla Money Group in 2009. Aditya Birla Money is a popular name in stock distribution and broking market. 

The broker is considered one of the top players with a good customer base including 4 Lakhs PLUS active traders.  

This Gujarat based company deals into derivatives and equity market. It facilitates its users with mutual funds services, life insurance products, fixed deposits and other related services.

The broker has more than 1000 franchisee offices set up all over the country 15,000 plus employees operating in 500+ towns and cities in India. 

Aditya Birla Money Customer Care has more than 41 branches in different states of India. Clients can easily access offline support through any of these branches. 

Aditya Birla Money Customer Care Channels 

The list below highlights various communication channels that can be used for connecting to Aditya Birla Money Customer Care representatives:

  • Email support 
  • Phone support 
  • Webform 
  • Fax 
  • Offline branches 
  • SMS 

Email and web form are best options to seek online assistance from Aditya Birla Money Customer Care. However, phone support is best of all as you can reap the benefit of quick assistance. The choice of service mode totally depends on the type of query. 

There are a number of communication options offered by the broker but the support service quality is pretty mediocre. 

Order execution and trading require instant assistance. Delayed response to the grievances is equal to no response. There have been a number of complaints against Aditya Birla Money Customer Care. They need to work hard to maintain high standards of their support service.  

It is always best to prefer phone support for quick resolution of your trade-related queries. Other In case of other alternatives like a visit to the branch, SMS, and Email support Aditya Birla Money Customer Care reps take 24-48 hours to resolve the queries.  

Aditya Birla Money Customer Care Contact Details

Check the table below for details of Aditya Birla Money Customer Care:

Best time to call Aditya Birla Money Customer Care – It is advised to save the customer care contact details for quick access to Aditya Birla Money Customer Care representatives. 

You may reach out to the company’s customer support for queries related to new commodities or trading account opening, your existing online trading/demat account or any other related queries.

Also, if you are into Aditya Birla PMS, and has queries regarding it. For that you can contact their customer care also.

Compliance Officer of Aditya Birla Money 

The introduction of web support is indeed a great move taken by Aditya Birla Money to eliminate the loopholes existing in its customer services. A support ticket can be easily created by filling and submitting the form on the online support portal.

Queries and concerned can be raised for topics related to the following:

  • Trading account opening 
  • Advisory activation 
  • Equity and commodity trading 
  • Account registration 
  • Account closure procedure 
  • Updating contact details/account records 
  • Funds transfer
  • Adding a secondary bank account 

A support ticket can be raised by the clients for various other issues related to the company’s services. Queries are resolved by Aditya Birla Money Customer Care within 24 hours; however, the turnaround time varies as per the severity of the issue. 

General enquiries related to the services/ products of the broker:

What is the cost of opening trading/demat account with Aditya Birla Money? 

There are no charges for Demat account opening, while trading account opening charges are ₹750. Also, trading and demat account annual maintenance charges are zero. 

For information on brokerage charges, you can check this Aditya Birla Money Brokerage Calculator for further reference.

What are the products and services offered by Aditya Birla Money? 

The full-time broker offers investment and trade opportunities in stocks and securities, insurance policies, mutual funds, currency, and debt instruments such as bonds, fixed deposits.

Plus, Aditya Birla Money also facilitates its clients with Portfolio Management, Risk Management, and Research Services. 

Are there any special exposure values offered by Aditya Birla Money? 

Aditya Birla Money’s Trade 40 X on orders offers 40 times exposure value to the traders (offer applicable on limited Nifty Scrips for Intraday trades). 

Aditya Birla Money Customer Care contact details for NRI traders:


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