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Having trouble logging in to Upstox or not sure about its trading platforms? Keep calm, the Upstox support system has got your back.

Formerly known as RKSV securities, Upstox is now a well-known discount broker in India. With its day by day increasing client base, it is clear that the firm is constantly gaining popularity.

More clients mean more trade-related confusion and technical troubles. The Upstox Support, therefore, is handcrafted by the Upstox team to address all the queries and grievances of its clients.

In what follows, discussed are the ways through which you can reach out to the team to get the desired help.

Upstox Customer Support

Do you have questions regarding your trade on Upstox login, password reset or charges? Good news, the Upstox support provision is meant to address/resolve any and every query generated on the customer’s end.

There are four ways to seek customer support on the Upstox platform:

  • Through Email
  • Through Mobile
  • Through Chat
  • Through Web Assistance

You may choose among these as per your convenience and requirements. For example, if you are willing to wait for your query to be addressed, email at Upstox support. 

Similarly, call the customer support for instant redressal and use chat and web assistance for general queries.

Upstox Help Center

The help center is a part of customer support of the firm wherein you can choose among the given categories (account opening, pro web, API, Charges, etc.) to get your doubts cleared.

The Upstox help center covers all aspects ranging from – “NRI” to “Account Opening” so that no section is left unaddressed. It currently has 11 categories to choose from. You can also view some FAQs on the page.

In case of any other query (apart from the categories) clients are free to contact its customer support

To visit the Upstox Help Center now, Click Here

Upstox Support Number

As mentioned before, you can call Upstox for instant redressal of queries.

The contact numbers are:

022-4179-2999, 022-6130-9999, 022-7130-9999

While for “sale-related” queries, call on 022-4878-9991

Upstox Support Email

You can mail Upstox for any queries/troubles. Note that your questions shall take a while to be answered via email. Therefore, consider calling if you are running short of time.

The mail id is You must send the email fro from Upstox registered email id.

In case of complaints, you can send an email at /

If you do not wish to use the Upstox support email id, you can alternatively request a call back by providing you name, email id, and phone number. 

To request a call back now, Click Here

Upstox Support Timings

For any help or query, you can call Upstox between 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays. On Saturdays,  the timing for the same is between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Sundays are closed for calls.

Besides, the time taken to address your email sent at is usually within 2 working days.

The Final Word

Here’s a gist of how you can get in touch with Upstox:

This article has covered all aspects of the broker support services in detail. If you are stuck or confused, feel free to contact through your desired method. Hope it helped, happy trading!

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