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SAMCO Margin products cover varying percentages depending on the type of financial instrument the trader wishes to invest in.

Going by the definition of the term Margin, it means a certain amount that brokering firms lend to their traders to help them cover the amount they wish to trade with. 

Want to know If SAMCO is safe to invest. We will give you a brief about them and trade smartly.

SAMCO is a well-known name in the discount brokers in India. Alongside offering the most transparent trading brokerages, SAMCO also offers its subscribers attractive leverage/margin products. 

Open SAMCO Account and know about its Margin.

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So being a client of SAMCO, you get the opportunity to trade in more stocks with limited capital.

SAMCO Margin Trading

SAMCO extends margin to its clients for a lot of financial instruments such as Intraday, Equity, Commodity, Currency, Futures, and Options.

Since you’re a regular trader in the Stock Market, you must be well-versed with the concept of ‘Margin.’ So let’s jump to the nuances of margin offered by SAMCO.

SAMCO trading is easy with the margin that they offer.

SAMCO Intraday Margin

In Intraday trading, the money is locked only for a few hours due to traders squaring off their positions the same day. IntraPlus is one of the SAMCO Products that aim at eliminating hurdles for the day traders.

The exposure for SAMCO margin Intraday is up to 33 times. 

The SAMCO brokerage on this order would remain the same. With SAMCO Margin Calculator you can calculate the margin and invest accordingly.

SAMCO Margin Equity

Equity trading is all about buying & selling stocks. This is known as CNC, i.e., Cash N Carry in the SAMCO Margin List.

Unlike the margin for Intraday, the SAMCO delivery margin is locked for more than a day, depending on the trader’s requirement.

Exposure of the Samco margin for equity is up to 4 times.

You can check the details for the SAMCO brokerage on this order here.

SAMCO Margin Commodity

The most traded commodities have a hulky price, to begin with. This requires a higher investment on the trader’s end.

For this very reason, SAMCO Margin Commodity offers an up to 60 times leverage.

This enables a larger group of people to trade in SAMCO commodity & also enlarges the client base for the company.

The percentage of SAMCO brokerage remains similar to what it is in normal instances. 

SAMCO Currency Margin

The Foreign Exchange Market is a place that permits buying, selling, or exchanging foreign currencies.

SAMCO offers two plans, namely: Currency Futures & Currency Options.

Briefing about both of the plans is simple. When you sign a legal agreement to buy or sell a currency at a pre-determined price, with no choice to withdraw, it is known as Currency Futures.

In the case of Currency Options, everything remains the same, but you have the freedom to withdraw. If you choose to withdraw, you end up losing your advance payment in the process but save yourself from the after-effects of sudden fluctuations.

SAMCO Currency Margin offers up to 100 times of exposure in Currency Futures, but there is no exposure for buying for Currency Options. Although, for the SAMCO option writing margin, it gives an exposure of up to 2 times.

SAMCO Margin for Futures

Futures contracts are a legal document that talks about buying or selling something at a pre-decided price in the future.

The implications of which being, either you buy the commodity or product in rates cheaper than the market price or at a rate higher than the market rate.

For trading using a futures contract, SAMCO offers an exposure up to 80 times, but only when you an Intraday Investor.

For your convenience, the SAMCO brokerage charges for this trade are listed here.

SAMCO Options Margin

Options in the trading market are like the twins of Futures contracts. But just like twins can’t have the same DNA, they too differ in one aspect.

Futures contract signees are bound to go through with the trade anyway. In options, at the cost of losing the payment made at the time of signing the contract, one has the liberty to pull out of the contract.

In this kind of trading, the SAMCO options margin has zero exposure for buying but is allowed for the SAMCO option writing margin. In this, SAMCO provides exposure of up to 2 times.

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SAMCO Margin List

Below is the list of SAMCO Margins offered to the traders:


SAMCO Margin Limit

Getting a loan approved from the bank requires a great credit score, right?

That’s how a brokering firm provides you with leverages equivalent to your requirements.

For varied plans, it has variations of the amount you need to deposit in your account to encash on the facility of SAMCO Margin. They are as follows:

Trading in equity comes under this product’s umbrella.

For a small yearly payment of ₹1000, you are allowed to trade in over 300 stocks with a leverage of up to 4 times.

An important warning for this plan is the interest rate on late paybacks. To avoid paying 0.05% rate of interest per day, try making the repayments as early as possible.

Intraday trading is the shortest time you trade for and hence, borrow for. For availing the facility of IntraPlus, you need to pay ₹1000 yearly. An additional charge of ₹60 is also levied on every scrip that is a pledge of shares or unpledged.

In this, you get to trade in about 800 stocks & ETFs.

  • SAMCO StockPlus

This plan is suitable for intraday or positional traders. It is the only plan that offers the facility of SAMCO margin for free. Yes, that’s true!

You need not have a single penny in your trading account or pay any SAMCO Margin charges to get borrow & trade.

Along with this know about SAMCO Bracket Order as it reduces the risk in the time of market fluctuation and saves you from loss.


To make the most of your investments, you might need to make sure that the broker you choose offers you deals & facilities that align with your goals.

Being a client of SAMCO, you’ll not only be entitled to the lowest brokerage charges but also would be able to use the leverage of SAMCO margin & increase your trading numbers and profits too.

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