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For some individuals, investing in the futures market is like a cake walk but for some, it’s a risky journey as they are new to the trading world. Hence, it is critical to gain ample information about the volatility and momentum of the market before putting your money at stake. And as always, for this, you can refer to some of the best available futures trading books. 

To help you out, we have shortlisted some of the best futures trading books that are vastly recommended to sharpen your trading skills. Even if reading books is not your forte, you will be highly intrigued by these easy-to-understand books.

Best Futures Trading Books

Futures trading involves a financial contract that obligates a seller to sell assets or buyers to buy assets at a predetermined price on a specified date and time. It allows traders to speculate on the prices before buying. The value of the contracts is highly influenced by the value of underlying assets.

Without any delay, let’s jump to the list of the best stock market books on future trading that will help you in mastering your trading skills to earn high profits.

1. A Complete Guide to the Futures Market

This concise and clear book has been prepared in an easy-to-understand and clear manner to provide a strong foundation in the futures market. It involves forecasting techniques, key analysis, advanced trading concepts, etc.

You can understand the implication of the techniques via the help of the real-life examples provided in the book. It covers major aspects like trading and analytical approaches, indicators, regression analytics, etc.

It clears our myths by providing real-life market examples with the help of detailed explanations. With this book, you can grasp the basics of Futures trading.

2. Futures Made Simple

One of the simplest futures trading books for traders that helps them to understand easily so that they move in the progressive direction without any hurdles. The book offers advice for profitable trading to its readers.

This step-by-step guide highlights experiences from successful traders, financial products, futures, options, etc. It features complex and basic strategies and techniques to multiply the money in the future market.

In short, this book is perfect for those who wish to learn about the future market but in a simple-to-understand language.

3. Getting Started in Futures

If you wish to be successful in the field of futures trading then this book is the perfect choice for you. The author talks in simple-to-understand and easy language which reduces the complexity for the readers.

You can learn the basics of futures trading with accurate price forecasting, mechanics of hedging, opportunities for electronic trading, etc. It specifies the role of future markets in the equity index, foreign currencies, interest rates, etc.

This book provides ample information for both beginners and experienced traders which makes it a must-read.

4. Candlestick Charting Explained

It is through the identification and verification of the candlestick that millions around the world understand the trading signals. This book is perfect as it explains the effectiveness and versatility of the technical trading program.

This book covers the traditional as well as new candlestick charts in-depth to express logical and profitable components of the trading program. The main highlights of the book include pattern flexibility, related patterns, rules of recognition, pattern breakdown, etc.

Traders who wish to know about candlesticks in futures trading should go through this book thoroughly.

5. Trading Commodities and Financial Futures

This book is a masterpiece as it contains valuable information on how to handle futures contracts as well as commodity trading. It provides us insight into the working of the trading world and how to avoid the pitfalls.

The author has covered electronic trading with advanced techniques and contracts. It provides information on algo trading and strategies for electronic trading. He talks about the evolution of the futures market and the risks involved in it.

This step-by-step guide has been written in an easy-to-understand language that intrigues the readers.

6. Schwager on Futures: Technical Analysis

This another one of the best futures trading books is the best creation of the author. Jack D. Schwager is one of the most established traders in the futures industry. He has created this comprehensive guide for us to understand the use of technical analysis of a stock for future trading.

The book covers important topics like illustrations on trading systems, in-depth knowledge about cyclical analysis, the importance of strategies and tactics, and continuous future concepts.

The author has described everything in simple language to make the readers understand the complex information in a non-technical style. The book attempts to convince the readers to adopt various methods stating the success behind them.

7. Technical Traders Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Markets

The use of computer analytics has increased rapidly with the reduced cost of modernized software and hardware. The immensely helpful guide assists us to fill in the vast gaps between the instructions and the software programs.

It tells the trader what he requires for developing and exploring the future trading system. With the help of this book, you can learn to build a trading system designed to fulfill the requirements of the trader.

You can develop various risk assessment strategies and instructions on how to analyze technical knowledge. The authors are equipped with real-life experiences and provide us with insight into the world of futures trading.

Futures Trading Books by Indian Authors

Now here are some books by Indian authors, where you can understand all the concepts, strategies, and techniques of futures trading in the context of the Indian share market.

From the basic to advanced concepts, terms like open interest, arbitrage, and methods of risk management are explained in the simplest languages in two future trading books by Indian authors.

8. Guide to Futures and Options

The book defines the simplest way how to do speculation in the Indian share market. Along with this, you can learn about different strategies of futures and options that help you in trading like a PRO.

Also, it provides some of the best ways to manage risk in the derivatives market and guides beginners in how to take their first trade. If you are a novice trader then this book helps you in knowing the concepts of the futures and options market right from the scratch and that too in simple language.

9. Options and Futures: An Indian Perspective

Whether you want to earn money from trading or want to limit losses this book guides you through both by providing the simplest way to understand the derivatives market.

You can learn about different trading strategies, heading, and how to make arbitrage gains. The best thing is that this book is completely based on the working of the Indian share market which makes it easier to gain a better concept and understanding of the market.

Free Audio Books on Futures Trading 

Now let’s talk about some of the audiobooks on futures trading that are available for free on channels like Audible. You can listen to each chapter and understand the details in a short and summarized way.

Listening to these concepts help you in retaining these concepts in mind for the long and benefits you in a long run. You can learn and execute the trade to maximize the profit by following the strategies discussed in following two futures trading books.

10. Futures Trading

No one wants to lose money in the share market, but still many do and the biggest reason is incomplete information. But this is the book available in audio form too that provides proven and time-tested futures trading strategies.

Guides a beginner trader with fundamental analysis and how to manage positions. So, if you are continuously losing money in the futures market then listen to this book to learn the best way to manage positions.

11. Futures Trading Strategies

One of the best futures trading books by Wayne Walker summarizes the concepts of profit-making option strategies. This book offers the best concepts on market analysis and the proven ways of lowering risk.

It covers information on sectors in the share market and how season impacts trade in some of the common tradeable commodities including crude oil.

Also, offers a bonus section on Exchange Traded funds that help most traders in managing risk.


The futures trading books enlisted above help you in understanding the technicalities of the future market and prepare you to face all kinds of situations. 

Further, these books help you to decide the capital with which you can start your journey and gives you tips to manage risk. 

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