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Everyone asks to understand the share market before planning an investment. Now for this many people prefer books but there are mostly foreign writers’ books with examples of the US market. But in the list of the great collection, there are some of the best stock market books by Indian authors too. 

So, if you are looking forward to understanding the market in the context of the Indian market, then here is the list of some of the best picks categorized under different segments. 

Best Stock Market Books by Indian Authors for Beginners

You can maximize your profit and minimize your loss by brushing up your skills before stepping into the market. Ace your trading skills by gaining knowledge from books written by prominent authors.

Foreign authors’ books are relevant but people can have deeper knowledge and insight by learning from somewhere whose origins are relatable.

With every new book, you can unlock the doors of a new lesson. But when entering the Indian stock market it can be more beneficial to learn from the experiences of people who have ruled this market. 

In this article, we have reviewed the best stock market books by Indian authors. After all, nothing can beat the knowledge of a good book.

Intraday Trading Books

Trading in the stock market is the first priority of those who want to make an instant profit. Sometimes they are trapped in greed and end up making losses. 

Now, this is also because of incomplete knowledge and understanding of share market. To help you with this, here are some of the trading books that provide you an understanding of strategies and parameters to look at while taking any decision. 

1. A Game I Play Everyday

A Game I Play every day is a quick guide to get you started with intraday trading. You can learn valuable information on stocks, indices, forex, etc. in less than 2 hours.

You can gain insight into how to manage the ups and downs of the market based on strategies and techniques. The author has also clearly described when to exit and enter trades while selling and buying.

With the help of the tactics described in the book, you can easily grasp the basic concepts behind intraday trading.

2. Mind Markets And Money

This is one of the best stock market books in which you know the basic tricks and strategies involved in intraday trading, but how can we practically apply them while trading? Mind markets and money talk about practical methods that will pave your path to achieving your desired goals.

It is the first book in which in-depth and intensive concepts of day trading have been discussed with systems that have been developed for Indian markets.

This book is the perfect pick for anyone who desires to trade successfully in the Indian market.

3. How to Make Money in Intraday Trading

This book has been written by one of the most famous traders in India and is highly recommended for the Indian market. The author has described everything about intraday trading right from scratch in a blunt and humorous style.

The book contains information that will help you in getting ready for the risks of the market. It talks about money management, risk analysis, how to stay away from money traps, etc

Packed with charts, strategies, and real-life experiences, this book will guide you step-by-step in day trading.

4. 31 Stock Market Trading Tips

31 Stock Market Trading Tips is an ideal read for all beginners in the stock market. The book comprises 31 golden rules that can be followed by a trader or an investor in the long run of life to earn a good fortune.

These rules apply to both newcomers and existing investors in the stock market. The aim is to achieve long-term investment goals as well as ace intraday trading.

The author has precisely written this book to guide individuals on how to begin intraday trading. With this book, beginners can have a clear idea about the dos and don’ts of the market.

Swing Trading Books

The most suitable trading style for beginners who want to earn money in a short time. Learning swing trading helps you make money with every share market swing. 

No doubt, it also demands an understanding of the technical analysis of a stock but along with this, it is important for a trader to learn strategies that actually work in the real market. 

So, get all those answers by referring to some of the top books on swing trades. 

5. Price Action Trading

Price Action Trading is a highly simple-to-read guide for beginners in swing trading. Sunil Gurjar who founded Chartmojo has covered topics like how to trade in securities, entry, and exit using price action.

It focuses on risk management techniques, maintaining trade journals, placing initial and trailing stop losses, etc.

It includes 49 case studies that explain concepts in an easy-to-understand and practical manner. The book is well-suited for traders wishing to learn technical analysis.

6. Swing Trading with Technical Analysis

This comprehensive book is one of the most recommended books on how to begin swing trading. It will assist you in acing short-term trading techniques that are involved in swing trading.

It contains plenty of examples and techniques that show how you can reap the benefits of the opportunity.

The book guides you on how long you need to hold your position and helps you take home most of the gains every time you swing trade.

Books for Option Trading

The profits of Option trades attract many traders but one should not forget that is one of the riskiest forms of trading. With the choice of the right strike price, to the factors impacting option value, one has to gain proper knowledge. 

Refer to some of the best option trading books by Indian authors and polish your skills before making your first attempt in trading options. 

7. Option Trading Strategies

This book is amongst the best option trading books for the Indian market. It includes various strategies on how to trade options in the market. You can formulate a successful strategy based on the techniques mentioned by the author.

With this book, you can enhance your skills to maximize your earnings and minimize loss. The author has used simple-to-understand language so that a newbie with little knowledge can understand options trading easily.

8. How to Make Money Trading Options

How to make money trading options is a step-by-step guide for generating income and teaches us how to make huge profits. The author gives knowledge about how to generate income regularly with the help of non-directional trading.

The book reveals concepts like non-optional trading, strategies for non-directional trading, and how to use trading techniques to suit your style. The book comprises many charts, the best indicator for option trading and illustrations along with real-life examples for a better understanding of option trading.

Fundamental Analysis Books 

Investment in the share market can help you multiply your money but here it becomes important to understand the business and company you are going to invest in. 

For this, one should have a complete knowledge of fundamental analysis that help investors in knowing the micro and macroeconomic factors that can impact their investment. 

Other than this, it also makes it easier for you to understand a balance sheet, account statement, etc, and ultimately in checking the important ratios required for analysis. 

So, if you want to get an in-depth understanding of all these concepts then here are some of the best stock market books by Indian authors. 

9. Guide To Indian Stock Market

This book by Jitendra Gala is counted as one of the best books for rookies. The concepts have been discussed from scratch. It emphasizes the need for investment along with the pros and cons of the numerous options available for investing.

This works as a guiding light for newbies as it develops confidence in them by introducing them to the dos and don’ts of the market.

The most important concepts, technical and fundamental analysis have been thoroughly explained by the author.

This is an ideal book for individuals who are willing to begin learning from scratch.

10. How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market

Everyone wishes to earn from the stock market but few think about reducing their losses.

The author has talked about the most important aspects of the stock market i.e. maximizing the gains and reducing the losses.

Prasenjit has included real-life experiences to guide the readers on why it is critical to invest in the right stock and how to make a good fortune at the right moment.

Basic concepts like the construction of a successful portfolio and stock selection have been well explained by the author. It also enlightens the readers with in-depth knowledge of fundamental analysis.

The book has been written in a simple-to-understand manner which makes it perfect for beginners.

11. Fundamental Analysis For Investors

For making huge gains in the stock market, consistent and steady fundamental analysis of stocks is highly critical. This book talks about the basics of fundamental analysis and how it benefits investors.

It guides the readers on how to choose stocks by observing the ratios and the background of a company. With the help of illustrations, the author attempts to explain general ratios, company analysis, and economic factors.

Fundamental Analysis for investors is a must-read for investors who wish to become a pro in long-term investing.

12. Stocks To Riches

Parag Parikh has penned down all his experiences as a stockbroker in this comprehensive book. He attempts to inspire the minds of middle-class Indian families to explore the world of the stock market.

He has thoroughly explained how beginners can start investing via various techniques and strategies as the market dynamics are always changing and are quite unpredictable. Parag has majorly highlighted how to reap benefits from long-term investments.

He has elaborated his concepts with real-life examples and the fundamental concepts behind them. This book is a must-read for you if you are a newbie in trading.

13. Bulls, Bears, and Other Beasts

Get ready to kickstart an exciting journey through Dalal street in this amazing book written by Santosh Nair. He on-sets his journey post-liberalization period with stories of scams and market crashes.

You can unravel how technology changed the future of the Indian stock market. He teaches us what to keep in mind while investing to reap maximum benefits. We can learn a lot from his 25 years of experience in the market.

This book is a must-read for people who want to gain insight into the history of the stock market.

Free Audio Books on Stock Market

Now if you find reading boring but still want to learn concepts of the share market then you can refer to some of the best free audio books.

You can access these books on any of the channels like Audible and hear the best stories of the share market that help you in learning the concepts in the easiest way.

Here are two audiobooks available in English and Hindi languages.

  • The Alpha Masters by Maneet Ahuja

In this audiobook, know the techniques used by hedge fund managers for managing and investing money in the share market. You can hear the true stories of some of the top fund managers around the world and can learn investment strategies from their experience.

  • Share Market Guide by Sudha Shrimali

Available in Hindi, this audio book provides you the suggestion on how to pick a stockbroker and discusses different parameters that impact the share market.

Also, it provides the best guidance in stock allocation and helps a listener in understanding the benefits of the share market.


The world belongs to those who read. One can always seek motivation and guidance from these highly equipped books. The above-mentioned books cover multiple topics and hence can be included under different categories. 

What are you waiting for? Go, unravel the world of the Indian Stock market with these amazing books by experienced Indian authors. 

Grab a complete understanding of the share market and start your investment journey. In case, you are looking for any kind of assistance get in touch with us and we will guide you in choosing the right stockbroker and in opening a demat account online for FREE!

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