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Craftsman Automation IPO


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  • India’s Topmost Components manufacturer
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  • Decline in Profits due to Covid-19
  • Debt Repayment Issue Objective
  • Operations impacted with interest rate fluctuation

Craftsman Automation IPO has been in talks for a while now, and with the continuous IPO rolling out, it becomes extremely important to mark all the dates of an IPO on the calendar. Thus, we bring you all the Craftsman Automation IPO date.

But before that, we need to know a little about the company bringing its IPO, right?

Craftsman Automation Limited was established back in 1986 and is currently headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It is a diversified engineering company and engages majorly in three business segments.

These segments are Automotive – Powertrain, Aluminium, and Industrial and Engineering. The IPO is sized at approximately ₹820 Cr.

If you want to analyze the IPO in detail, read Craftsman Automation IPO Review.

Now, let us come back to the topic of discussion, i.e., Craftsman Automation IPO date details.

Craftsman Automation IPO Date Details

In the scenario where a trader or investor eyes an IPO, they keep track of every bit of information about it. Dates are undoubtedly a crucial aspect of this. 

The list of dates starts with the IPO opening for subscription and ends when the IPO shares are listed on the stock exchanges.

Let’s start with the IPO issue date.

Craftsman Automation IPO Issue Date

Imagine that you miss the most awaited IPO on your list because you did not mark the date on the calendar.

Sounds horrifying and terrible, right?

Don’t worry. Here are the Craftsman Automation IPO dates.

Craftsman Automation IPO Allotment Date

After you have applied for the subscription, you eagerly wait for the allotment process to conclude as either you get the allotment or the blocked amount in your bank account is unblocked. 

Further, the date of transfer of shares also plays a significant part in the process. These dates have been tabulated below:


Craftsman Automation IPO Listing Date

The last date for an IPO is the day when the IPO shares are listed on the respective stock exchanges. This is when the IPO process concludes.

The listing date for Craftsman Automation IPO is 25th March 2021.

How To Apply For Craftsman Automation IPO?

A trader or investor is provided with multiple ways to apply for an IPO. They can opt for the online process or the offline method as per their convenience. Brokers, banks, and stock exchanges facilitate both of them.

But the one thing that is necessary before you initiate the process of applying for an IPO you must have a demat account.

If you choose to apply online, you have the choice between the ASBA online method and the UPI payment method. On the other hand, if you choose the offline method, you have to visit the nearest bank branch in person and fill the application form.

Craftsman Automation IPO Is It Worth Buying?

It is a crucial question as everyone wants to expose themselves to limited risks, and the share market is home to volatility. Before you make up your mind to subscribe to this IPO, you must look at various aspects of the company and the IPO.

Some important aspects are discussed here. The first one being – the objective of IPO. The primary objective of the company is to expand its operations and increase its manufacturing capacities. There is a small percentage that will be used to pay off the company’s debts.

Moreover, the company has solid financials and history of reinvesting its profits back into the company. This act shows that the leadership of the company is looking forward to growing and catering to larger audiences.

Lastly, the company has sailed through the rough waters of the global pandemic while generating high amounts as profits.

We have compiled some aspects and provided you with our insight but never invest in the share market without doing an in-depth analysis. It is advised that you should take calculated risks.

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