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  • Old Brand Name, Less Marketed Though
  • Offers multi-partnership business model
  • Multiple Investment Products
  • Advanced technology


  • Trading Platforms can be Improved
  • Limited Brand Recall

Eureka Securities is a part of Eureka Group, established in the year 1992. Presently, this full-service stockbroker has a team of around 130 employees, offering a wide range of products and services to more than 1,30,000 clients from all over the country. The active client base, however, is in the range of 21,844.

Eureka Securities Franchise business is a potentially beneficial opportunity for interested individuals or businesses. This review talks about multiple aspects related to the different opportunities the broker has to offer.

Eureka Securities Franchise Review

With the help business partners, the broker tries to reach the clients at every level including retail clients, Institutional, Corporate houses, banks, HNIs, NRIs and financial institutions.

The broker has a vast network of sub-broker and franchisees operates through more than 1000 outlets all over the country. It provides a lot of facilities to them so that they can become a valuable part of the Eureka business growth.


Eureka offers a comprehensive range of trading and investing products. So, you can offer your clients these wide ranges of product and services. Here is the list:

The broker is also a member of NSE and BSE cash and derivatives market segment. It is a member of CDSL and NSDL as a depository participant. The commodity segment works through the registration of MCX and NCDEX.

As per the claims made, the broker is known for its reliability, accuracy, user-friendly service and transparency among the clients and business partners.

In this article, we will try to discuss all important points related to Eureka Securities sub-brokership like the types of business models, revenue-sharing model, security deposit/Initial investments, offers, the support provided to the sub-brokers and many more.

Eureka Securities Franchise Advantages

Following are the advantages of getting associated with eureka securities.

  • Strong background: Founded in the year 1992, the broker has reached several milestones along with its associates.
  • All products under one roof: The company provides all trading and investment products under one roof. Your clients will not feel the need for moving to another broker for getting any products for trading or investing. It will help you to retain your client for the long term.
  • Extremely Flexible: The main motive of the broker to serve the clients by maximizing their profit. So, there is no rigid process for the customers. They provide fully customized service plans to the clients which suit their requirements.
  • Technology: Eureka uses cutting-edge technology to meet the requirements of clients like customized Online trading platform. As the need of clients revolves around the market growth so they make the trading platform a super-fast trading platform in all trading segments.
  • Research: The broker provides quality and in-depth research reports through the expert team in fundamental and technical analysis. They cover the area in equity, commodity, currency, mutual fund, IPOs etc.
  • Support: Eureka has a dedicated customer service team, available 24 hours to solve the queries of your and your clients through centralized customer care. You and your clients will get the answer to queries within 24 working hours.
  • Training: The broker provides an ongoing training program for the clients, partners, and employees at the head office. They provide continuous training support to help you in running your business smoothly.
  • Marketing: They support in marketing yourself and get visibility in the market. They provide you with regular advertisement help through TV, posters, banners etc.

Eureka Securities Franchise Eligibility Criteria

These are the Common eligibility criteria required in case of all three business model i.e. Franchise, Remisier, Agent offered by the broker.

  • Should be a citizen of India and minimum 18 years of age.
  • Passed at least 12th standard from a government recognized institution.
  • Have a minimum 2-3 years of experience as a sub-broker/broker/franchise/Insurance advisor/Mutual fund distributor/ financial planner/Remisier for the franchise and Remisier model. While for the Agent model it should be a minimum of 1-2 years of experience required.
  • For the agent- he/she should be self-employed as a Financial Advisor, Mutual fund advisor, ICFA, CA, Insurance agent or a similar profile.
  • Have a clean track record and good reputation in the market.
  • In case the of Franchisee – should have the capacity to invest in office set-up and meet infrastructure criteria set by the broker.
  • Should provide detail about his/her background with some references.
  • Should be registered with SEBI for sub-brokership/AP.
  • Have an NCFM/NISM certificate.

Eureka Securities Business Model Types

Eureka securities offer three types of business models to the customers:

  • Franchisee model
  • Remisier model
  • Agent model

Franchisee model:

A Franchisee model suit those who want to set up their own business. For this, you are required to set-up your own office with a minimum of 250 square feet office space. You can use the brand name of Eureka Securities.

You will get the right to access all research reports published by the analysts of the broker for the use of your clients.

Also, you need to invest in the following mentioned infrastructure:

  • Office space of minimum 250 square feet area.
  • At least two computers- one for trading and another for back office.
  • Internet connections from different ISP.
  • Television, telephone, printer, scanner.
  • Power back up facility.


  • A gamut of products and services to offer to your clients.
  • Right to access all research reports published by the broker.
  • Decades-old brand name to help in client acquisition and running your business smoothly.
  • All services and back-office technology developed by the Eureka in 26 years of existence.
  • You will also get marketing support and business set up support.

Remisier model:

Remisier is the second model offered by the broker. This model suits you if you can’t invest yet want to start or set up your own business. If you full-fill the above-mentioned criteria you can apply for a remisier of Eureka securities.

You can work by sitting under the roof of Eureka securities without an investment or infrastructure investment. You can become an entrepreneur just by joining hands with the broker as a remisier.


  • No investment required to start your own business.
  • You will have the right to offer all products and services, research reports to your clients.
  • You can work under the roof of the broker.

Agent model:

An Agent is the third and the last model offered by the broker. This model suits to those persons who want to earn extra income. Agent means anyone who is not the member of a stock exchange and acts on behalf of a broker (who is a member of a stock exchange) as an agent.
Or anyone who has market access and assist the investors in buying, selling and dealing of tradeable products through member brokers.

This is one of the best ways to earn extra with your main work without investment.


  • An opportunity to earn extra without an investment.
  • The workload is limited to the acquisition of clients only.
  • Can work from anywhere.

Eureka Securities Franchise Revenue Sharing

The revenue sharing depends on the model type you are associated with Eureka Securities franchise business. Here are the details:


The job responsibility of a franchise is almost the same as the main broker. So, they deserve a higher revenue sharing ratio than a Remisier and an agent. The Range of revenue sharing ratio is 50%-80%.

It means a franchise will get as minimum as 50% of the revenue generated by their clients and the main broker will keep as minimum as 20% of the revenue generated by them.

But, the broker says that your earning is not fixed here, it totally depends on your ability efforts put in the business. The higher the revenue, the higher the earnings.


As a Remisier you do not invest anything to do the partnership business. You just sit under the roof of the broker and perform your task. So, the revenue sharing ratio is also accordingly.

The revenue you will share in the range of 15%-30%. And this range is totally justified and in line with the other brokers in the industry.

The remaining 70%-85% will be kept by the Eureka Securities as their share.


The revenue sharing ratio of an agent is 10% of the revenue generated by the acquired Clients. Their job responsibility is very limited so this percentage is justified and in line with the industry.

The remaining 90% of the revenue will be kept by the main broker.

Here is the summary:


Eureka Securities Franchise Security deposit

In order to set-up your business with this full-service stockbroker, you need to provide an initial deposit (which is refundable in nature). The actual amount to be deposited depends again on the model you choose to partner with:


Franchise model requires a lot of things which is provided by the Eureka Securities. So, they need to deposit security money with the broker.

The range of security deposit requires Is Rs. 50,000- Rs. 2,00,000. The security deposit is refundable at the time of the end of the contract after deducting some non-refundable amount.


As a remisier, you are required to deposit an amount equal to Rs. 10,000 security money. As the risk involved in this model is negligible, the security amount is justified.

Also, there is no need for initial investment expense from the main broker side as the remisier uses office and infrastructure of Eureka Securities.


An agent works from outside the office of the broker and no need to set up their own office so no infrastructure requirement also. Hence an agent has NIL requirement to deposit security money.


Eureka Securities Franchise Registration

Following are the steps to become a sub-broker/franchisee:

  • Fill- up the registration form available on the website.
Sub Broker Business
  • Receive a call from the call centre executive and verify your interest in the partnership business with Eureka.
  • You will get another call from the company to fix an appointment with the sales team of the company.
  • At the meeting, you are free to ask any question related to the partnership business like what business models are available with them, what are the revenue sharing ratio, security deposit, initial investment, support etc.
  • You will be asked to submit all required documents for the verification purpose with the cheque of the security deposit.
  • After verification, an agreement between the main broker and the franchise or sub-broker will be signed.
  • They will provide you with an account ID through which you can start your business.
  • Now, you can easily start working with the broker as a partner.

The above process will take at least 3-5 business days to complete.

Eureka Securities Franchise Summary

Eureka Securities is in the broking space for the last two decades. They provide their business partner facility to offer clients all trading and investing products under one roof.

They offer multi-partnership business models with support to establish and run the business smoothly. One can choose any business model according to the availability of funds and convenience.

The broker offers customized services and trading platforms to serve clients as per their requirements. They also provide centralized customer care support to the partners and their clients.

Hence, from the point of view of joining hands with the broker as a business partner, Eureka Securities is one of the best options.

In case you are looking to set-up your business in the stockbroking space, let us assist you in taking the next steps forward:

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