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Aditya Birla Money made its debut in the trading industry back in the year of 1994. So, it has been around for around two and a half decades now. It is a full-service stockbroker and is based out of Chennai. Mobile invest App is the mobile trading app the broker offers to its clients for trading.

The broker was previously known as ‘Apollo Sindhoori Capital’ and offers trading applications across all three platforms and thus, provides – Web application, mobile app and terminal software.

Mobile invest App Basics

We will now concentrate on the Mobile Invest app that is available for Android and IOS users.

You can install Mobile Invest app from Google play store, Apple Play store or directly from the Aditya Birla Money website.

Mobile invest App

The latest version of Mobile Invest app is 1.3.4.

You need to have Android version 4.2 or advanced to install this mobile trading app.

Products offered by Aditya Birla Money Mobile Invest app:

It has a broad range of products for trading and investments to offer to its clients.

Mobile Invest app allows trading across all exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX etc.

Mobile invest App Features

The app is pretty varied in terms of the number and kinds of features it offers to its clients. Be it a beginner level trader or an expert investor, you will get access to all sorts of features you may need from a mobile trading app. Here is a detailed list:

  • Portfolio Tracker – You can have real-time tracking of your portfolio.

Mobile invest App

  • Dashboard – The dashboard can be personalized according to your preference.
  • Backoffice reports – Through its BackOffice software you can avail transaction report, can access ledger, can download contract note and can perform many more activities.
  • Fund transfer – As this full-service broker is tied up with over 25 banks, a transaction such as a fund transfer from trading account to bank and vice versa is just a click away. You can also perform pay-in and pay-out for trading through this feature. It covers all leading banks like ICICI, HDFC, SBI, IDBI, Axis, Andhra Bank, Allahabad Bank, City Union Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, Corporation Bank, Laxmi Vilas Bank etc.  
  • Voice Support – It allows vocal instructions for carrying out any transaction.
  • It allows aftermarket orders so that the order can get executed the next day when the market opens.
  • Guest login is allowed for prospects and non-registered users.
  • Real-time market news shows index, quotes, world indices, top gainers/losers.

Mobile invest App

  • You can set alerts/notification – It can alert you when there is a change in stock position when an order is executed when the stock price hits a particular level etc.
  • Intraday Charts – Mobile Invest app prepares and displays various intraday charts. These charts show the fluctuation of the stock price in a day. It is useful when you go for intraday trading.
  • You can also get updates, trends and details of Mutual Funds investment.

Here are the Mobile Invest app stats from Google Play Store:


Mobile invest App New Features

The Mobile Invest app is updated on a regular basis and thus, the broker keeps on adding new features every now and then. These features are generally based on user requirements and market trends.

Here is a quick look at some of the features recently added in the Mobile Invest app:

Thematic investment – The concept of thematic investment is becoming quite popular among new generation traders. It is based on market-related themes and helps you make a planned investment decision rather than going for any random trading decision.

Mobile Invest app has introduced this feature to stay competitive in the market and to help clients make short term or long term trading or investment plans.

Consensus-based research – Mobile Invest app has this new feature that gives you well-researched consensus-based market reports.

Mobile invest App

Derivatives Screeners – This feature is useful when you are up for choosing a handful of stock from a pool of thousands of stocks available in the market. With the screener option, you can define your criteria based on which it will filter the stocks and will only show the list of stocks that match your criteria.

It makes the cumbersome task of selecting stocks for investment very effortless.

For example: Suppose you want stocks that have above 15% ROE (return on equity) and ROCE (return of capital employed). So, you can specify those through derivatives scanner and you will get your shortlisted stocks.

Options Chain – Mobile Invest app now has this feature which is very crucial for security. However, the concept is not very simple and one has to learn it well to apply it in trading. It has two options, Calls and Puts.

A call option allows you to buy 100 shares of a stock at a predetermined price (strike price) and Put option allows you to sell 100 shares of a stock at a predetermined price. Call option always comes first. These options have their expiry date before which transactions need to take place, otherwise, these options get cancelled.

It is wise to go for ‘call option’ when the strike price is higher and opt for ‘put option’ when the strike price is lower. Once you get hold of the whole concept of option chain and can read the language of option chain charts, then you can make more informed trading decisions.

15 minute build up – This feature makes the Mobile Invest app very robust in terms of setting up a client profile and making it ready for trading quickly and effortlessly.

It now has new and improved real-time news and analytics.

Mobile Invest app now can show a more advanced graphical representation of buy/sell status of stocks.

Mobile invest App

Mobile invest App Advantages:

Furthermore, here are some of the benefits you will get access to while using Mobile invest app for your trades:

  • You can trade in derivatives in just 3 clicks.
  • Mobile Invest app is completely free for all users and traders. It does not charge a penny while you install or register through this app. It only charges you the brokerage plus taxes while trading.
  • Newly introduced features are really superb and make Mobile Invest app very competitive in the market.
  • The research reports it provides are of very high quality.

Mobile invest App

  • It is preferred by many traders because it has a broad spectrum of products and it works in all exchanges and all segments.
  • The user interface is simple, well organized and easy to use.

Mobile invest App Disadvantages:

At the same time, here are a few concerns you must be aware of while using this mobile trading app:

  • The overall rating of Mobile Invest app given by its uses in app stores is just 3+, which is not very promising compared to other full stockbroking mobile apps.
  • Exposure in the market is still an issue compared to other stockbroking firms in the market.
  • Make sure your mobile is charged fully while trading as the battery may get exhausted quickly when Mobile Invest app is running.
  • Users often complain about low speed. Thus, performance related concerns can be observed.


Since its launch Mobile Invest app has come a long way, diminishing many drawbacks it had earlier. It is still working continuously to improve its products and services. Overall its features are good and quite useful. Hopefully, it will get even better with time and get a better rating from its users in the coming days.

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