How does Kotak Securities Charges Brokerage?


With more than one plan, four to be precise, the brokerage in Kotak Securities can be confusing for people. How does Kotak Securities charges brokerage is a question that generally crosses the minds of traders and investors while having an account or planning to have one with Kotak Securities. 

We will sort out this confusion as we discuss the answer to these questions at length in this article but one thing you must keep in your mind before moving forward is that being a full-service stockbroker, the brokerage charged by Kotak Securities is on the basis of turnover value.  

Kotak Securities Brokerage 

Many a times, traders and investors remain unaware of the type and services of the broker. Although there are different parameters that differentiate discount and full-service brokers but the brokerage charges themselves say a lot about this. 

So, if you are wondering is Kotak Securities a discount broker then have a look at the brokerage and how it is charged by a broker.  

Kotak Securities charges brokerage on the basis of the turnover value of the trade. Intraday trading is generally free in almost all the plans offered by the broker and for options traders, the brokerage is charged on the basis of lot size. 

To understand this, we will look into the detail of different plans and the minimum brokerage charged under each. 

Kotak Securities Zero Brokerage Plan

There is one Kotak Securities plan where you have to pay no brokerage. This plan is called Kotak Securities Zero Brokerage plan or No brokerage plan and as the name suggests, you pay no brokerage for trading across various segments. 

However, the catch lies in your age here. You should be below 30 years of age to access this plan. If you are below 30 years of age, you will be required to pay no brokerage for the next two years for trading in Equity, commodity, and currency. 


Now we are left with three more plans and the brokerage is charged in all three of them. We will scan through the brokerages under these three plans. 

Kotak Securities Trade Free Plan

For Delivery Trading in the cash (Equity) and commodity segments,  you have to pay 0.25% of the total trade turnover as brokerage under this plan. 

When it comes to Delivery trading in Futures & Options in Equity and Commodity, the brokerage is kept at 0.25% of the total value or ₹20 whichever is higher

So, if the calculated brokerage for the particular trade is less than 20, still you have to pay the minimum fees equal to ₹20 for trade execution. 

Other than this, there are intraday brokerage changes. Under this plan, Intraday trading across segments is absolutely free of cost. You are required to pay no brokerage for intraday trading under this and the trade-free max plans where the brokerage for intraday trading across segments is free. 


Now let’s understand this brokerage with an example. In our example, we won’t discuss Intraday trading since the brokerage there is absolutely free. 

Suppose Mr. Mowgli Gupta buys the shares of ₹ 30,000 and sells them for ₹ 35,000 5 days later. Now his trading style is Equity Delivery trading. And with the brokerage rate specified for this trading under this plan, he will have to pay 0.25% of his transactional value as brokerage. 

Now, what is his transactional value? 

It is the addition of the buying price of the shares and their selling price. In this case, this value comes out to be ₹ 65,000. 

So the brokerage Mr. Mowgli Gupta will be paying, in this case, will be 0.25% of 65,000 which is equal to ₹162.5. 

You can calculate your own brokerage in the same way. You can also calculate the brokerage for buying and selling separately and then add them to get the final brokerage. 

Kotak Securities Trade Free Max Plan

Kotak Securities charges brokerage under the Trade Free Max plan in exactly the same way as it does in the Trade Free plan. There is absolutely no difference in terms of brokerage. 

The only benefit comes from the trade that wants to do margin trading at the lowest rate of interest. The broker provides the benefit of margin funding at the minimum rate of 8.75% per annum. 


Other than this, also you can earn the brokerage cashback of up to ₹4,128 for the trading done in the first 90 days. 

To activate this plan, the broker has to pay one-time subscription fees equal to ₹2,499+GST. 

Rest, the brokerage is charged and calculated as discussed above. 

Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Plan 

The brokerage under this plan is slightly on the higher side and Kotak Securities charges brokerage on Intraday trades as well which were free in the earlier plans. 

The brokerage for Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, and Commodity Futures is 0.039% of the total turnover value while the same for Equity Delivery is 0.39%. 

For a dealer-assisted brokerage plan, the minimum brokerage is ₹21 per trade. 

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you do an intraday trade with a turnover value of ₹1,00,000. 

Here as per the plan, let’s calculate the brokerage


Now the minimum brokerage for each side is ₹21, a total of ₹42. Since the brokerage is 0.039% of ₹21per trade whichever is higher, hence the total charges you end up paying is ₹42. 

The brokerage under this plan has been discussed in the table below. 


Kotak Securities Brokerage Terms & Conditions

With all these Kotak Securities brokerage plans, we have certain terms & conditions and it’s imperative we look at them now. 

  • The minimum brokerage in the Trade Free and Trade Free Max plans is ₹20 while the same in the Dealer assisted plan is ₹21. 
  • The maximum brokerage on the Options contract under the Kotak Securities dealer-assisted plan is either 2.5% of the option premium or ₹ 100, whichever has the higher value. The brokerage should not exceed this value. 

It means the maximum brokerage an Options trader will have to pay under this plan in any circumstances is ₹100. Even if the brokerage generated is, say ₹150, the trader will be paying only ₹100 as brokerage.

If the brokerage generated is under ₹ 100, then the maximum brokerage will be 2.5% of the Option premium. 

Kotak Securities Brokerage Calculator

With so many trading segments, strategies and plans, calculating the Kotak Securities brokerage (even when you know how does Kotak Securities charges brokerage) can be hectic and time-consuming work. 

And to save your time and energy, we have designed this Kotak Securities brokerage calculator that tells you how much brokerage you will be charged if you put certain required values such as buy price, sell price, the number of shares, and your state after selecting your trading segment. 

Let’s suppose you have subscribed for the trade-free plan hence the brokerage you end up paying for a trade is demonstrated in the calculator below. 

Make sure to use this to save yourself from inconvenience. 


After digging deep into all the plans that Kotak Securities comes up with for its clients, we now have an answer to the question “ how does Kotak Securities charges brokerage “. 

Additionally, it is fair to say that this full-service stockbroker caters to the requirements of every sort of trader. Be it a beginner, an intermediate or an expert or be it a short-term to a mid-term trader or a long-term investor, Kotak Securities has brokerage plans suited for everyone. 

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