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Paytm Money, another big name in the stock market industry is an emerging stockbroker. As every new broker, it too comes up with beneficial plans and offers, so let’s check the Paytm Money brokerage charges.

Paytm Money is the discount stockbroker registered with NSE and BSE allows you to trade in the equity segment, mutual funds, and IPOs. 

In all, it comes up with new features and benefits. So, if you are willing to experience its services then here are the complete details of its brokerage charges. 

Paytm Money Brokerage Charges Review

Since Paytm Money is the new stockbroker in the market offering brokerage services at a discounted price. 

Here the broker came up with the plan and discount that no doubt is going to fascinate many traders and investors.  

Curious to know the charges?

Unlike other discount brokers, Paytm Money offers brokerage fees at the flat fees of ₹10 across segments

To get the break-up of the Paytm Money brokerage charges, let’s dive in a little deeper. 

Paytm Money Intraday Charges

Most of the traders are generally concerned about the intraday charges to save the maximum part from paying as the brokerage. 

Paytm Money comes up with the minimum brokerage charges that now open a gateway for the potential trader to trade more.

Here are the intraday brokerage charges of Paytm Money. 


Mr. Singh decided to do intraday trading. According to the norms of the company, he will be charged either Rs.10 or 0.05% whichever is lower. Let us understand the above intraday charges in detail.

CASE1: Total Trade of Rs.15,000

0.05% of Rs.15,000 = Rs.7.5
So in this case, Rs.7.5 will be charged from him.

CASE2: Total Trade of Rs,. 50,000

0.05% of Rs.50,000=Rs.25

In this case, Rs.25 is greater than the flat fees decided by the company i.e. Rs.10, so he will be charged Rs10.

Paytm Money thus comes up with the golden opportunity for traders to execute multiple trades at the least charges. 

Not only for the small traders but for the traders trading in volume can gain more with the Paytm Money Demat account. 

Paytm Money Delivery Charges

Next to the intraday trading, comes the Paytm Money charges for delivery trade. Here the delivery trading like other stockbrokers can be done without paying any fees. 

However, for the exchange transaction, the investor has to make the payment of 1p per trade. 


Paytm Money DP Charges

Along with the delivery brokerage fees, the broker imposes the DP charges on the sell transaction.

Here although there are no fees for executing the delivery trade, the investor needs to pay certain debit transaction charges on selling shares from the Demat account.

The details of the Paytm DP charges are tabulated below:


Paytm Money Futures and Options Charges

Apart from the above segment, you can trade in derivatives too using the Paytm Money mobile app. 

Here however you cannot trade in the commodity segment as the broker is not registered with MCX and NCDEX

But if interested in doing trade in futures and options in the equity segment, then here are the brokerage details. 


The best benefit of doing options trade with Paytm Money is you end up paying the flat brokerage fees irrespective of the number of lots or volume of trade.

The above charges information seems to be confusing?

Well! let’s simplify it with an example:

For example, you buy option contract 10 lots of ITC at ₹2000 per lot by paying the premium of ₹800. Now here, as per the charged detail, the different charges you need to pay are:

Transaction charges= ₹42.4 (0.053%*800)
SEBI turnover charges= ₹0.0004 (0.00005%*800)
Stamp Duty= ₹0.024 (0.003%*800)
GST= ₹9.432 [18%*(10+42.4)]

Total Fees= ₹19.45

Thus, the total fees are somewhat different from the brokerage imposed that makes it important for you to do the right calculation before you execute the trade.

Paytm Money Brokerage Calculator

As discussed above that apart from the brokerage charges, one needs to pay additional taxes that increase the overall fees you need to pay to execute the trade.

Now evaluating the total brokerage fees is quite difficult many times and hence many traders are unable to calculate the exact profit and loss they can make from the particular trade.

To simplify things here is the brokerage calculator that automatically does the calculation of the trade. To get the detail, all you have to do is enter the buy and sell price along with the quantity and click on Calculate button.

Along with this also, select the state as the Stamp duty varies according to the state.


In a nutshell, PAYTM MONEY brokerage charges are the least as compared to other stockbrokers in the industry. However, before opening an account with the firm, it becomes important to check for other services of the discount broker. 

Apart from this, look at the trading app and benefits provided to you by the broker to assure the safety and security of your investment.

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