Zerodha API Charges


These days algo trade is something that is gaining the attention of most traders and in such a scenario, most are willing to use the API platform in Zerodha. So, if you are willing to do a smart trade then here are Zerodha API charges in detail.

Zerodha Algo Trading API Charges

Zerodha Kite Connect is one of the most advanced trading platforms in India providing an API platform that helps you to create your own algo trading platform to curate proven trading strategies.

No doubt working on the right strategies help you in executing multiple trades within seconds, but at the same time, the question arises about the Zerodha API charges.

Although most of the services are available for free in Kite here Zerodha charges fees of ₹2000 per month. In addition to this, if you are willing to use historical API then ₹2000 extra fee needs to be paid per month.

Here is the detail of Zerodha API charges.


For startups and mass API users, the service is provided for FREE!

How to Cancel Zerodha API Subscription?

If you are not satisfied with the API platform in Zerodha or not willing to use it anymore then you can cancel your subscription any time then you can cancel it any time to save trading costs.

Here are the steps involved to cancel the Zerodha API subscription. 

  • Click here and log in to the developer account
  • Open the app and then click on the Cancel button on the right-hand side.
  • Now, unlink your Zerodha account by opening a billing page.
  • Here, click on the Unlink button.
  • Your subscription gets canceled.


Zerodha API charges are quite high and are charged per month. It is beneficial for retail traders who use to trade in volume in different segments. Also, these charges are directly debited from your trading account. So, if you are not using the service anymore then it is important to unsubscribe.

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