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  • India’s Topmost Components manufacturer
  • Diverse Products and Solutions
  • Strong Engineering & Design Capability


  • Decline in Profits due to Covid-19
  • Debt Repayment Issue Objective
  • Operations impacted with interest rate fluctuation

Craftsman Automation IPO is all set to open in the share market on 15th March 2021. Thus, all the interested traders and investors must be checking all the aspects of this upcoming IPO. Here we are all with the information about  Craftsman Automation IPO GMP.

In the range of aspects considered necessary, GMP plays a significant role. So, let us discuss the Grey Market Premium (GMP) and draw some conclusions about the IPO.

But before that, we must learn a little about the IPO.

Craftsman Automation Limited is headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and was established in 1986. It is a diversified engineering company that engages in three business segments, i.e., Automotive – Powertrain and Aluminium, and Industrial and Engineering.

The issue size of this IPO is ₹820 Cr approximately. 

The GMP of an IPO fluctuates every day as the demand for IPO shares varies throughout the day. So, let us talk about the Craftsman Automation IPO GMP today.

Note – All these articles will be updated regularly. Last updated on “24May, 2021“

Craftsman Automation IPO GMP Today

The shares of an IPO are traded in the grey market even before they get listed on the share market’s stock exchanges. In fact, the price movement of GMP influences the final listing price significantly.

So, here is a table that has all the updated Craftsman Automation IPO GMP.


A positive or negative value of GMP tells an investor or trader many things about the mood in the market for the listing company. Thus, it is common for interested individuals to check it.

Now that you know what the GMP is, you must be curious to know – how to apply for Craftsman Automation IPO. Here is a brief answer.

How To Apply For Craftsman Automation IPO?

Curiosity helps an individual to learn new and innovative things. Since your interest has led you to read all along, let us answer this question real quick. An investor or trader can apply for an IPO online or offline.

Now, before you move on to selecting a more suitable option, you must know that having a demat account is the first prerequisite to be eligible for applying.

If they choose the online process, they have two options – ASBA and UPI. On the other hand, you have to visit the bank branch in person in the offline method and then apply for the IPO.

Craftsman Automation IPO Is It Worth Buying?

Before you decide if you should invest in an IPO, you should look at various aspects of it. We are telling you this so that you make a calculated decision. Some of the essential points to be considered are talked about below.

The objective of an IPO can be checked from the DRHP submitted by the company. This offer aims to raise capital to repay the company’s debts, making it a con as the money is not used to grow the firm.

On the other hand, the IPO is backed by strong company financials. The company has good product design capabilities and is a leading engineering product manufacturer. Further, the company has sailed well through the rough times of the worldwide pandemic.

We hope that all this information will help you make a better decision.

Happy trading and good luck!

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