How to Apply for Indigo Paints IPO?

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Would you like to connect to the Indigo Paints IPO as a promising investor? If so, then you’re on the ideal spot today. How would that be? The data on ‘How to apply for Indigo Paints IPO’ Today, here it’s covered.

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As an ideological investor, you can choose the relevant IPO. But you may be amused to understand the IPO investment of a specific company before you invest therein. Is that not correct?

In the IPO process, this is the most straightforward section of the article you can find.

Let’s get the relevant information on ‘How do I apply for an Indigo Paints IPO?’

Apply for Indigo Paints IPO

If you are new in the share market and want to get higher profits with fewer risks involved, and at the same time want to be a shareholder of the company, then you can invest in the IPO of the firm.

Now, if we talk about the IPO of the company, the question “how to apply for Indigo Paints IPO?” came to the forefront.

Here come the times to understand the information about How to apply for IPO in the share market.

It is a very important step to open a demat account with any NSDL and CDSL authorized stockbroker for applying to the Indigo Paints IPO.

You can swiftly authorize to trade in IPO without any difficulties after being tied to top discount brokers in India as well as full-service stockbrokers.

If you want to invest in the Indigo Paints IPO, you can go through either of the procedures that are listed below:

  • With the UPI process
  • With ASBA

For better information on the above-mentioned procedures, the following sections are made to make the concepts more understandable.

How to Apply IPO through UPI? 

At this point in time, the Indigo Paints IPO registration process via UPI will now be analyzed.

It might be unclear how to invest in the IPO through the UPI. Isn’t it? If yes, then there is no need to worry about it as we will discuss the procedure in this segment.

Various stockbrokers provide a quick and easier way to apply for the IPO through their own trading platforms by choosing the UPI method.

If you want to apply for the Indigo Paints IPO through UPI, consider the following steps:

  • Install the UPI app, link your bank with the app, and you will get a UPI Id after finishing the verification process.
  • If the application is presented, fill in the offer information, and the banking officials block the sum of the request after entering the information.

The process of seeking the IPO via UPI is reliable, seamless, and painless.

Through ASBA

After grasping the information on how to apply IPO through UPI, now you might be interested to know about another procedure, i.e., the ASBA procedure.

ASBA is Application Supported by Blocked Account. In accordance with particular eligibility criteria, you must apply for an Indigo Paints IPO using the ASBA process.

Now you might get confused about the eligibility criteria. If yes, then the following are the eligibility criteria that is necessary using the ASBA process to invest in the Indigo Paints IPO:

  • The investor should be an Indian native or a local resident.
  • For applying to the IPO, the demat account is necessary.
  • The PAN card is a must if the investment is to be produced in an IPO.
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ASBA process also offers the investors with the different processes, including Online and Offline.

How to Apply for Indigo Paints IPO Online

If you are an active online user of the platforms, then you can refer to the online procedure for applying in the Indigo Paints IPO.

Refer to the following steps to submit the Indigo paints IPO online:

  • Enter the gateway of our registered bank account.
  • After this, the demat and ASBA services options are to be searched on the portal and click on that.
  • In the same way, search the IPO application option.
  • After completing these steps, various information like PAN card number, demat account number, bid details should also be completed.
  • Now is the time to complete the verification process, and then the authorized bank will block the amount.
  • The balance will not be subtracted from the account until the IPO share is given and conversely.

After learning about the online process of applying for the Indigo Paints, now comes the time to check the measures to submit the form offline for the same.

  • The ASBA e-forms can be downloaded from the approved NSE website.
  • Then select the name of the company, and the screen will be given to you, sharing the full data with the forms.
  • Now, download the form from the link given and then enter the data afterward.
  • Now, send a form to the local branch of your accepted bank, including a copy of the PAN card.
  • Within 2-3 hours, the balance would be blocked in the bank account.

How to Apply for Indigo Paints IPO Zerodha

The “Console” is Zerodha’s back-office application that allows you to apply for IPOs online. The UPI payment process is also used to apply for the IPOs in Zerodha.

If you want to buy an Indigo Paints IPO with Zerodha, you need to be the broker’s customer along with the UPI payment setup for that.

You might get more curious after knowing that in Zerodha, you can apply for the Indigo Paints IPO through its online platform called “Console”. To know the online procedure of using Console to execute the IPOI refer to the following section.

How to Apply for Indigo Paints IPO Online Zerodha

The recent SEBI changes require UPI 2.0 support for all IPOs. Investors can then respond properly to IPOs on the broker’s website.

Zerodha reacted appropriately with the new ability to engage the payment system to online IPO requests. Zerodha makes it easier for customers to refer for IPOs to use their Console and UPI ID back-office platform.

Indigo Paints IPOs are carried out by using UPI and Zerodha Console:

  • Configure the UPI 2.0 enabled app.
  • Sign up to the console, and then choose ‘IPO’ from the ‘Portfolio’ menu.
  • Pick the list of Indigo Paints IPO.
  • See information on the deal for the selected IPO such as open date, closing date, problem sizes, lot size, and DRHP.
  • Submit the UPI ID that is linked to your bank account.
  • Just place your bid(s) in multiple lot size.
  • When you have to go for a cut-off price, just select the same one in the check box.
  • Enter a price to place an offer at some other cost in the ‘Price’ area.
  • Verify, present and publish the same agreement.
  • You then receive a UPI request for an authority within a few hours.
  • Accept the terms of the office. This blocks your bank account’s cash until the day you implement i.e. 2 days before the listing date.
  • When you receive a payment, the cash from your bank account will be debited and the stocks are transferred to your demat account.

How to Apply for Indigo Paints IPO Through HDFC Bank

Online Investment in IPOs with HDFC Bank is one of the easiest, healthiest, fastest, and most reliable ways to apply for IPO shares in India.

Based on your convenience, you can request a single click in the Indigo Paints IPO. Below are some easy ways for the HDFC securities application for  Indigo Paints IPO:

  • Sign up for the HDFC Netbanking Account first.
  • On the left-hand menu, navigate the “Request” option and press “IPO Application” from there.
  • Choose the Indigo Paints IPO and fill in the specifics of the IPO.
  • Confirm the order now.

How to Apply for Indigo Paints IPO Upstox

If you are a Upstox client and want to implement an Indigo Paints IPO with the same broker today, the following are the requirements that can be pursued to place an order.

  • You’ve got to have a demat account to buy a share.
  • Upstox will create a demat account for every user.
  • Ensure that you have access to the IPO as a retail investor.
  • If you are conducting an online bid, simply refer to the IPO bank’s website.
  • To bid the shares, you should be a customer of the bank.
  • Sign up to your net banking account and find a link to implement for IPO shares.
  • Fill in the 16-digit Depository Participant  ID of the Upstox participant and submit an offer to purchase the number of shares. By filling in the requisite information that has been requested, complete the form and then submit the form.
  • With the ASBA program, the bank sends money for the agreement. After the share assignment or payment has been completed, the blocked amounts transferred to the company will not be applicable if the shares are not assigned.
  • As soon as the shares are distributed, the shares are immediately stored in the demat account.
  • You can use Upstox’s trading platforms to monitor your shares clearly.


You should choose a suitable IPO as an avid investor. However, prior to implementing an IPO, you ought to have a Demat account with an authorized NSDL and CDSL stockbroker.

You will need to install the UPI app to enforce the Indigo Paints IPO via the UPI method, then check the list for the Indigo Paints IPO, or choose to invest in it.

Indigo Paints IPO can only be placed with the help of the official site of the different stockbrokers if you’ve had a demat account with them.

The Indigo Paints IPO method is presented in the above sections through Zerodha, HDFC, and Upstox.

The UPI approach is fully accessible and easily reachable.

Know the techniques and start investing in the IPO!

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