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UTI AMC is the firm that is involved with the management of domestic mutual funds and offers the services of portfolio management services to institutional customers, and HNIs. 

The IPO is coming up with the objective to hold roadshows of ₹3,000 Cr. If you are looking ahead to invest in the IPO, then here we are with important information that helps you in making a decision of investment. 

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. When a privately owned business makes its shares open to the general society to turn into a publicly-traded organization, it dismisses the status of being a privately owned business.

When the Initial Public Offering is declared and distributed to the public, people at that point can apply for speculation either on the web or by means of form.

When IPO allotment is done, it comes in the Demat record of the speculator.

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UTI AMC has workplaces abroad, for example, London, Guernsey, Dubai, and Singapore from where it offers offshore funds and domestic mutual funds to individuals who need to put resources into the Indian market.

UTI AMC is collectively supported by State Bank of India (SBI), Punjab National Bank (PNB), LIC, and Bank of Baroda. 



Here is a detail of the company’s historical performance that helps you in making the right decision. 

Their combined total income equaled Rs.5.0 billion & Rs.5.2 billion for the half-year time frames finished September 30, 2019, and 2018, accordingly, & Rs. 10.8 billion, Rs. 11.6 billion and Rs. 10.5 billion for the financial years finished March 31, 2019, 2018 and 2017, separately.

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UTI AMC IPO Promoters

The promoter is an organization or an individual that plays a vital role in raising money.

This organization does not have any promoters. 

List of essential administrative employees are as follows: 

  • Imtaiyazur Rahman, Whole-time Director, and Chief Executive Officer
  • Arvind Patkar, Company Secretary, and Compliance Officer
  • Surojit Saha, Chief Financial Officer.

UTI AMC IPO Promoters Shareholding



The most noted dates are IPO opening date and IPO end date, which one should use to partake in IPO.                

The date of initiation and the end date of the UTI AMC IPO is not yet known. We will let you as soon as the dates are disclosed by the registrar of the IPO. 



UTI AMC IPO Issue Object

The object of the Offer is to accomplish the advantages of listing the Equity Shares on the Stock Exchanges and the Offer of up to 38,987,081 Equity Shares by the Selling Shareholders in the Offer.

The significant object of the UTI AMC IPO Issue are as follows;

The listing of Equity Shares will upgrade their organization’s image name and give liquidity to the current Shareholders. 

Their organization expects that the proposed listing will likewise give an open market for the Equity Shares in India. 

The Selling Shareholders will be allowed for the total revenue of the Offer after deducting the Offer costs and significant charges subsequently. Their organization won’t get any returns from the Offer.

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The two primary significant components that a speculator should know about are Market Lot Size and Market Order Quantity.

The Lot Size and Market Order Quantity will soon be provided by us. 


UTI AMC IPO Allotment status & Listing

UTI AMC IPO Basis of Allotment is a report distributed by the enlistment center of an IPO finalizing the offer allocation dependent on administrative rules. This report gives data about the requirement of the IPO stock.

UTI AMC IPO Allotment will be discussed with you once it’s out for the general public.


UTI AMC IPO Grey Market Premium

Initial public offering Grey Market Premium is the cost chosen in the Grey Market between purchasers and dealers of the IPO even before the IPO application or offers are accessible in the trade for exchanging. 

Grey Market Price or Grey Market Premium supports extraordinarily the IPO financial specialists to decide whether to buy into the IPO or not.

The UTI AMC IPO Grey Market Premium price is [●]

 The Kostak rate is  [●] and the Subject to Sauda  [●]

Premium is settled on the basis of supply and demand. In case the demand is high and supply is less, at that point, the premium is high, and if the demand is less and supply is plentiful, at that point, the premium is low.

UTI AMC IPO Review and Ratings

Before choosing with respect to the investment, it is better to figure out the survey and rating of the association. 

Here are the UTI AMC IPO ratings and surveys are given by different budgetary institutions, representatives, and other SEBI enrolled examiners in various criteria.


How to Apply For UTI AMC IPO Online 

To apply for IPOs on the web, a speculator needs to open a Demat account or a trading account with money related institutions that provide this facility.

Most national banks and famous stock brokers in India offer facilities to apply IPOs on the web. Applying for IPOs is super easy, and it just takes a few minutes to order IPOs online. 

When an account is open, one should follow beneath steps to apply on the web.

  • First, login in your exchanging account and select the IPO you wish to put resources into. 
  • Move assets from your financial balance to your trading account. 
  • Select the number of offers you need to apply for and the cost you wish to bid for and afterward press the submit button.

1. How to Apply for UTI AMC IPO through ASBA

ASBA means “Application Supported by Blocked Amount.” It is a term given to a procedure of applying for an IPO in India.

The SEBI is the controller of an IPO in India. ASBA is an approval to obstruct the application cash in a bank account.

To use ASBA, you have to first fill in the assigned IPO application form. There are two different ways in which any retail financial specialist can apply to IPO through ASBA.

First in online through the net-banking facility and the other one is through physical application strategy. Moreover, the online strategy is more comfortable than the physical application technique.

Many banks provide an online application facility known as ASBA.

Let’s discuss the ASBA application process online through net banking. Here we present a few steps you should follow:

  • Sign in to the net-banking gateway of your bank.
  • From the menu, select the “Initial public offering Application.” 
  • Redirected to the IPO Online System.
  • Fill in the necessary information.
  • The names of the candidates should be according to the order of names on his/her depository account.
  • By default, the net-banking client will be the first applicant.
  • Application cash will obstruct till the finalization of allotment.
  • Your application cash is charged simply after the allocation of shares.
  •  Additionally, there are instances of non-allocation. In such cases, the blocked sum is delivered; however, after the registrar’s notice.

The very common question asked by the general public. How to apply for an IPO

To apply for an IPO, you can invest with your savings or borrow cash from the banks and other money-related associations.  

To apply for an IPO, it is essential to have a Demat Account. 

2. How to apply for an IPO through UPI

UPI implies “Unified Payments Interface.” UPI additionally permits blocking money for unique purposes like IPO applications.

One can apply for an IPO through the UPI application once you install the BHIM UPI application and register your UPI ID.

  • Select your language preference. 
  • Select SIM that has a mobile number that is enlisted with your bank. 
  • Login by setting a four-digit application secret passcode. 
  • Select and connect your ideal bank account.
  • Set your UPI PIN by giving the last six digits and expiry date of the debit card.
  • If there is an occurrence of different Bank Accounts connected to a similar mobile, the User needs to choose Primary Account – through which he will make IPO Application. 
  • If the User’s mobile no. is 9596158170 – UPI id will be 9596158170@UPI.

UTI AMC IPO Merits and Demerits

Let’s start with the strengths of the UTI AMC IPO, and then we will move forward to the drawbacks.


  • Well-diversified item portfolio to serve individual, HNIs, and institutional customers’ speculation prerequisites. 
  • Nation’s biggest AMC by AUM and 7th biggest AMC by QAAUM. 
  • Solid brand acknowledgment with 55 years of presence in the asset management industry. 
  • Across the country, a circulated appropriation channel and a stable customer base. 
  • Experienced supervisory crew.


  • Speculation underperformance can prompt loss of customer base and AUM too. 
  • Revenue focuses on a particular section/s. 
  • Increasing loan fees can dissuade the presentation of fixed payment plans, for example, liquid, hybrid, and so on. 
  • Different business risks, for example, administrative dangers, credit dangers, and so on.


UTI AMC IPO will include the Offer of 38,987,081 shares. The IPO is probably going to activate around Rs.3,000 crore. 

After the Nippon life assets management and HDFC Mutual Fund, this will be the third open contribution in the Indian mutual reserve industry. 

UTI Asset management association, the country’s seventh greatest common reserve.

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