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Are you a potential investor looking to switch for the IRFC IPO? If so, then you’re on the right platform today. But how? Today the information regarding ‘How to apply for IRFC IPO?’ is covered here.

So let’s get started!

You can prefer the appropriate IPO as a dogmatic investor. But before you invest in it, you might be intrigued to understand the IPO investment of a given company. Isn’t that right?

This is the easiest part of the paper you can find in the IPO process.

Let’s get the pertinent details about ‘How to apply for IRFC IPO?’

Apply for IRFC IPO

If you are a beginner and want to invest in the desired stock and also want to become the shareholder of the firm then you can invest in the IPO with less risk involved.

 However, if we speak about the company’s IPO, the question ‘how to apply for IRFC IPO’ became important.

Let us begin to understand the details of the applying process for an IPO in the business.

The first step in applying for the IRFC IPO is to open a Demat account with any authorized NSDL and CDSL stockbroker.

With any of the top discount stockbrokers in India or full-service brokers, you can open your account, after which you can quickly request an IPO without hassles.

Two ways to invest in the IRFC IPO are commonly available, and those are the following procedures:

For a concise understanding of the above method, refer to the following sections, which will cover both procedures in depth.

How to Apply IPO through UPI? 

This is the time when the application process for the IPO via UPI will be addressed.

It can be unclear how to invest in IPO through UPI. Isn’t it? Don’t worry, in this segment, we’re going to talk about the procedure.

You will have to install the UPI app, and after that, you can check the IRFC IPO by searching and picking an IRFC IPO in the collection.

Following the submission, the next move is to enter the bid information, and the bank authorities will block the amount of the request after entering the data.

Therefore it is absolutely evident that the process is super smooth and trouble-free.

Many stockbrokers give you a quick way of applying for the IPO through their trading platform via UPI.

Through ASBA

You should be interested to know about another method after learning the UPI process. Since the two procedures are listed above, you can now keep an eye on the ASBA procedure.

ASBA refers to the  Application Supported by Blocked Account. You are required to apply for IRFC IPO with the ASBA method in compliance with precise eligibility requirements.

The eligibility requirements can be reviewed here:

  • An investor ought to be a native Indian or a resident.
  • The demat account is required.
  • An IPO must be invested by a legitimate PAN card.
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The ASBA method also provides different processes, i.e., Offline and Web, i.e., Online. These processes and measures are discussed below.

How to Apply for IRFC IPO Online

Relate to the next moves to submit to the online process for the IRFC IPO:

  • The first move is to login into the gateway of your registered bank account.
  • Now the Demat and ASBA services options on the portal should be searched and clicked.
  • Likewise, the IPO application button may also be searched.
  • Following these steps, certain information will be given, including the PAN card number, demat account numbers, bid details, etc.
  • After all these measures, you will have to finish the verification process.
  • Your authorized bank will then block the amount.
  • Unless the IPO share is assigned and vice versa, the balance will not be decreased.

These are the measures to submit offline for the IRFC IPO.

  • Find the ASBA e-forms from the official NSE website.
  • After that, choose the name of the business, and the screen that shares the full information with the forms will be given to you.
  • The form should be downloaded from the given link and, after downloading the form, enter the data.
  • Now, submit the form, including a duplicate of the PAN card, to the local branch of your authorized bank.
  • In just 2-3 hours, the balance is blocked in the bank account.

How to Apply for IRFC IPO Zerodha

The “Console” is the back office software of Zerodha that enables you to apply online in the IPOs. The UPI payment procedure is also being used for applying in Zerodha for the IPOs.

If you want to purchase IRFC IPO with Zerodha, then for that you must be the customer of the broker along with the UPI payment setup. 

If you want to know more about the procedure of applying for IRFC IPO through Zerodha then the following is the online process of applying for IPO through Console.

How to Apply for IRFC IPO Online Zerodha

The latest changes by the SEBI require the support of UPI 2.0 for all IPOs. Investors may then apply directly to IPOs from the website of the broker.

Zerodha has responded quickly to the new chance to connect the UPI payment system with online IPO applications. Zerodha now makes it easier for customers to apply for IPOs via a console and UPI ID back office dashboard.

The actions to execute the IRFC IPO using UPI and Zerodha Console are as follows:

  • Set up the activated app for UPI 2.0.
  • Login into the Console, and from the ‘Portfolio’ menu select ‘IPO.’
  • Now, select the IRFC IPO from the list.
  •  Verify the specifics of the bid, such as open date, close date, issue size, lot size, and DRHP for the selected IPO.
  • Submit your UPI ID that is connected to your bank account.
  • Just position your bid(s) in the lot size multiples.
  • Now, if you wish to apply for a cut-off price, click on the checkbox for the cut-off price.
  • Enter a price in the ‘Price’ area to position an offer at some other price.
  • Check and present the accurate agreement and then submit it.
  • Then, in just a few hours, you will receive a UPI application for a mandate.
  • Accept the term of office. This blocks the funds needed to apply to your bank account until the day the application is made available (2 days before the listing date).
  • If you get an allotment, the money will be deducted from your bank account and the shares will be transferred to your debit account.
  • If you do not obtain an allocation, the blocked funds will be issued on the date of the allocation.

How to Apply for IRFC IPO Through HDFC Bank

Online Investment in IPOs with HDFC Securities is one of the simplest, healthiest, quickest, and most efficient ways to apply for IPO shares in India.

You can apply for a single click in the IRFC IPO based on your comfort. Below are a few simple steps to apply for IRFC IPO with HDFC securities:

  • Firstly, login into the HDFC Netbanking Account.
  • Now, on the left side menu search the ‘Request’ option and select ‘IPO Application’ under that.
  • Select the IRFC IPO and enter the IPO details.
  • Now confirm the order.

How to Apply for IRFC IPO Upstox

If you are a customer of Upstox and want to apply for the IRFC IPO today with the same broker, the following are the steps that can be followed to place the order.

  • You must have a demat account to purchase a share.
  • Upstox will open a demat account for each user.
  • Assure that the IPO is available to you as a retail investor.
  • If you are making an online bid, please visit the website of the bank offering the IPO.
  • To bid for shares, you must be a customer of the bank.
  • To apply for IPO shares, log in to your net banking account, and find the link.
  • Enter Upstox’s 16-digit Depository participant ID and bid for the number of shares that you want to purchase. Fill out the details needed and submit the request.
  • The bank sends money for the offer by means of the ASBA program. The blocked sum transferred to the company following the allocation of shares or reimbursement is not available after the completion of the IPO if the shares have not been allocated.
  • The shares are deposited to the demat account automatically after the shares are allotted.
  • You can use the trading platforms of the Upstox to have a clear track of your shares


As an ardent investor, you should select the appropriate IPO. But before applying for an IPO, you should have a Demat account with an authorized NSDL and CDSL stockbroker.

To apply for the IRFC IPO through the UPI process, you will need to install the UPI app, then look for the IRFC IPO in the list and then select it to invest in it.

The IRFC IPO can be placed with the help of the official platform of the various stockbrokers only if you have a demat account with them.

The process for applying the IRFC IPO through Zerodha, HDFC, and Upstox are mentioned in the above segments.

The UPI approach is completely transparent and hassle-free.

Know the procedures and begin to invest in IPO!

Know the procedures and begin to invest in IPO! Just look into the form below

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