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With the goal of making financial investment easy and streamline, Stoxkart come forward with expert knowledge, and an excellent trading platform. Being registered with the MCX you can trade in commodities with the broker, but wait! do you know how much is the Stoxkart commodity margin.

In simple terms, the margin is the money borrowed from the broker to purchase any particular securities. Now, this margin money varies according to the stock or commodity you are trading and also on the validity.

For example, the margin for delivery is almost negligible, while for intraday stocks, commodity, and currency trading you can avail a good margin against your trading account.

Coming back to the broker, Stoxkart, it is a discount broker offering online brokerage services in India. Now moving ahead with the margin in commodities let’s dig deeper to know how to trade more and earn a better profit.

Stoxkart Commodity Margin Review

Stoxkart not only gives you the benefit to trade across different segments, but also provide you the funds in the form of leverage to trade more than what you can afford.

So, whether you are trading in commodity intraday, futures or options, the broker provides you with enough fund that not only allows you to trade but also to increase the chance of earning more profit.

Here it is important to mark that the extent of exposure or margin trading limit depends on the category of stock or contract you choose. The commodity with the higher index is more liable for a better exposure margin.

Stoxkart Commodity Intraday Margin 

Intraday trading involves buying and selling of commodities within a single trading session. You cannot hold your position and hence it involves high risk. But to get a better return, many traders get into the commodity intraday trade.

Executing Stoxkart commodity trading can offer you a margin of up to 15 times, which means you can trade with fifteen times more funds that are available in your trading account.

To understand this, let’s consider one example, let’s assume that Akshay, a trader is trading in a Gold commodity which is currently at ₹48,000. Now if you want to trade in it, then you can start with the little spending of ₹3200, and the rest can avail the margin fund. 

In this way, even if you do not have enough money in your trading account you can still trade in the valuable commodities that you think can benefit you with a good profit margin. 

But one needs to be highly cautious as if the market reverse and the price of the commodity falls before the day ends, then one has to cope up with the loss along with paying the margin borrowed from the broker in order to avoid the margin call

Stoxkart Commodity Futures Margin 

Next to intraday, comes the futures segment where you can trade in commodities and can earn profit depending upon your assumptions of prices.

Since futures trading comes under the derivatives segment and so is quite complex, but at the same time, it gives traders a chance to make money even when the market trend goes against them, by just using the Best Indicators for Day Trading Futures.

Here the trader can multiply his profit by reaping the benefit of leverage of up to 2 times under normal trade and 6x when placing BO or CO order in the futures segment.

Stoxkart Commodity Option Margin

Last comes the options segment, like futures trading, options too come up with many benefits for the trader if exercised smartly. But to trade in an options contract, Stoxkart does not provide any margin.

However, you can rely on the best option trading strategies that can help you in choosing the right contract and in making money in the bearish trend as well.

Consider the options trading risk and trade smartly by opening a demat account with Stoxkart.

Stoxkart Commodity Margin Cover Order

Under the advanced intraday trading for commodity, there is an option where you can trade by covering your losses as well. By making use of cover order, you can enter place market order along with stop loss. Thus, it helps you in minimizing the loss that one can face in intraday trade and in other segments of trading using cover order.

Stoxkart commodity margin cover order for intraday, options, and futures varies.

For eg: For commodity intraday, you can avail the leverage of up to 25 times while for futures it is up to 6x. 

On the other hand there no commodity margin for cover orders under options. 

Stoxkart Commodity Margin for Bracket Order

Along with the cover order, there is another order type under the advanced order option, in which you can enter into a trade, by defining an entry price, target price, and stop-loss price. It is three-legged order that enclosed your overall trade by defining the price point to exit the market, both when the market goes in favor or against you.

Similar to the cover order, the bracket order is also eligible for leverage.

Stoxkart commodity margin for bracket order is 25x for intraday while it is 6x for futures.

Stoxkart Commodity Margin Calculator

Since in the very beginning we discussed that although the margin facility is provided by Stoxkart, the exact leverage differs and depends on the type of commodity you are trading.

So, if you want to find the exact value of the margin you can avail to trade in a particular commodity, then you can make use of the margin calculator.

To trade in a particular commodity, just enter the name, and look for the leverage under CNC and MIS trade.

This is simple to use and gives you a clear idea of how much initial spending you have to do in order to make the best use of the trading facility provided by the broker to you.


Commodities are highly volatile and therefore before reaping the margin facility it becomes important to do a proper analysis using the Stoxkart trading platforms like a mobile app or desktop app.

On one hand, the app gives you options like candlestick charts, technical indicators for doing the technical analysis and also provides you the idea of the margin that you can avail to trade in a particular commodity you have chosen.

To summarize the Stoxkart Commodity margin, here is the table below:


In all Stoxkart offers you good leverage thus expanding the range of trade and increasing the chance to earn good profit. So get started now by opening a Stoxkart demat account and downloading the mobile trading app.

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