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The Upstox Intraday Margin is available on equity, futures, options as well as on currency futures. In what follows, discussed are these margins and the ways of their effective utilization. 

The intraday leverage/margin provided on the Upstox platform applies only for the trades executed on the same day. Hence, no prior-day trade execution shall be considered. This simply means that the leverage is applicable to fresh positions as and when the market opens. 

All the positions (for equities and F&O) that are bought or sold on leverage are subject to automatic square off at 3:15 pm. Also, they are chargeable at ₹20 per order on the Upstox platform. 

The Upstox square off time for currency futures is 4:45 pm while that for MCX positions is 30 minutes before the market closes (between 10:30 pm – 11:25 pm). 

Here we discuss Upstox Margin in case of Intraday trading.

Intraday Trading Margin in Upstox

Although Upstox trading offers margin for equities, intraday, options etc, but in the case of intraday Upstox margin trading is applied automatically.

To prevent the auto square off, keep in check your margin with MTM in Upstox.

As per the latest SEBI guidelines, it is important for every registered stock-broker to collect his/her total acquired margin (span + exposure) by the end of each trading day. This avoids the chances of penalties on the client’s end.

Calculate the margin that you can get in the intraday trading by using the margin calculator of the Upstox.

Upstox Intraday Margin Calculator

Margin Calculator, as the name suggests is an online tool for calculating a comprehensive trade margin on the basis of span and exposure. This can be highly beneficial to users in terms of strategizing, shorting options in real-time.

The margin calculator is known for providing updated data and leverage on a real-time basis.

Upstox Intraday Margin For Equity

On the Upstox platform, users can get attractive margins on the equity intraday cash segment.

The company offers up to 20x  margin on equity intraday trades.

Upstox Intraday Margin For Equity Future

In intraday trading, Upstox offers an equity future margin of up to 4x times. Also, the clients get a carry forward margin of 1x time on the platform (in equity future).

Upstox Intraday Margin For Equity Option

The day margin on equity options is up to 4x times. In addition to this, clients also get a carry forward margin of 1x time in the same segment.

Upstox Intraday Margin For Options

The full premium amount must be paid by the client in case of buying options. Whereas for selling options, up to 5x leverage on span and exposure is provided by Upstox in intraday.

Upstox Intraday Margin For Commodity Future 

For intraday trading in the commodity futures segment, the platform offers leverage of  2.5x times and 40% of the span.

Here, it should be noted that Upstox automatically stops the position at the time of market closure if clients do not lock the position manually. 

Hence, the amount will be carried forward to the next trading day with a 1x span leverage.

Upstox Intraday Margin For Commodity Option

For intraday trading on commodity options, Upstox provides a span of 40% and 2.5x leverage.

In case there are unlocked positions by the end of the day, the amount is carried forward to the next trading day (with zero brokerage). Further, 1x of the span leverage is offered in such a scenario.

Upstox Intraday Margin For Currency Future

An intraday margin of up to 4x times is provided by Upstox on currency futures. Carry forward margin of 1x time is also available in the same segment. 

Upstox Intraday Margin For Currency Option

The Currency option margin on Intraday trading is about  40% or 2.5x times on Upstox. Either of this may apply based on the market’s future value.

Besides, Upstox automatically closes positions if the clients fail to do so. The respective amount is then carried forward to the next trading day (zero brokerage is charged in this case and leverage of 1x is provided).

Upstox Intraday Margin MCX

Multi Commodity Exchange abbreviated as MCX, is an online trading platform for commodities such as – gold, silver, copper, crude oil, etc.

Upstox provides 3x leverage (includes both buying and selling) on MCX Futures. The leverage applies to fresh positions as and when the market starts. 

All the positions that are either bought or sold on leverage are automatically squared off 30 minutes before to market closes.

On the Upstox platform, the margin files (of F&O, CDS, MCX segments) are updated daily. These margins apply to intraday trading as well as to carry forward. 

Moreover, the leverage/margin percentage is broken down into rupee value for every product/order. 

Upstox Intraday Margin Charges

After discussing the topic in detail, its time to shed some light on its charges. As we know for intraday trading, Upstox charges a brokerage fee of ₹20.

To be more precise, clients need to pay flat ₹20 or 0.01% of the amount (whichever is lower).

However, as far as the Upstox Intraday margin charges are concerned, the clients need to pay an interest of 18% on the amount that has been loaned on top of the trading account balance. This interest is charged on a yearly level basis.

So, you can do the maths in order to calculate the charges you’d need to pay based on the amount you loan and the duration you loan it for.


The Mumbai based Upstox is known for providing online trading services and is India’s popular discount broker. If you plan to indulge in intraday trading, calculate the probable margins thoroughly.

All aspects of the Upstox intraday margin/leverage have been jotted down in this article. We hope that it helped. Happy trading!

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