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Are you an active trader of 5paisa and wanted to know how to login to the back office of the firm? If yes, then read the whole article as 5paisa back office will be discussed here.

But wait! let’s get a quick sneak-peek at the meaning of back office and background of the firm.

The back office is a part of a company that consists of the administration as well as support crew, but they are not the client-facing.

Whereas 5paisa is a discount broker in India, and before becoming an independent firm, it was an arm of IIFL securities. The firm’s headquarters are in Thane, Maharashtra.

Now taking the segments into consideration, then you can easily trade-in Equity, Currency, Commodities, Derivatives (futures trading & option trading), IPOs, NCD, NFO, and Insurance.

For a clear understanding, let us first understand what is the main function of the back office.

The settlements, maintenance of the records, accounting, and other services are the main functions that are taken care of by the back office.

If you want to learn about the 5paisa back office details, interpret the following piece of information.

5paisa Back Office Login

Normally, the 5paisa login page only holds the status of the holdings, profit and loss statement, tax information, reports on the last transaction, and so on.

After being an active trader with 5paisa, it is essential to stay connected with the back office. 

It allows you to take a follow up on the investments made by you, and at the same point, it holds the records of the present, past, and future’s pending order that can help you to take out the information when needed.

Now, after learning about the 5paisa back office meaning and the background of the firm, let’s head towards the next part.

Consider the following points to understand the procedure of the 5paisa back office login.

  • Go to the back office of 5Paisa.
  • Now, while opening the demat account, the firm will provide you a unique client ID and password (the below screen will appear).

  • Enter the provided credentials and login into the dashboard.
  • After entering the back office, you can check your portfolio and other essential details.

The back office can efficiently help you in:

  • Focused work environment
  • Pliant to modify the changes
  • Easily understandable
  • Flawless security and authenticity of data

You can operate 5paisa back office online with the steps that are mentioned above.


The back office is part of every company comprising both the management and the support team but does not encounter customers.

Settlements, record keeping, payroll, and other services are the core 5paisa back office procedure.

The back office just keeps the history of the holdings, the declaration of profit and loss, tax records, the last transaction reports, and many more.

It is necessary to stay connected to the back office of the company after being a productive investor with 5paisa. 

It helps you to backtrack on the investments made by you, while at the same time, it maintains track of the current, past, and future orders that can assist you in getting the details when required.


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