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You have a demat account with 5paisa and now are you thinking of trading in options? If yes, then consider this piece of information to know about the 5paisa option trading charges.

But before initiating the central concept, let’s have a rapid glance at the background of the firm.

It is true that 5paisa was an arm of the renowned stockbroker IIFL Securities before becoming an independent firm. 

Apart from being registered, controlled, and monitored by SEBI, it allows trading in other stock exchanges, including BSE, NSE, MCX, and MCX-SX.

In the options, the bearer has been given the right but not the obligation either to sell or purchase the underlying asset at the preset price before or at the expiry of the contract.

The value of the options is derived from the underlying asset because of which they are known as derivatives.

After knowing how to trade options in 5paisa. Hold your vigilance, and let’s discuss the 5paisa option trading charges now.

Let’s get started!

5paisa Option Trading Charges Details

5paisa option trading is possible if you have activated the derivatives segment. The process is easier and trouble-free.

Now, the very first step to trade with options is to activate the segment and start trading after that. Apart from this, 5paisa allows the option trading in commodities and currency. Now, if you want to know about the brokerage charges of options under these two segments, read the below section.

The 5paisa provides the lowest brokerage option trading charges along with world-class research, free advisory, and vigorous mobile trading apps and platforms.

So, now, if you want to know about the option trading brokerage charges in detail, consider the following sections.

Let’s begin!

5paisa Option Trading Charges for Commodity

Apart from equity, 5paisa allows trading in the commodity segment too. If you want to know about the 5paisa option trading charges for commodity, refer to the following table.


So there are three different plans provided by the broker according to which the 5paisa option trading charges range between ₹10₹20

The trader can select the plan according to the preference and can take the brokerage accordingly.

5paisa Option Trading Charges for Currency

Now, if we have to talk about the currency, then the firm is at the forefront to offer the trade under the currency segment.

Let’s discuss the 5paisa option trading charges for currency in the following table:


Similarly, there are currency option brokerage charges in 5paisa that varies according to the plan. 

The brokerage charges will depend on the selection of the plan. Choose the plan efficiently and grab the brokerage charges accordingly.

5paisa Option Trading Intraday Charges

In the options intraday, the brokerage charges will be the same as the normal intraday charges. 

To learn more about the 5paisa option trading intraday charges, refer to the below table:


Note: The risks are concerned that are not appropriate for everybody in the option trading. The option trading can be hypothetical in nature that holds the considerable loss risk.

To understand the 5paisa charges details in a more precise format, consider the following table.


Refer to the above table if you are looking ahead to trade in opinions under commodity or currency with 5paisa.

5paisa Option Brokerage Charges Calculator

To settle the query of how to calculate the actual option brokerage charges, here comes the 5paisa option brokerage charges calculator.

The option brokerage charges of the trades like that of commodity options and currency options are calculated with the brokerage calculator.

Now, if you want to know about the 5paisa option trading charges, especially the brokerage charges, just select the trade to evaluate its brokerage charges.

Likewise, you will get the 5paisa option brokerage charges from the calculator.


Instead of being a new broker in the share market, 5paisa allows the traders to trade in options. 

For that, it is very important to understand that you should have to activate the segments to start trading options.

Various brokerage charges show you the differentiation among the different segments like that of commodity and currency.

Apart from this, the 5paisa option trading brokerage charges calculator allows the traders to calculate the exact brokerage under different segments.

Activate the segment, research the stocks, compare with charts and execute the order!

Happy trading with 5paisa!

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