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When a trader opens a demat account with a particular stockbroker, they have to make sure that their trading platforms support their trading requirements. Thus, in this dedicated article, we will talk about the 5paisa desktop app.

Without further ado, let’s get going.

But before that, we need to know about the stockbroker a bit.

5paisa is a SEBI registered discount broker. It was launched as a subsidiary of the well-known full-service stockbrokerIIFL Securities. It became an independent identity in 2017.

It is a depository participant with CDSL and permits trading on various stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, and MCX. You can trade the financial assets listed on these exchanges. They are:

As we understand the company background of the broker better, let’s move ahead to discussing the 5paisa desktop trading app.

5paisa Desktop Trading App

Every stockbroker offers its clients multiple trading platforms – Mobile Application, Web, and Trading Terminal. 5paisa does too. It offers you:

  • Mobile Trading App
  • Trade Station Web
  • Trade Station EXE

Here, we will only talk about the 5paisa Trade Station EXE.

First, let’s list the features of this 5paisa PC app. They are:

1. Fast Execution

You can execute your order at lightning-fast speed. It enables you to trade in 5paisa within seconds and avail of the opportunity to earn profits in a jiffy.

2. Advanced Charts

Advanced charting tools and technical and fundamental indicators help the trader or investor make the best decisions regarding the trades.

3. Secured

A well-secured application is the priority of any trader or investor. Thus, 5paisa provides you with a guarded platform.

4. Monitoring

Easy and quick monitoring of the markets is necessary to enter and exit the market at the most appropriate time. Thus, the broker provides you the facility to create multiple watchlists.

5. User Friendly

If the platform is challenging to navigate through, the trader or investor would not like to continue trading in it. Therefore, 5paisa provides you an easy-to-use application with handy shortcuts.


7. How to Withdraw Money from 5paisa App?

The Fund transfer/withdrawal process in 5paisa is super easy. To make your withdrawal process easy, just follow the following steps:

Login to your 5paisa App> Go to User tab> Click on Withdraw> Add withdrawal Amount> Click on Withdraw

This way the amount will get credited to your bank account within 24 hours.

They have multiple order types in the platform to facilitate the trader or investor. Further, they have a feature called – Order Slicing Feature. This feature helps them in better price discovery.

Now, we should move ahead and learn the process of the 5paisa desktop app download.

5paisa Desktop App Download

If you choose to trade using the web terminal, you just need to log on to the website and log in with your credentials. But, if you want to trade using the 5paisa app for desktop, you need to download it.

The process for the same is as follows:

  • Log on to the official website of 5paisa.
  • On the top of the screen, you’ll find a tab named – Stocks.
  • Hover the arrow over it.
  • A dropdown box is open.
  • Click on Trading Platforms.
  • You’ll get redirected to a page.
  • Here, there is a list of all the trading platforms by 5paisa.
  • Click on Trade Station EXE.
  • The screen will slide to the designated section.
  • Click on the Get EXE button.
  • Install the EXE, and you’re good to go!

Now, let’s talk about the 5paisa desktop app demo to learn the basics of trading with the help of this trading platform.

5paisa Desktop App Demo

When you log into the desktop app, you reach the dashboard of the platform. This contains all the important information about the trading process like watchlists, various trading segments, and all updates of the financial markets.

Keeping an eye on various stocks and financial segments is a little challenging but with the help of watchlists, it has been simplified. You can add multiple assets to a watchlist or create a personalized one.

Want to know how to use the 5paisa desktop app?

Let’s go!

1. Watchlist

a) To add an asset to the watchlist, you have to click on it and select add to watchlist.

b) You can also add by opening the watchlist and selecting the relevant assets.

c) If you wish to create a new one, go to the watchlist menu and click on create a new watchlist.

2. Fundamental and Technical Analysis – Before you buy or sell any financial asset, you must be sure of various aspects like these two. An in-depth analysis is necessary to make the best out of every trade.

Below are the steps you must follow:

a) Click on the stock you wish to trade.

b) A window will open with all the analysis tools.

c) Here you can check the various indicator values for the said asset.

d) You will also be able to look at detailed charts for a closer look at the performance and price movement.

3. How To Place An Order – When you place an order, you have to very cautious to make sure the order is correct.

Thus, below are the steps you must follow:

a) Click on the stock you are buying or selling.

b) The buying window will open.

c) Enter the number of shares to be bought.

d) Select the order type.

e) Select the validity for the said order.

f) Click on Buy or Sell button.

4. Derivatives Segment – Derivatives Trading is required to be activated. It is not extended by default. Once the activation process concludes, you can see an addition to the platform.

Now, you can trade in 5paisa options trading and Futures with the help of the Options Chain Ladder and other multiple features. You can analyze these by using technical indicators, charts, and other tools.


5paisa is an uprising stockbroker in the industry. It provides its clients with a range of trading platforms. In this blog, we talked about one of them – the 5paisa desktop app.

This trading platform is to be downloaded on your desktop and then installed. You have to log in with your demat account credentials provided to you when you opened one with 5paisa.

It provides you with advanced charts, indicators, quick fund transfers, and many more features to facilitate smooth trading. You can activate the trading segment you want and trade with ease.

Happy trading!

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